Transforming the familiar ( . . . a not so ordinary Georgia snow.)

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Peter Schneider on February 15, 2010

Hi, Mary Alice, has snow finally come down to your usually warm Georgia? Nice capture indeed, I like this feeling of walking along a forest way after the first snow had been falling. We´ve had snow here from the 1st of January till now continously, but this week spring is announced to take a first attempt...

Best regards from Southern Germany, Peter

((Ospr3y)) on February 15, 2010

Wow! You did not get as much snow as us, but indeed what a fine shot! I'm glad you got snow! Throw any snowballs? Make any snowmen?

Greetings from the CSRA!


Kyle Wolff on February 15, 2010

I had a feeling you were going to upload a snow picture! And what do yo know? You did! I imagined it just like this in fact!

Definitely unfamiliar! You got a good snow fall, all beautiful and white!..All us Georgians are excited about the snow it seems. Our FIRST snow Pano uploads!

Nice one you have here, Mary Alice!

Rockin' loud!


M-Lite on February 15, 2010

That is common view for us up in Canada but I presume to be most unusual for you.. How does Dave manages his way in this snow? It should be fun, I'd say. Enjoy it as it passes by. I guess you do have appropriate tires to drive in these slippery roads.. Be careful ..

Warmest regards to you my friend.

(hope you had a happy valentine's day)


Ma&Pa Moose on February 16, 2010

Beautiful shot Mary Alice. We want to follow this path to the unseen beauties beyond. In the last couple of days, Ma & I have enjoyed the new snow scenes from our Georgia friends. Never does the earth look more clean and fresh than a new fallen undisturbed snow fall. Never does it look more dirty when humans start walking, and driving through it. We haven't made any pictures out here this year of the snow because it is so common and we are up to our ears in it.

Ma & Pa Moose

İsmail Taşoğlu (yemt… on February 16, 2010

Hi Mary Alice,

The severe winter of magnificent night, the wonderful warm and wonderful views..

Best regads, İsmail

MaryAlice on February 16, 2010

Yes indeed, Peter, a light dusting of snow finally made it's way to us here in Georgia, and we welcomed it with open arms. It's such a special treat for us, that we all celebrate like children! Businesses close, all the schools close, and snowmen can be found on practically every street corner. It only stayed for a matter of hours, but what wonderful hours they were. I'm so glad that you could appreciate this shot, even with all of the snow you've seen! Thank you for your kind words, and for visiting today. I am so happy to hear that Spring is on it's way there! I know that you will embrace it with every ounce of your being. It's certainly a pleasure hearing from you, and my best wishes to you.

Liam, Okay, okay.... so don't brag about your snowfall. ;) It seems that we got less here than even my mother, who lives only about 25 miles away, but I was still very proud for this little bit. Snowmen? Yes! Snowballs? You bet! It's too bad that you and Kyle weren't within reach, or I would have planted one on both of you as well...... and with force! =) Boosh! I pack a powerful punch for a girl. ( ...... I'm kidding!) Thanks for admiring my snowy scene. I hope you had a wonderful time playing in it! Maybe we'll get a little more before Spring. =)

Kyle, Now what would give you the idea that I would want to post a snow picture? ;) I couldn't resist posting just one! I know that the rest of the world gets to see it often, but it's such a magical treat for us here in the South. I'm curiously suspicious that you may have posted one or two as well. Are you guilty? Thank you so much for enjoying this snowy wonderment! Your kind words are always greatly appreciated. I will be over to check on you shortly. =)

Michel, Yes indeed, this IS a most unusual site for us here in the deep South. I'm so glad that you stopped by today. Dave? Well, he loves the stuff! He played like a mad dog, twirling and spinning, kicking up snow all over the place. Suzi thought it was even more exciting, as this was only her second time of ever seeing the stuff. Appropriate tires? Oh, not even close, but it matters not. It's all long gone now, and was only here for a matter of hours, but it sure was fun. Thank you for enjoying it with me, and for your kind visit. My Valentine's day was also great, and thank you for those sweet wishes too! It's such a treat having you visit, my friend. Thank you again. =)

Ma and Pa Moose, Thank you so much for sharing in my enthusiasm for this wonderful white stuff. You couldn't have put it better when you said how clean and fresh everything looks after a beautiful coating of snow ~ and how dirty it seems after humans wreck it all with tire tracks and all the other disturbances. I couldn't agree with you more. I think it's a shame that you haven't made any shots out there, as I'd sure love to see what a true snowfall looks like, however, it's all probably just as normal as air to you by now. Regardless, I thank you again for enjoying this snowy path, and I wish you both a wonderful week.

Good evening, Ismail, and thank you for your poetic words. I'm delighted that you enjoyed this pretty snowy scene. It's always great hearing from you, and I hope this evening find you very well. Take care, my friend. =)

Thank you all for visiting.

Best regards from Georgia,

Mary Alice

Mark Reno on February 16, 2010

Hi Mary Alice....

Now there is the proof!!!! it does snow in Georgia.. It is neat to hear that you enjoyed it and that it was so much fun for you, up here we usually only hear people complaining about how much there is and have to shovel it and drive in it..... funning to think that someone could really enjoy it! wish I could have sent some to you, but they needed it out in Vancouver for the Olympics...LOL

Take care Mary Alice


thor☼odin™ on February 16, 2010

I bet you had to rush out and make snow angels dear Mary Alice before taking this wonderful unusual shot :) Have such a good night and sweet dreams, Peter

Marketa.L on February 16, 2010

Lovely winter scenery MaryAlice Enjoy the snow.

Greetings Marketa

GabrieleB.77 on February 16, 2010

nice landscape!!!'s a result of blizzard that the news talk about some days ago?

Holger Bauer on February 17, 2010

Hi MaryAlice, a very fine capture of your unusual winter:)) Best wishes from Bangkok sent your way Cheers pivatana

Cindy Breen on February 17, 2010

Hi Mary Alice very nice picture, so you do not got very much snow in Geogia? We do not get much rain here it must be getting on to 80 days without rain now, so would love to have some of that snow..Marion

whoelius on February 17, 2010

Amazing clarity throughout.

H.J. van Zyl on February 18, 2010

Hi Mary Alice I see that Michel (from Canada above) writes that this is a common view for Canada! Certainly very seldom seen in South Africa and even less in Cape Town where I live! Stay warm! Greetings! Johan

MaryAlice on February 19, 2010

Yes, Peter! Snow angles for sure! =) ....but not really! I didn't want to get all wet and cold. We didn't exactly have enough snow to make good angles anyway, but it sounds like a smashing idea! Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our little bit of snow. It's always a pleasure hearing from you.

Greetings, Marketa, and thank you for enjoying my little wintery scene. We DID have so much fun in the snow, and I thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed this shot, and thank you again for your praise. My best to you. =)

Snakeshit77, Thanks! Well, I suppose it could have been the result of a blizzard further up north, but for us, it was just a few inches of snow. We sure loved it while it lasted though. Thanks for stopping by. =)

Greetings, Pivatana, and I thank you very much for stopping over and enjoying a little bit of our snowfall. Indeed, it is a MOST unusual sighting around these parts, so we definitely had to get out there and celebrate. Thank you again for your cheerful visit. =)

Good evening to you, Cindy, and how are you doing? I hope all is well. No, we don't ever get to see the snow. It's a rare and wonderful treat to have it snow, AND have some of it actually stick on the ground. This was a big event indeed! It's in the 80's there? My word, that's hard to even imagine. It's in the 20's here tonight. Burrrrr! I wish that I could send some white stuff your way. =) Thanks so much for your visit, and for sharing in my joy. Happy night to you! ( or is it day there right now? I think it is.) ;)

Thank you so much for your kind words of praise, Whoelius! They are greatly appreciated. I hope this evening finds you very well. Cheerful greetings to you! =)

Yes, JOE, we did get a tiny share of snow this year. It was SO great! I'm very happy that you came back as well. I wasn't sure if I was going to post a snow photo or not, because I know that people all over the world see it constantly, but around here, we just don't. I was so excited and loving every minute of it. I agree with you .... it was so very sad when it all melted away the next morning, but at least we had it for a few good hours to enjoy and remember. ( and let our dogs play in! .... Oh JOY!) =) Thank you for stopping back by! I wish you a wonderful weekend. =)

Johan, Good evening, and thank you for your visit. Yes, Michel gets plenty of snow .... isn't he a lucky boy? =) I'm sorry that you don't get much either. The only things about it, is that when we DO see a little snowfall, it sure does excite us, and we have to have great big snow celebrations, and most of the city shuts down completely in honor of it all. SO much fun! Maybe you will see some surprise snow before it's all over with. Never give up. =) Thanks again for your visit.

Thank you all for sharing in my enthusiasm for this February snow.

Best regards,

Mary Alice

Murat Kurtel on February 19, 2010

Beautiful Winter photo and very good shot !

Best regards, Murat

Jan de Boer on February 19, 2010

Hey Mary **Alice, so you've got snow in warm Georgia. Must be quite an experience to wander through the snow. Have fun as long as it lasts. The earth becomes colder :) Nice winter shot!

Best regards, Jan

Ahmet Bekir on February 19, 2010

Nice winter image dear MaryAlice, I like too walking along in a forest way after the first snow had been falling. Best wishes from Macedonia

Conquilha on February 20, 2010

Glorius winter photo,

by Conquilha

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