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ammarali on January 17, 2008

بغداد يا قلعة الصمود وعرين الأسود ستبقى جميلة بعيون ناظريها

PuterJunkie on April 17, 2008

Ammarali, may I ask who this statue ws made to represent? I can't get enough detail to see the face clearly enough. Is it for Usama bin Laden or Saddam Huessin? Perhaps the Ayatollah Kouhmanii?

zeyadtr2 on April 23, 2008


George in USA on November 4, 2008

PuterJunkie...Don't be ignorant :) This is King Faisal ...The first man to govern Iraq in 1922. Check it on Wikipedia...OK

Mohammed Abod on February 13, 2009

بغداد يا عرين الاسود بغداد ياقصر الملوك رحم الله جلالة الملك فيصل الاول ملك العراق ومؤسس العراق الحديث

alattaby on April 15, 2009

الف رحمة تنزل عليك يا فيصل الاول ... يا مؤسس دولتنا ... والله لو باقين عالملكية هواي اشرفلنا !!!!

alattaby on April 15, 2009

to PuterJunkie... I am surprising about your comment ,,, this is for The king Faisal 1st the first king of Iraq in the period of kingdom and he establish Iraqi state in 1921 in the past century . And if this statue for Dictator Saddam Hussien that is because Saddam was the leader of Iraq ….. and how can we put statue for Osama ben laden inside Iraq and he is the king of terrorism. And finally if there is a statue for Ayatollah Kouhmanii it should be in Tehran not in Baghdad !!!!! Thanks ……. Alattaby

Wasn on July 7, 2009

ايه بس بلا زحمه هذا التمثال وين بالضبط صاير .؟؟؟؟

arkiward on July 23, 2009

Hi PuterJunkie,

Unfortionatly, most people are ignorant, and if not they pretend to be ignorant. I hope you are none of those kinds.

This is the statue of King Faisal the First, an Iraqi leader and the founder of modern Iraq. He is loved, respected, and horned by many Iraqis.

I hope that you were not - subconsciously- mocking his dress, that would be prejudice.This is our national dress and we are proud of it, this is was our King and we are proud of him.

You may know that the Iraqi civilization is as old as the written history itself! Mesopotamia is 7000 years Old! (check wiki )We are not civilized today,Yes maybe, but once we were, and one day we will be back! Again!

Years from now, there will be no page in the Iraqi history books that talks about Bin Laden The Terrorist. But I assure u that there will be many history books about a "Civilized" country that destroyed modern Iraq, A war that was based on a big lie.

The freely elected leaders of the US must apologize to their people, for they sent their sons to die searching for a weapon which was not there, fighting an enemy which was not there!

Unfortunately, The Abo Ghraib Prison photos will last in the Iraqi memory as much as 911 photos will last in the American memory. This is so sad.

I am not justifing, both are devilsh acts made by savage killers who have no respect for the human life.

Bush failed to capture Bin Laden, some people needed to revenge, others needed to feel that the war on terror was making them more secure and so came the war on Iraq. Which by the way was opposed by many free countries! remember the 1'000'000 rally in London 2003!

Unfortunately we are living in the dark ages with modern technology! As of 2009, the United States government is spending about $1 trillion annually on defense-related purposes(wiki). This money is used to produce more weapons to kill more people! But does that make the world a better place to live!

The world is in its worst shape ever. The East and West are in deep misunderstanding. Please lets try to understand each others, please lets both be really civilized, enough with the stereotype way of thinking, lets try to be less prejudges, lets try to love and respect each others, lets once believe that " All people are created equable". lets be humans for God's sake.

I pray for that day to come.

I hope i did not hurt your feelings, if you find my lines hash, just ask me and i will delete my comment.

Peace and Love to all the people of the world!

Kind Regards to you PuterJunkie

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