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scml on January 11, 2010

Great shot Sue...isn't it beautiful ;) Such wonderful patterns and colour...I love it :)

See ya from Sandy ;)

Sue Allen on January 13, 2010

Hi Sandy, I spent quite a long looking at this fellow and I suppose the more I looked at him, the more I didn't mind what I saw, but really, I'm rather scared of snakes and if he had moved suddenly, although I know he wouldn't hurt me, I would have been back inside with chest pains. I can't appreciate him as much as you can, as I'm looking through squinting eyes. Having said that, he did have a cute expression on his face when he was resting his chin on his fat frame. Very resigned... So glad you liked this shot of my slimy friend though, Sandy!

scml on January 13, 2010

:o))))))) Don't worry Sue...lots of folk don't like snakes...but you know...they are any thing but slimy...they actuall feel like silk...smooth and wonderful to touch ;)

See ya from Sandy ;)

Sue Allen on January 14, 2010

Yeah, that may be so, Sandy, but that LUMPY TUM! Eeeeew!

AnonymousKiwi on January 20, 2010

Love all your snakey pics, Susan. You're very brave getting all these shots of him. This is one of the reasons I think Aus is a great place for a holiday, but I wouldn't want to live there!

Cheers, Lisa

K.Herr on February 8, 2010

I find them fascinating. They look into your eyes and you never know what they are thinking.

http://www.meispix.c… on February 17, 2010

Are such snakes common in QLD ?!? Are they dangerous ?

Sue Allen on February 17, 2010

Thanks, Lisa - I wouldn't have chosen to live here either, for exactly the same reason - well that and the spiders as well, but romantic circumstances dictated that I should reside here, and I have to say, the creepy crawlies (snakes and spiders, not my better half, tee hee) are worth putting up with for the golden sunshine and the wallabies and the beautiful expanses of forest..I could go on and on. I do sometimes yearn to throw myself into a patch of lush long grass without the fear of finding myself face to face with a snake!

Klaus, I agree they are fascinating, and I do think that some have much more tolerable expressions than others. A lot of my opinion of them is based on a basic instinct of fear of anything with no legs which is moving - quite unreasonable really. I was rather pleased with myself on this occasion, as the need to take a photo outweighed my more common reaction of bolting. :)

Philippe, snakes are very common in QLD, but I think the statisticians (if that is a word) would say that for every snake you actually notice, there are several more who see you and slither harmlessly away. This particular type of snake is non venemous and very docile. Having said that, we have several venemous snakes in this area and they are dangerous. It is a worry with kids roaming the garden, but other than that, we are just aware of their possible presence and take note of where we're about to tread, particularly if wearing thongs or no shoes. I usually do my gardening in welly boots and overalls, so it would have to be a deterimined snake to get through my defences. I had a surprise one day as I was charging around the end of the house just after dark, concentrating on scanning the ground, as usual, when a 'children's python' flopped out from its perch on my electric meter and twanged up and down in front of my startled (that's an understatement) face at head height! I shouted a few choice words on that occasion, I can assure you....

Best wishes to you all - I'm off to tackle the undergrowth which is jokingly called my garden, right now - overalls and all!


http://www.meispix.c… on February 17, 2010

I also forgot that Australia also had this other odd (besides snakes and M. Conroy), which are the S.P.I.D.E.R.S. !

I have nothing against them, as long as they are not poisonous and not more than 1-2 inches large (legs included), a description that I fear does not match with your local 8-legged friends...

Jan de Boer on October 12, 2010

Does the snake live in your house?? Sorry i'm not a snake liker. Have fun with it.

Jean Gregory Evans on April 24, 2011

Oh, good gracious!

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on December 30, 2012

WOW!!! Sue

How absolutely spiffing to receive your recent message..Don't tell me that you have been living in a Fairy Tail world and some kissing occurred that involved a prince and a frog!

I guess that you've just been getting on with life as a busy mum..Anyway, enough about you!

How's life treating you down more snake confrontations I hope..

BTW don't even think about coming back home..GB is about to sink into oblivion..Yep, we've had that much rain and it still is...

Funny that, not a sound out of the dog..Ah yes, she's sleeping!

Still writing Sue?

Yorkshire hugs sent your way :))

۪H۰۪۰۪P۰۪P۰۪Y۫۰ N۰۪E۰۪W۰۪۰۪Y۰۪E۰۪A۰۪R۰۰۪!۫


Sue Allen on December 31, 2012

Snake confrontations galore, Jim! We have had a conflict of interests, having regular visits from mummy possum and her baby to the front veranda, then equally regular visits from another carpet snake like the one above, but larger. That one was unceremoniously flopped into an eski with a red broom, and taken into the middle of the wilderness, but then another even larger relative took his place! This one had the habit of twining himself around things, so he couldn't be flopped as successfully. Les was watching the possum out of the front door -- little possum saw mr carpet snake and skirted around him. Mr carpet snake didn't chase the possum, but carefully went up the bush in a pot next to the lattice on the front veranda, hung himself from a suitable branch, coiled up his front third ready for action and waited.... Much to mr. Allen's horror, the possum apparently forgot all about Mr carpet snake and proceeded to trot around the base of the aforesaid bush in the pot! At this point, Mr Allen went charging out the front door like a knight in shining armour, except he was wearing his usual navy blue overalls, chased the possum away for her own good, came back and tried to chase the snake away as well by squirting various foul smelling things at it. The snake was oblivious to all this and even enjoyed the smell of Mr Allen's deodorant. The following day, I noticed that the bush was now draped with the extremely heavy carpet snake, plus a smaller nigh tiger snake, both of which are harmless, but still freak me out. I decided to pull the pot away from the veranda, so spoiling Mrs possum's approach route and foiling the carpet snake's plan. The feeling I had while heaving that pot across the gravel, with the weight of the snakes ponderously swaying to and fro right above my head was 'worried' to say the least. Les then got a forked branch, wove it around Mr carpet snake, and then ensued the most awesome battle of strength, the snake weaving and turning, and Mr Allen heaving and swearing until he plopped it on the ground, at which point there was a lot more swearing, as he was supposed to land in a conveniently placed bin, but ho, I came to the rescue, and realigned the bin. The end of the tail is, that the smaller night tiger was flipped by the backlash of the branches of the bush, end over end into the surrounding garden, and mr Carpet snake was carted off to the wilderness (actually about 3 ks away, up on top of a hill) and Mrs and miss possum continue to visit and crunch their way through various apples and bananas. All in all, a 'win win situation, you might say'. :P Well, you did ask, Jim x

Sue Allen on December 31, 2012

ps, I meant 'the end of the 'tale is', not the end of the 'tail is'.... that must have been so confusing.

Well, it was a long tale about a long tail....

kamalyn on January 1, 2013

LOLOL Sue - 5 stars!!! and welcome back to Pano! How great to read a long wonderful story from you again here! :D

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on January 1, 2013

Gosh!! I'm relieved to learn that things are quite normal then Sue, I was hoping for a glimpse into the life of an urban housewife, whisked away from the safety and security of an English home, braving the elements and fighting tooth and nail against all the odds! Never mind!!

Are you writing again ? :))) Well, yes, looking back, I reckon you must be,if not, you've got the makings of a novel there! I for one will buy a copy :))

Hugs from the safety of Yorkshire!

Jim (Roxy says woof)

Sue Allen on January 3, 2013

Ha ha, thanks guys, I do waffle on a bit, don't I? Not writing though, doing piano playing and singing and rock wall building. I am a Jack of all trades and master of none! Catch you soon, Sue x

Steve Paxton on January 3, 2013

Sue you are not admitting to much (we know) but we love it. its great to know we are all different and yet we are all one in the same no matter the age hair colour or loss. bollards to you and great new year from me really is nice to have you back............ steve

Sue Allen on January 18, 2013

Hi Steve, hope the New Year has been kind to you so far and you're getting plenty of surfing. I can't find where the messages are on here. I must be thick! Mary playing guitar to me as I type, "whoa, wait a bit, oops, whoa" normally accompany her playing, oh yes, she did a few 'oh's, but getting better. Will search for the message place when I get a chance later, take care and enjoy your weekend, all the best, Sue

Steve Paxton on January 20, 2013

Sue and all this time i thought you where ignoring me all this time cause you seriously did not like me. you may not want to set up PM you may just get a flood from the past. me i still get wet i still take photos and i still have a win now and againbeen a hot muggy start to the year but we are still kicking. i am enjoying a new camera thanks to my dad( pay him back later) cant half recommend but i know i am far to far away from you to help. you take care and take it from one nutter keep on getting those shot and never give up on life. the best advice i have seen and will soon be in Italy all the way from oz. steve

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