Mount Tasman from the summit of the Liebig Range, NZ

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Ian Stehbens on March 18, 2010

Bring on summer, I say, Maja. And there is plenty of flexibility for there are 2 summers every year - one in NZ and Patagonia and one in Germany. O, and then there is the eternal one in Tonga and Brisbane!

I won't be able to go to Patagonia until 2012, I am afraid, for I am anchored in Tonga for 5 mths each year till then. But then Tonga evaporates. So maybe NZ & Tonga need some more resolve, before then!

I am impressed by your breathtaking and exploring. I am having to learn more about Patagonia, than I ever thought necessary.



©polytropos on March 30, 2010

.. really an impressive rock! And with 3'497m it can messure with the peaks of the Swiss Alps. ;-)
You ever thought of climbing it?

Ian Stehbens on March 30, 2010

O Polytropos - how I would love to climb it but I no longer have the strength, or skills. But I have been up there in my chartered helicopter and I loved it!!

Talking about the Swiss Alps, the subsidiary peak to the left of Mt Tasman seen here is Silberhorn!

The intervening range in this photo, Malte Brun Range has hidden from view much of the glacial ice on this mountain. It is even more impressive viewed from Malte Brun Range! The Tasman Glacier flows at the foot of Tasman 15kms from right to left a further 7 kms.

Have you ever thought of climbing in NZ, seeing you know the Himalayas well? Follow Hillary.


©polytropos on March 31, 2010

I found a Silverhorn in NZ at (-44.8270, 168.6154)
and a Silberhorn at (-43.5718, 170.1576).

Unfortunately I'm not able to make the detailed link in Google Maps, but you can copy/paste the coordinates.

I'm not a climber as well. Hiking is enough for me. And it's enough to watch all the incredible mountains in a certain area. Of course I'd like to visit NZ too. But I worry that this is 1 or 2 miles further away than Nepal :). And if I decide to travel in such a far country I usually spend a longer time for this. But at the moment I neither have the time nor the needed cash for this.

Ian Stehbens on March 31, 2010

Well we seem to be two of a kind, Peter: sticking to hiking or riding and short of cash!

Don't worry about Silverhorn - that's above Skippers Ski area, but Silberhorn is pictured here and is on perhaps the second most popular climbing route to the summit of Mt Tasman. If it doesn't look too prominent in this photo it has more to do with scale than with aspect.

That wall in front of you is a BIG wall!

Now I wonder which Silberhorn was named first. This one or the one at the Jungfrau? only joking!



Toto Franchi on April 10, 2010

Hi Ian!!!

With so many trips and my work I have been quite busy!!! We have made good progress with Maja for the meeting in 2012, and of course we count on your presence :))!!! I really would love to receive you both in Patagonia, will be a pleasure for me!!! We have plenty of time yet, unless the travel agent can convince you before ;) !!! I've seen your new photos are really beautiful, maybe 2013 is a good time to be there :o) !!! Can you imagine if we are the first to organize a global meeting of Panoramio... woww ... maybe more people can join!!!

I'm going to the office because I'm late!!! Until noon I'll be there, in the afternoon try to view your new photos with more detail!!!

See you soon, Toto

Ian Stehbens on April 11, 2010

Dear Toto.

Dreams are wonderful, but I am not sure at which point they roll over into emerging realities. I must admit, while Patagonia has long been on my wish list, it is becoming a stronger desire, now. I did venture to the travel agency and priced Lan Chile and Argentinas Aerolingus flights!! And, would you believe the consultant I spoke too had been there as a backpacker on his way from London to Brisbane. He knew it well - the long bus journey south, and the awesome everything once he reached the south!

And "See you soon" sounds like a very enticing invitation!

And btw I am delighted that you could experience a little of my NZ joy through the images uploaded so far.


Theolfa on April 15, 2010

Wow! I'm catching up on viewing Pano pals pics, and I started with you Ian. Fabulous selection of snow covered mountains and I love this new slideshow option. Then I started to read these comments.... sounds like a proposed summit meeting, and i think it would be fantastic to see Patagonia, or New Zealand, even if it's only through the photographs. Cheers! Theolfa

Maja Weidemueller on April 16, 2010

Dear Theolfa, sorry for being submerged in a totally different chaos at the moment, but YES: Patagonia. Summer 2012. Join in. Love, Maja

Ian Stehbens on April 16, 2010

Dear Theolfa,

You are a gem, my friend. I have missed your Panoramio activity of late. It seemed that Las Vegas was just a bit too much for you.. Welcome back.

I am delighted that the NZ images have pleased your artistic eye.

And as you now have a specific invite from Maja to Patagonia, you will have to attend, because Maja tells me that a German invitation culturally is a bit like a command. I agree the dream is wonderful.

And Maja keep up the enthusiasm. I'd love to make it a reality!


Theolfa on April 17, 2010

Well, thank you for including me in the summit meeting, Ian, it certainly would be an adventure. It would be very difficult to turn down an invitation from Maja, she is hard to resist. I have been in UK & Ireland since Las Vegas, and am only just catching up with my friends in Pano. I am forcing myself to finish this before uploading my newest photos, a few at a time. Hope you like them. Theolfa

Ian Stehbens on April 18, 2010

Resist a woman? How could I do that, Theolfa? ;>))

But really it is Patagonia that is hard to resist especially if there are built in guides like Toto and Maja who know the area very well and the language perfectly!

I look forward to your new images.


Toto Franchi on May 5, 2010

Hi dear friends Maja, Theolfa and Ian, I just went back to this beautiful image to keep alive the spirit of the meeting in Patagonia 2012 :)) !!! Start putting coins in a piggy bank ;) !!!

Friendly greetings, Toto

Ian Stehbens on May 7, 2010

Dear Toto, Maja, Theolfa, and panoramio friends around the world!

Keep the dream alive: Global GAP in Patagonia. (btw, can someone tell me what GAP means?)

The Aussie Dollar slipped a few cents this week, thanks to the problems in Europe! Neither pennies nor cents are accumulating at the moment, I think I'll have to go looking for El Dorado gold - somewhere in South America, I think. I am tempted to put the airfares on credit like the bankers do, if the world doesn't sort out the banking system soon, though I am not about to become an importer/exporter of credit!

But whatever the cost, I know Patagonia will more than reward us with its fantasy and majesty!

Hope to see you all in 2012...!


Maja Weidemueller on May 8, 2010

Pling ... pling .... pling .... pling pling .... pling pling pling pling pling ....... (know what that is???) yippiiiiieeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Stehbens on May 8, 2010

10 Euros!

Maja Weidemueller on May 8, 2010

:((((( Didn't think of you as a materialist Ian ~ a Euro for your thought ~ NO of course not, it was just all of us raising glasses and toasting to the wonderful plans :)))))))))

PLING, dearest friend! Maja

Ian Stehbens on May 9, 2010

I am surprised by the price of our drinks, Maja. 10 Euros! Though the toast was worth it. If you meet me in Santiago, do we see peaks like these on the way across?

Just imagine!


Maja Weidemueller on May 9, 2010

We certainly WILL dear Ian - if we take the Panamericana heading south, we will see them on our left, to the right the great Pacific ocean, and passing through the most diverse landscapes. At some point we'll have to cross to Argentina, we'll ask Toto for the best way. Anyway I would opt not for the shortest way but for the most beautiful one. I DO imagine.... if only we were in 2012 already :)))


Ian Stehbens on May 10, 2010

At least our imaginations are operating in 2012, Maja. Now I am dreaming of Chile also!


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