Area 51

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ShadowAirplane on April 29, 2013

These might not be real or up to date photos because it still is a active military base and the photos would be taken off the Internet because it would be against the law and a threat to national security.

ShadowAirplane on April 29, 2013

I forgot to say that the photos would be taken down by the U.S Government because it would be illegal and a threat to national security.

Marcus mclovin pleha… on December 18, 2013

Elijah10131918, Sorry to be the one to tell you, You have the worst case of down syndrome iv ever seen. If any of you please want proof, it's just a matter of digging through files on the internet, a lot of it is heavily buried. But its there none the less.... People aren't looking deep enough these days, They hear this and that and try yo connect the dots themselves, WIth this kind of topic you cant just make guesses. If you all want the real and MINDBLOWING truth, Look into these topics: - The Nephilim - Monotomic Gold - The Roswell Incident - And The Governments Prototype Ufo's

Once you find the proof that the "Aliens" from The Roswell Incident Are actually Adolf's top scientists and that the aircraft in question is Hitler's Time Machine, Your looking deep enough and in the rite places. Best of luck fello Circles of society. Never fit in the wall like all the other bricks!! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!
( Heres a link to my facebook. Message me if you want some clarity :)

Rolando Vela on June 1, 2014

Hay mucho que conocer de este lugar, pero por lo visto no conviene saber.

Cult of Personality on January 15, 2016

I oh so wish there was a reply option… If there is please let me know. RealFad, first off the UFO phenomenon occurs all around the world as others have stated. Second CHINA IS NOT THE WORLDS MOST POWEREFUL MILITARY! Most of their military doesn't even carry a weapon! Don't even get me going on the CCP (Chinese Comunist Party). The more and more the Chinese people realize how messed up and for show their government is the sooner the revolution will occur. I'm sorry but as far as technology goes the U.S. is the strongest; that's only been made possible with over %50 of tax dollars going to the military which is ridiculous. The picture here and or pictures taken like this are taken by people outside of the base. It is perfectly legal to do this; this is the reason the federal government wanted to extend Area 51's boundaries (if it hasn't already happened). I implore everyone who reads this to look more into UFOs and military bases like the previous commenters have stated. There's things like DUMBs (Deep Military Underground Bases) that do exist and are a matter of public record. There is so much more on UFOs and "Aliens" than a hour session on the Internet can provide. I personally believe "Aliens" are demons for instance, which are the dead spirits of the Rephaim or the children of the Nephilim (fallen ones). By that volition you might think I'm superlatively insane unless you actually took the time to research the whole topic. Many abductions have shown a complete spiritual nature to it along with the fact that abductions do not always occur at night (not all knighmares) and people report others missing (physically not present) when there's claims of abduction. There is science to this UFO mumbo-jumbo which too many seem to laugh at until they see the phenomena for themselves. If you go to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) you can report your UFO sighting and see others on a map going years back. There's to many people reporting things for it just to be lies. Many people who have encounters have nothing to gain but everything to lose; which many people have lost jobs and credibility for reporting theirs. You shouldn't pass judgement on a topic unless your well versed on it.

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Photo taken in Lincoln County, NV, USA

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