The autumn snow snakes in Rostov-on-Don. All snow snakes are under the TAG of 'snow snakes'. Welcome!

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D. VERDU on January 16, 2010




Valentine Verchenko on January 16, 2010

Dear Domingo Verdu

Thanks a lot for visit and I am happy you watched my photos of the out-of-the-way and wonderful natural phenomenon of the Russian winter: snow-garlands



dziwnowik on January 30, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Fascynujące Zdjęcie !!!

greetings from Poland, Peter

Valentine Verchenko on January 30, 2010

Drogi Peter

Dziekuje za odwiedziny

Przyjazny pozdrowienia od Rosja Polska.


Valentine Verchenko on February 8, 2010


Yes, yes! These are brothers and sisters of my snow snake, the snow vipers have spread across all countries.

Thank you very much for your nice visit and good link.

Friendly greetings from Russia

With a smile from Russia, Valentine

♥♫♥ TIFFANY ♥♫♥ on March 1, 2010

Nice image

Cheers, Tiffany

Valentine Verchenko on March 1, 2010

Hello, dear Tiffany

Thanks a lot for visit to my gallery and I am glad you watched my shot.

My best wishes from Russia


Valentine Verchenko on March 18, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Snakes

All my friends and visitors!

You often ask:

and I answer

1)Is that really snow?! or piece of white color cloth.?

Yes! It is really snow!

2)Snow snakes? no way! stop kidding us!!!

Nobody is kidding you and nobody joke with you. Nobody has fun with you, and nobody deceives you. Nobody laughs on you, and nobody makes a fool of you.

3)Maybe the christmas girl, named Snegurochka hung on the branches the christmas decorations?

No, it is not the tricks of the christmas girl

4)Why is snow on the branches become so beautiful? Why did it formed such an interesting shape?

I am happy to repeat what I already wrote about the explanation of this beautiful phenomenon.

My explanation follows below.

It was a cold night, minus 2, the snow fell and covered the entire forest. In the morning the sun rose and the snow slowly began to warm up on the branches. The surface of the snow cover was slightly melted, but most importantly, that the surrounding air in the forest remained below zero. Droplets of water rolled under the melted snow caps and immediately froze under the snow and on the surface snowpacks. Coupling between snow and branches has decreased because of wetting by water. And the snow caps began to descend slowly from the branches, but the surrounding air temperature was minus, and therefore the wet snow freezes when sliding from the branches. Decaying snow hardened in cold and hang. It is formed what we see - Garlands!

5)... snow melts in contact with dark branches illuminated by the sun in a freezing cold air ...

The idea that the dark branches slightly warmer than the snow caps is absolutely correct. In the previous day had above-zero temperatures, but the snow fell at night. Branches did not have time to cool down much. But the main reason lies in the dark color sticks, on which hung the snow garlands! The morning sun warmed the dark twigs stronger than the white snow. Branches became wet and snow caps began to slide down, freezing when separated from the sticks.

6)Are the snow garlands hard or soft? Are they composed of ice or snow? Are they wet or not?

The snow garlands consist of dry snow. They are very loose and not solid. Small wind immediately destroys them. It seemed to me that many garlands were destroyed by my eyes. I am not having time to take pictures as they break up at my approach. But I was able to do the few shots.

7)This snow is a strange structure of the natural.

OK! This snow has a strange structure, but I think better to name in other words: a rare structure. The snow-cap crept down very slowly, therefore it have time to stretch and harden in the cold, instead of falling down. At the same time there are two events: the snow melts and freezes. If we can explain the phenomenon, but now it is no longer strange. But nature is rarely so for something to melt and freeze simultaneously. But when it happens, it looks very beautiful! Remember icicle, which is melting in the upper part, but in the bottom of the water droplets solidify in the cold. Snow snake on my photos do not look like icicles, my snake is not solid like icicles and my snakes are composed of snow, not ice! But there are similarities between the icicles and my snow snakes. In both cases two processes proceeded at the same time: melting and freezing. Simultaneously these natural processes are rare, so they are beautiful and we wonder.

8)Recently winter arrived here as well and temperatures were -20 to -5 degrees Celsius. I?m search for snow snakes, since have seen your interesting pictures, but wasn?t successful.

The temperatures must be +2 to -2 degrees Celsius: oscillate around zero (approximately zero). This is the melting point for water. In these cases, the interesting phenomena occur. However, this necessary condition, but these conditions are not sufficient.

9)The snake just as the tempter hung on the branches.

This really looks like a Winter Garden of Eden, because a snake-tempter live exactly in the Garden of Eden.

10)Are these snakes poisonous? Are they very dangerous, these white snakes? Have you no fear, among many snakes.

These snakes are not poisonous. I was left unharmed and alive because they are very kind.

11)Is there any wolf around?! Good idea to go there and take some photos!

No wolves in this forest, so you have the opportunity to photograph freely.

12)Still I missing this kind of snake in Brazil

This kind of snake found only in Russia

13)We have the anaconda on trees in early November too. Kirov (Vyatka)

This picture was also taken in early November. Rostov and Vyatka are a Twin Cities of the snow snakes.

14)White shawl of snow protects the tree by the great frost

Thank you for the colorful and vivid comparison.

15)Valentin is a wonder-making

No! Nature is the creator of beauty and wonders

16)When you have photographed your photos about snow snakes?

The first series of photos I have been made in the autumn. Those photos have a title: The autumn snow snakes in Rostov-on-Don ..... . But in early spring, I photographed the new snow snakes. The spring photos have a new title: The spring snow snakes in Rostov-on-Don ..... . All shots(autumn and spring) have the TAG named snow snakes. Welcome!

17)Hello Valentine, strolling throgh your gallery, I was caught by this wonderful example of a snow-snake and I am very pleased with your so detailed information! May I add one item of the essential conditions for their growing: the snow must fall in absolutely absence of wind, and further on during the creeping-process windlessnes is also crucial as you alredy wrote. So the appearance of snow-snakes is not only restricted to Russia, although the huge ammount of snakes in your forest shows that there the conditions are optimal. Kindest greetings, Sepp

Yes, wind is the enemy of the snow snakes. But spring snakes were photographed with gusts of wind: the weak snake fell on my eyes, but the solid snake remained hanging and I managed to photograph them. Sepp, you right, when I said that the snow snakes live only in Russia I was joking. In that time I answered the man, who lives in Brazil, where a real live snake, and there is no snow. I think that the snow snakes can be found in many countries. We must look for them.

P.S. Today we found our brother: Canadian Snow Snake.

18)Dear John Wu said: ...spring-snake seems fatter.

Yes it is. When I photographed in the woods at this time was heavy snow falling from the sky. The small wet snowflakes were flying around snakes. The flakes stuck to the snakes and snake grew fat. About flakes were very very much and snakes grow very very fast in my eyes. Beauty!

19)But don't you think that they are too much similar?

You are right: they are too much similar. But I like all photos. I did not know what to keep, what to publish. Therefore, I decided to publish all the photos.

Please your ideas, thoughts, questions, fantasies and feelings leave in the comments.

Special thanks to all who would spare their two seconds to leave your comments here!

Thank you give a variety of names for snow caps. In those days you called them: Scarfs, Natural Wreaths, Snow-covered pretzels, Towels, Worms, Sausages, Ropes, Pythons, Anacondas, White Shawl, Snow Ribbons, Snakes-Albinos, Snow Dragon, Snake-Tempter, Snake Hearts, Plombir, Icecream, HOME-LAND-OF-THE-SNOW-SNAKES, Real Miracle, Snowy Lace, Snow Monster, Question Mark, Cotton, Curls, Snow Tag, Snow Snivel and other names. Thank you gift loud epithets for them.

With winter greetings from Rostov-on-Don, from Russia


ROSTAMDALILA on June 8, 2014

Super detail!
Mnoho srdečných pozdravů z Potštejn zasílá Jarda!

Valentine Verchenko on June 8, 2014

Dear Jarda. I really appreciate your visit. Thank you for friendly comment here and special for F+L(1/3). Best regards. Valentin

Hans_Pano Yes ! on November 8, 2015

Dear Valentine, your focused view on your snow garlands helped them melting... ;-))) Hope you stood in boots of felt to keep your feet warm when collecting these beautiful snow garlands for us! !!L&F!! Best regards, Hans

Hans_Pano Yes ! on November 8, 2015

Beautiful snow shawls for naked branches and hot necks!

Valentine Verchenko on November 9, 2015

My heartfelt thanks to you, dear Hans, for your nice feedback on my picture. I'm really pleased. Best luck. Valentine

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Photo taken in Pervomayskiy rayon, Rostov, Rostovskaya oblast', Russia

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