Formidable ser la mosca cojonera ésta.

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Lucrecia Díaz on August 8, 2007

Como ya lo aclararon todo, solo tengo una duda, sobre que estaba parada la mosca?, que hasta se ven pelos en lo verde!!! impresionante, que viva el megamacro!

Enrique Ortiz de Zár… on August 8, 2007

Pues no tengo ni idea Lucrecia sobre qué hoja de qué planta estaba posada la mosca. Sí puedo decirte que crecía en la orilla de una carretera.

La mosca es también más pequeña que las típicas que suelen andar por casa.

Un saludo

Lucrecia Díaz on August 8, 2007

ah, eso fue en la naturaleza....increible, pense que era en un sitio con mejor control de la situación...yo no podría, aca si te paras en la orilla de la carretera, te atracan, te secuestran, me roban la cámara, me pasean por la ciudad mientras llaman a todos mis familiares pa pedir rescate, bueno lo que se dice un "secuestro express"

Enrique Ortiz de Zár… on August 8, 2007

Córcholis, pues ¿dónde vives para que sea tan peligroso fotografiar moscas, Lucrecia?

Alberto Mayer on August 12, 2007

Hyper-Excellent shot... no words....

yellow star of course!

Enrique Ortiz de Zár… on August 14, 2007

Thanks, Alberto. but I think that hyper.... your Amaaaiizng Moon.


Alberto Mayer on August 16, 2007

A serious question: i'm still wondering about the incredible depth-of-field of this shot. How could you get a so perfect focus all over the fly? Was that fly reactive? (could it fly away or it was sleepy?). I read your technical note about the reversed lens and i full agree with you but not only the lens are enough for such photo... Sometimes it seems a high quality 3D reconstruction!

Vasco Pires on August 16, 2007

I do not share Alberto's opinion. Nothing wrong with the focus. It's focused on the fly's body, the foreground leg is coming out of focus and the background rear leg is becoming out of focus also. Absolute perfection! I've added it to my favourites and even to my desktop background. I can only imagine how the full resolution version looks...

Please Enrique, share more pics like this, becase I don't have the hardware to shoot them


Enrique Ortiz de Zár… on August 16, 2007

I don't know if Spielberg&Co would be able to improve a defocused area of a photo like this one. I believe that such thing is little than less impossible, Alberto, although youre are de expert.

The fly was alive and the photo was taken in the edge of the way that runs next to the house of my parents. Naturally, the photo is done without tripod, holds by hand, with flash.

The perfect alignment of the focus with the body of the fly and, mainly, with the edge of the wing of the own insect, is a simple question of very good luck. It is necessary to consider that the distance between the frontal lens of the objective and the fly would not be superior to five centimeters - I would have to measure it, but I will not be mistaken in much-, that I was in very uncomfortable position - bent- and that I did not have more than approximately ten seconds to approach, to fit and to shoot. If we added the dark of a scene seen through a objective closed at f16... conclusion: without luck, it is impossible to take this photo outdoors, because I never had the control, neither on the elements that are seen on the photo, nor on me, because my position was very forced and the fly had its own plans.

Alberto, there is no more treatment than a small cut of the left side of the original photo, an adjustment of levels, saturation, contrast and unsharp mask.

Vasco Pires, after the cut, the original copy has more resolution: 2500 pixels instead of 1500. There is difference, sure, but it is not so much.

Due to my terrible English, I hope to have said few barbarisms -thanks, Google-.


Alberto Mayer on August 16, 2007

I'm not English i understand your English perfectly. I understood all your explanation and you confirmed my thought: you found a magic alignment (meaning parallelism) with the body of that fly. I didn't think about defocusing: i try it for planetary imaging but i know that usually it is disappointing for real life introducing undesiderable artifacts. It is possible a very "light" defocusing starting from RAW files and using algorithm like Lucy-Richardson but if you go over then all the photo becomes grainy, hard and unreal. The good shot is the fundamental basis of course! I know that many things are needed for a good result and even the luck plays an important role (as for all the things of the life...but this is another story). Anyway i love your work in general but i can't resist to watch this fly almost once a day.... A curiosity: in italy i never saw such kind of flies. Did you know the scientific name of it? Greetings

Vasco Pires on August 16, 2007

I have found another shot of the same species here

And another one very similar here

Enrique Ortiz de Zár… on August 27, 2007

Sure Alberto, because even the NASA, to be able to eliminate the defocusing caused by the deformation of its main mirror, had to install an additional lens in the Space Telescope Hubble. Wow, it would be a dream to be able to do that with any defocused or blured photo.

I don´t know the scientific name of this fly. I can say that this one is smaller -half or thus- than our dear domestic flies.

Vasco, I believe that your first example is very similar to a domestic fly. The second one could be identical to mine, but I do not know it. There are so many flies… :)


Diego ^T^ on September 5, 2007

Es espectacular tu mosca, y los comentarios que generó. Saludos on September 9, 2007

You have a brilant collection. A yellow star for you as a photographer...

This picture is really breathtaking!

Greets NuhSarche

Enrique Ortiz de Zár… on September 14, 2007

Diego Trillo, armagnac y nuhsarche, muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.


Erwin Woenckhaus on September 16, 2007

Ya le tocará el turno a tu mosca, Enrique.

No puedo dejarla fuera de las elecciones... ja, ja, ja.

Un saludo.

Davide Andreani on September 19, 2007

Truly a great shot!

Luis Maderuelo on September 25, 2007

He propuesto esta foto en el concurso. ¡Saludos!

Nota: Es indudable que tiene que ser una de las favoritas para los primeros puestos, si no el primero.

horvath csaba on October 14, 2007


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