Urban Sunset - Fresno, CA

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Chip Stephan on June 30, 2007

This is about the best it gets here in my neighborhood. I'd sure like to have Rosina's back yard.

Chip Stephan on July 1, 2007

Ignore the view count. This had 60 views 5 minutes after I posted it. Panoramio's old counter bug is back.

Vasco Pires on July 2, 2007

This one is extremelly beautifull Chip. I have to travel at least 6 miles to have a decent sunset!

What bug is that? well sometimes I see a photo and come back to it six or seven times in the next 10 minuts, to watch at details. 60 views in 5 minuts isn't that much, remember, you are in Panoramio a long time ago, so there's a lot of people that regularly visits your page.

With This user I would say it has a bug. For someone so recent that doesn't comment on people, (therefore doesn't get to be known) it's physically impossible to have so many views.. It's only my oppinion...

If I wanted I would AUTO-see all my photos a couple of hundreds to make sure they would be on GE, but that's not the point. I really like to see which ones are the most desired photos

Vasco Pires on July 2, 2007

In fact there are really odd things here on Panoramio...

For example: I see the page of Rosina Lamberti, who is a quite long time user on Panoramio, everybody knows her and she has amazing photos, yet her pictures (despite the fact that they are all in the Popular category, and probably are on GE)do not pass the hundreds of views, sometimes a couple of thousands in the better photos (one exception beeing a remarkable photo that everybody has seen and it's already famous on Panoramio). I take this as the normal thing.

On the other hand, I see a few rather recent users (as recent s I am) wich have almost every photo in the order of the 4 or 5 thousand views... Including really uninteresting photos (in my point of view) that usually have only a few dozens at top (even more impressive is that as they are not in the Popular category and therefore aren't on GE, how does so many people know about them, and seen them??!!)

steandeb on July 2, 2007

thanks chipstephan. this ones a gem. i love trees and sunsets.

Chip Stephan on July 2, 2007

Thanks, Vasco and steandeb. Vasco, there was a series of postings in the forum about the view counter problem. The count of 60 on this photo appeared almost immediately after I put it up. I, too, may visit a photo several times in succession, but in this case, 60 views was just too unlikely, especially with no comments.

The fact that some recent posters have pictures with thousands of views says that either they have a loyal following, or Panoramio's counter has bugs. You can also gets a multitude of views by signing up under another ID, then using that ID to boost your view count. It's cheating, but I'm sure it's done.

Daniela Brocca on July 2, 2007

Hi Chip,very beautiful sunset.As Vasco said me too should go out of Milan to have a sunset. About the counter I think it's impossible to have thousands of views like the user hi told about.No special photos and in my point of view that are not photos for Panoramio.And why work the bug only for some users? To get so many views by yourself you should stay days only on a photo.I would know how they do the cheating.Ciao Daniela

Vasco Pires on July 2, 2007

Well, as the forum is down, I can not read the posts about the counter so I will follow what you say Chip.

Interestingly I saw a photo of Retrocool, seconds after he uploaded it (just accidently) I was it's first view and I visited it about 15 times in the first 10 minuts, but I did comment on it, so I guess you're probably right about yours.

Daniela, I find easy to believe that even a small rated hacker could create a simple routine that would automaticaly visit a web adress a couple of thousand times in a couple of hours.


Chip Stephan on July 2, 2007

Hi, Vasco, This is one of Rita Goh's pix. From the photo ID, it was posted in late May. It has over 16100 views. As good as it is, I think that count is either from a hacker or a bug. Maybe when the forum comes back, we'll get more news on the problems with counts.

Chip Stephan on July 2, 2007

Thanks, Daniela. These sunsets are rare in the summer where I live. Here the temperature often is over 38°C and the humidity is below 20%, and the sky remains virtually cloud free. But every now and then, we get one of these.

Daniela Brocca on July 2, 2007

ToVasco and ChipThis is was what I wanted to tell about our new friend.I noticed that these most viewed photos are from girls.Like the other user photos.Maybe there are some people who likes this kind of photos...You know.Not that that of Rita is of this kind,it's only a portrait.

Vasco Pires on July 2, 2007

I don't think it's that simple Daniela. If it was because of that this photo would have hundred thowsand views ;)

In Rita's case, it's definitelly a bug. Her three portraits are equally good. they would have the views well distributed, regarding the recent posting of them I would say one of them has unnormal views.


Chip Stephan on July 2, 2007

I agree with Daniela that pictures of women tend to get more views than pictures of trees, waterfalls and buildings. It's certainly true of the three pictures of Elle that I have posted, and I think it's also true of Vasco's, retrocool's and other people's portraits of women. But I also agree with Vasco, over 16000 for just one one of Rita's seems way out of line.

Chip Stephan on July 2, 2007

And, of course, there's redi, whose self-portraits are in a class by themselves, not to mention her other fantastic work.

Vasco Pires on July 2, 2007

And Redi still has only have hundreds of views. Let alone thousands

But Chip, if you go to the first page of popular tag (not category) you find photos with numbered like 37000, wich means they were posted right at the beginning and took their time to take the views, amongst photos nr 2300000, younger then some of mine, wich have 40000 over views.. :)) it's really funny. I,m not criticising the photo but I know for a fact that if it was me posting that one it wouldn't have more than 30 or 40 views.

This is one of those few cases that is so flagrant that Panoramio team can't stay still. I think

Vasco Pires on July 2, 2007

Not to mention the comments detail... 40000 views and no comments?? where? in Jupiter?

Chip Stephan on July 19, 2007

I don't know where the view counts on some of the more recent photos come from. But it really doesn't matter, it only gets them to the first pages of the popular tab, so I don't care.

rosina lamberti on July 27, 2007

hi chip sorry for the long delay,hope everyone is well,its a great sunset too :)

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