The flag at night, view from Greek side

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LucasCY on November 8, 2008


ephilippou on March 18, 2009

This flag is a disgrace to the world; it has been forcefully implanted by the Turkish Troops which have invaded the island of Cyprus. The legal citizens and residents in the villages of Sychari and Vouno, from where this photo comes from, have been evicted from their houses. I suggest that the bare Pentadaktylos Mountain is planted with trees instead. Lefteris

bandj on March 30, 2009

typical coments . since the island has been under turkish rule since 1571 and was leased to the british in the 1870's for 100 years and was supposed to be handed back to the turks in the 1970's and it was handed to the greeks because of polical reasons such as ww1 then seems to me that its the greeks that should not have control of the island. now your history before you pass judgement. how does one invade his own land. you cry about lost land in the north by the greeks there is just as much lost land in the south by the turks tit for tat. move on live with it, it isnt going to change :) nice flag by the way they were not evivted they fled there houses just the turks fled theres in the south ones no better than the other.

Cuprus is Greek on June 5, 2009

cyprus is greek sinse 1400 shut up bandj

Passerby! on August 11, 2009

bandj, because no Turk was living in the area before the Ottoman Empire (or the Seljuk Empire) and because Turkic sovereign state did not existed before 6th century A.D. AT ALL (and this in central Asia, more than 4000Km in straight line away), it doesn't mean that absolute nothing was dominating in the island of Cyprus, in Anatolia (Asia Minor) and in Balkan Peninsula. OK? Greeks were living there, roughly 3000 years earlier of Ottoman arrival. We speak about millennia, not about three poverty-stricken centuries of Ottoman rule.

Hence, speech about 1570-71 Ottoman invasion (and slaughter) of the island, succeeded by phrases of the style "supposed to be handed back to the Turks in the 1970's" and "how does one invade his own land", sound leniently comical if not provocative. Therefore, you are the man here who lacks of historic knowledge and passes wrong judgments. For every historical fact you read and you have not been taught, ask for the sources...

take always care on August 21, 2009

Ti bandj, I have to say that this christmas tree does not light in the night any more. Soon will be removed.

And bandj, read history. The island was sold to england by turkey, it was not leased.

In october (what we call OCTOBRIANA) the whole of the population of the island, including the turks (by the way the turks of the island consisted only of 18% of the population and came in Cyprus only during the Othoman Empired) voted for unification of Cyprus with greece. The island was offered to Greece during the world war II by the british, but after the war they just denied to give it to greece.

Under the british occupation, a struggle against the british begun for unification of the island with greece. At the time Turkey was not interested for the island, but british policy, little by lilttle caused turkey's interest. As the greeks were struggling to unite cyprus with Greece (EOKA), the turks began to fight for TAXIM (TMT). In fact, when the british arrested greeks civilians they gave them to the turks and these civilians were killed by the turks. This was the beginnining of the intercomunal fightings that followed the next years. In other words, the turks were the first to kill, and all intercomunal fighting that followed had this beginning.

At the time, the british were happy with the outcome, and in their forses to fight the greeks recruited turks, the so called "epikourikoi". Their task was to arrest and torture greek civilians, in an effort of the british to defeat the strugle against them.

And although the independence of Cyprus came in 1960, the british made such arrangements so that the regime could not work properly. Guarantors of the Republic of Cyprus were britain, greece and turkey.

After the greek coup in cyprus (15th July 1974)tried to overthrow the legal regime in cyprus, turkey invated (20th July 1974) cyprus to "protect" the turks in cyprus. But in those 5 days no turk was hurt, which meant that turkey should not get involved.

Instead, they invaded the island, evicted from their houses 200000 people, killed civilians, and women were raped. In this area, where the flag is, the turkish army captured civilians alive (photos proved it) who finally, 34 years later have been found dead.

The property of these evicted population was put on sale. But british courts decide, 34 years later, that this act is not legal (Orams case in british courts). Further, despite the effort of the turks to use the airport in the occupied areas (Ergian) to land in british airports did not succeed as the Supreme British Court decided that this airport belongs to the Cyprus Government, and this can be done only if the Cyprus Government agrees.

In the meantime, Cyprus as a whole, became a full member of the European Union, and Turkey actually holds now european land. Once the turks understand that they cannot deprive any person from his property, a solution of the problem can be found. European laws say that no man can be deprived from his land. No man can be forsed to give up his property. This is a basic human rights law. Once the turks understand this, a solution can be found.

Otherwise, there can be no solution and Turkey will not be able to join up with the European Union.

take always care on October 22, 2009

htsolakoglu, i pity have a flag but you don't exist.......and you will never exist......soon you will understand that power and violence can take you to hell....!!!!!!

brewhard on February 21, 2010


brewhard on February 21, 2010

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