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Graves of First Fleet Convict, Robert Forrester & his Children at Windsor NSW

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claremontnz on August 30, 2008

Good photo but as Robert Forrester a long winded link in my family history would have been nice to know if ladies in photo are descendants and photo makes me wonder where Isabella(neeRamsey)was buried or what happen to her.

karen wootton on April 9, 2009

My husband Steve is a descendant of Robert Forrester as well. An excellent book about his life is Robert Forrester, First Fleeter by Louise Wilson very interesting reading and tells you what happened to the family. Released this year and found on the internet for purchase.

Ian Stehbens on April 10, 2009

Ian Stehbens, on September 3, 2008, said:

Yes, Claremontnz, both women are descendants of Robert Forrester: one is my daughter, the other my wife. No one seems to know what became of Isabella, except that she left Robert and lived with a daughter for some time at least.

If you are interested in making further connection, I'd be very happy to add you onto the family tree as I have it, and to share info with you.

Kind regards,


Ian Stehbens on April 10, 2009

Thanks Karen. I think we may have met out at Windsor a few years ago at a genealogy day - is that right? Any way, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Yes we attended the launch of Louise's book, and have read it, enjoying it thoroughly, especially her rethinking of some of the traditional assumptions. She has convinced me that he was an innocent transportee! And I am pleased that Isabella's death has been identified.

Familial greetings,

Ian & Margaret

sarah_kate on April 16, 2009

Hello. I have a photo of myself standing by the Forrester graves a few years ago as I am also a direct descendant of Robert Forrester. I didn't realise there was a book! My paternal grandmother was Iris Greentree (d. 1989), her grandfather was Reuben Greentree. I believe they are descendants of a daughter or grandaughter of Robert Forrester. I was always saddened by the gravestone of Robert's daughter Elizabeth, who lived only to be 20. I look forward to learning more about my family and am very proud to say I am related to a convict!

Ian Stehbens on April 21, 2009

Dear Sarah_Kate,

It is great to receive your message, and to know you are also a descendant of Robert Forrester. While I have Reuben Greentree on the Forrester Family tree and other Greentrees, I don't have Iris, and therefore I do not have you or your family. If you are interested in more information, and connecting with the great pool of information on the Forrester descendants, let me know in a reply, and we can then communicate directly by email. Currently we live in Sydney, but will be moving to Brisbane next week, permanently. Ring me if you like, too.

Do order a copy of Louise Wilson's book: Robert Forrester, First Fleeter.

Ian & Margaret Stehbens

alison norton on April 18, 2010

dear Ian or Margaret sorry for asking for information, I have been researching my family tree and my granddad had a family in Australia before he came to England in 1837 and started a family here. I have been trying to trace people but finding things difficult his name was Percival Waite please e.mail me on or could you please forward info to Helen Crowther thanks a desperate Alison

Ian Stehbens on April 19, 2010

Dear Alison,

The Birth Marriage Death Index for most states in Australia are available online. Prior to 1837 there was only one colony and that was NSW. There is only a John Waite listed in the index as having children in Australia prior to 1837. And none of the children were called Percival or Percy either. Perhaps he had a very different spelling of his surname, but the few variations of Waite I tried haven't turned up anything. Here is the website and the results of a search.

Do you know any other names connected with him such as his wife's name or the names of any Australian born children?



Lynettea on January 26, 2011

I am also a Robert Forrester descendant, on the Arden line from the second Robert Forrester and Ellen Nixon. You may have met some of my family, as they were in Sydney for the launch of Louise Wilson's excellent book.

Ian Stehbens on January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day, Lynette!

If you have read Louise's book, you may come to the conclusion that I have, that Robert was actually an innocent man in regard to the offence for which he was convicted and sent to NSW! Not that that takes away form the fact that he was a First Fleeter, and faced terrible and difficult circumstances through all of his life subsequent to 1787!

Thanks for your comment, Lynette.


priceyda on August 3, 2011

Hi Ian, it would be great to view your info on the Forrester family tree. I am a decendant and it would be awesome to have a look. cheers mate Dave Price

Ian Stehbens on August 4, 2011

Greetings Dave,

It would be great to add you to my Forrester files, for I don't have you on there yet. If you were to send me your email address by private message (which you can do from your front page on Panoramio) then I can add you and then send you the relevant part of the files. I am not the prinicpal Forrester genealogist but I have about 3700 descendants recorded.


priceyda on August 20, 2011

hey Ian, my email is have tried to send you a message but something not working??? got some interesting news!!!! drop me an email mate. cheers Dave

Ian Stehbens on August 21, 2011

Hi Dave,

I sent a connecting email for you. Look forward to your news.. and the data that links you to Robert. Regards,


beverleyfox on January 8, 2012

Dear Ian ..... I did have a previous contact with you (several years ago now) and would now like to know if my family line has been included in the family tree that you have developed. I am directly descended through Robert's daughter Margaret and Richard Ridge....Their son John and Charlotte Cobcroft....Their daughter Charlotte and Isaac Hopkins. My great grandmother was Ida Hopkins born to Charlotte and Isaac at Windsor on 20/01/1962. She married Charles Wm McConachy in 1885 - my grandfather was Colin McConachy, their son, and my mother his and Edie Byrne's 3rd child. I look forward to hearing from you.

beverleyfox on January 8, 2012

Of course, Ida was born in 1862 (not 1962 as in my comment!). Also, Ian, can you advise who is the principal Forrester genealogist ... Louise Wilson? Many thanks, Beverley

Ian Stehbens on January 14, 2012

Thanks Beverley. I do have your line recorded down to Selena, Jillian and Michelle. But it is not complete and I don't have full details like dob and pob, etc for the later generations. I am happy to communicate with you by other means, to complete it and share.

I am not sure who the main genealogists for the family are - there are several, but Louise is the historian not the genealogist. She referred her data to someone else. You might contact her to find out who she passed genealogy to, if you like.

And thanks for the info you have given me.


jfreeling on September 10, 2012

Ian I have an ancestor named William Forrester who was aquitted of a crime of cattle theiving. aqlong side him was robert Forrester who was convicted and sentenced to death. The trial was in 1833. I believe that William had a son named William Wilson born about that time (1832/33). Do you have these individuals in your family tree? Jim

Ian Stehbens on September 15, 2012

Dear Jim,

I am interested in learning more about your Robert and William. I don't believe they are in our tree, but there are Robert and Williams on the tree. Where were they when they were involved in the cattle theft - was that in England or New South Wales?


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