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tombstonecowboy on May 26, 2011

:;oyd, I agree with you. Beatles are the best group ever existed, and I wonder if there will be another as successful band ....I doubt. In my mnd yesterday is the best ever..and outside the Beatles, I think Lois Armstrongs What a wondeful world is a masterpiece. By the way I own every CD and Lp Betales ever made, too. I even have the original Sgt Pepper,s Lonely Club limiyed edition white vinyl from 1967.. ok enough of bragging..lets just listen to the Beatles and enjoy..Cheers, Harri

MaryAlice on May 27, 2011

Milla and Lloyd, I am so happy that you two are having so much fun discussing music over here! I have been completely entertained reading your conversations and listening to the links! Carry on, my friends! Carry on! :)

All the best,

Mary Alice

MaryAlice on May 27, 2011

Oh goodness ..... I just noticed that you were in on this conversation too, Harri! Well, the more the merrier! The Beatles Rule! :)

Rock on!!!


Lloyd. B on May 27, 2011

''Carry on indeed'',hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with some good music,fine food,and maybe a sip of a nice wine. Lloyd

Milla Marder on May 27, 2011

Hi Lloyd Mary Alice and Harri !! hahaa..this is very amusing and interesting:)))) I'll carry on with pleaser :))_________________ Lloyd WOW !! every album and CD!!! this is fantastic... I have some discs(well, my father's) and we have records!!! many records of Beatles and Elvis Presley and more of jazz and blues.. and of course CD:) ..."Yesturday" I love this song!!!! I even can a little play on the guitar ( the only song I think) :)) and Elton John - Your song I just adore this song!!! so beautiful words and music!! At first I heard it in the movie "Moulin Rouge" I loved the movie and this song the most..

"stairway to heaven" Led Zeppelin's song, right? :)) I know it was a really famous rock band I didn't heard their music, but I heard this song and I liked it!! Thanks :)) "father and son" I like too, I like these story songs :)) and I like cat stevens Wild World , hahaha.. let's keep going Lloyd :)) __________________________________ for sending songs here you just need to write something like title or other word between ]and then the to copy the link in ( ) and you can see more here under the comment in pano where it says "Want to use bold, italic, links?" they show you..:)) for exp,(first I'll write with spacing) like this [ House of the Rising Sun ] ( ) now together: [House of the Rising Sun :) Do you know this song Mary Alice and Lloyd ?? I love this song!! and if we are talking about rock band, there's "AC DC" That I like too :)) Do you know them? :) this the most and the most famous AC/DC - Thunderstruck :)))) have a wonderful weekend !! Milla

Milla Marder on May 27, 2011

hahah.. it took my explanation in one link...

hello Harri I don't think, Beatles are classic!! will live forever! the are unique :) Lois Armstrongs What a wondeful world - yes!!! I like his music!! and this song is beautiful!! Mary Alice I'm so glad that you enjoyed too from the music!! this is fun:)) Lloyd thank you very much have a really great weekend and a nice wine -perfect! And for a glass of wine in the evening a beautiful music for everybody Glenn Miller-In The Mood you can dance also!!! cheers!! :)) Milla

Milla Marder on May 27, 2011

I love the movie "Sun Valley Serenade"!! :)))

Lloyd. B on May 28, 2011

Milla, Im so glad to see you like the same music i do,AC/DC great Australian band,and house of the rising sun awesome song also. Thanks for the lesson on sending link's, i will have a play around and hope i can send you a link to a great song soon. You probibly havent heard of ''Kassey Chamber's'', another fantastic Aussie singer songwriter,if you go to Kassey Chamber's,''Biggest back yard in the world'',at the big fella festival,on you/tube, you can watch the video i took this year in Jan,i have meet Kassey quite a few time's now im her biggest fan,and she got me real close for her concert. Hope you enjoy it. As soon as i work out how to send a link i will send you some more great song's. Kindest Regards Lloyd

Milla Marder on May 30, 2011

Hi Lloyd ! :)) You are very welcome! No I haven't heard before about ''Kassey Chamber's'' Yeahhhh I found the song!!!!! and I watched the video! Thank you very much Lloyd!! it is a lovely song, and I like her style!! good to know!!:)Ou this is so great that you met her!! I'm sure you were very happy:)) she looks very nice person! I am looking forward for your song links:)) here another one that I like! Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall

Best regards for you!! Milla

tombstonecowboy on May 31, 2011

Milla, MAA, Lloyd, its is kinda funny we use Mary Alice,s photo site for our conversation. You all so right on , all that music mentioned is bth timeless and very, ery good, I love the House of the Rising sun by the Animals and Eric Burdon..what a masterpiece and would be one of the songs I would absolutely bring to a deserted island with me. ;) cheers, Harri

Lloyd. B on May 31, 2011

Milla, another Cd i have in my collection, along with the ''final cut'',''wish you were here'',''Dark side of the moon'',super band,amazing song's.Another brick in the wall was my second cd i brought after Dire Staits,Brothers in arm's, way back in 1983 i think. Then i added Supertramp,Eagles,''Phil Collins''I meet Phil Collins on a chair lift at Whistler Mt Canada,the chair broke down for half an hour so there i was Phil and myself chatting together for 30 mins on a chair lift,once we got of the lift he shouted me a coffee and then we skied down to the bottom of the run together.He told me some very interesting story's in that 30 min's.I was only 21 so it was a great buzz.Im glad you liked Kassey Chamber's, Kind Regards Lloyd

Lloyd. B on May 31, 2011

Harri, Nice to see you joining in on the music debate,and yes i hope MaryAlice doesnt mind us using her photo for the conversation, MaryAlice is ''Great'' so im sure she wont mind.I agree Eric Burdon great artist,that other Eric is pretty good too Clapton's song he wrote about his lost son, is really ''tear's in heaven.'' Lloyd.

Milla Marder on June 3, 2011

Lloyd WoW!!! You chatted with "Phil Collins"!!!:))))) OMG I see you had a great time and a super wonderful memories!!! :))) this is so good!! You have the best CD's and the best songs ha? :))

and another song!!!! Hit the road Jack! Have a nice day!

Milla Marder on June 3, 2011

Lloyd,Harri and Mary Alice so wonderful to talk with you about songs:)) Lloyd here's the song Tears in heaven :)) beautiful song:))

Lloyd. B on June 4, 2011

Thanks for the songs Milla,enjoying them all. Kind Regards Lloyd

Milla Marder on June 5, 2011

I'm glad, and you are very welcome Lloyd !!!

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