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Tipsoo Lake, Mt Rainier Natl Park, in late June (what global warming?!)

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Jim Dockery on April 23, 2008

Snow on a mountain isn't evidence that global warming is a myth. Go check out the terminus of Rainier's glaciers to see the long term recession.

kaarvea on April 23, 2008

Of course, without discussing the entire subject ad naseum: The point most people forget or purposely ignore is the cyclical nature/phases (long, short, and the overlapping/interweaving thereof) of global and regional temperature fluctuations (due because or in spite of CO2 levels, solar radiation levels, etc.). In some areas of the world temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 have been on the rise in the last couple of decades, sure, however that is not the case in all areas (and in some areas local vegetation has flourished because of it), and what is forgotten is, that prior to banning CFCs (for example)--vis-a-vis the Clean Air Act enactment--temperature levels were on a slow but steady decline (ca. 1940-1980). This was in large part due to the higher levels of particulates in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, seeing this much snow on Mt Rainier during summer in a purported era of so-called 'global warming' can hardly be considered clear, substantiated, or definitive evidence in favour of the argument for a non-cyclical, steady, non-temporal "global warming". Data indicate that between ca. 600 and ca. 1400-1550, temperatures were as high or higher on average globally than they have been in the last couple of decades; without seeing more detailed information, I rather doubt that the terminus of Mt Rainier's glaciers has data for that early on, therefore misguided impressions could easily be made from such extant data. Al Gore et al like to say that mankind puts 70 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every day. What he apparently doesn't know is that nature puts 24,000 times that amount of the primary greenhouse gas--H2O vapour (at about 95%)--into the atmosphere every day and removes about the same amount every day. While this does not 'prove' that global warming is not man-made, it demonstrates that weather systems have by far the greatest control over Earth's greenhouse effect, which is dominated by H2O vapour and clouds. If at the very least one cannot appreciate the half tongue-in-cheek remark, then there is an entirely different matter to discuss!

Jim Dockery on April 24, 2008

Wow, quite a dissertation. I wasn't trying to get an argument going about global warming, just pointing out that this much snow in the Cascades at this elevation in June isn't unusual.

kaarvea on April 24, 2008

Fair enough! Ostensibly I took your comment much the wrong way. Although I have many "issues" with the global warming arguments, my titled comment was in part tongue-in-cheek at the whole debate that's been going on. Notwithstanding, thank you for your interest in my photo(s)! :-)

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