Brautsteine Schmölau

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Holger Rix on April 29, 2010


Natural Stone / Erratic in Lower Saxony.

Nowadays hidden in a young forest, with no path leading to them: the 'Brautsteine' of Schmölau.

I had found two markers on the topo map, some 35m apart, with the note 'Brautsteine'. But at first this didn't seem to be important enough to set them on the schedule, enough important megaliths in that area that we shouldn't miss. But I had them in the GPS, so I asked my friend if we should take a look, even more because I thought they were close to a pathway.

He said 'Why not?', and so the TomTom started to find the closest way. But we came to a sudden halt, the first suggested way might have been possible for a tank, but not for my Mitsubishi. So, we searched for the next possibility. This one looked even worth, but with a stroke of luck a guy on a MotoCross bike came along. I stopped him, and asked for the 'Brautsteine'.

'You better get out of the car and walk' was his first reaction, meaning that he knew about the stones. 'or you can try from the south..' and he gave us instructions for a possible better way.

As we found that path (there was even a sign saying 'Brautsteine') in the very same moment a black SUV came out of the forest, steered by an old lady. She stopped and opened her window, asking us right away what we are doing here. (In a way as if she is the owner). I smiled at her and told her. 'There is no way to the stones. But you can drive inside the forest here, some 300m. Then you have to search, because there is no footpath' Happily I explained that we are used to search like that, and on we went.

Now we knew that those stones seem to be well known in the area. But we had forgotten to ask how they look, why they are called 'Brautsteine', and why there are two of them on the map...

Long story short: We found the stones, and they are not 35m apart. One of them, well THE Brautstein, is standing there like a menhir, may be some 1.6m high (forgot to measure), an absolut beauty to look at. It is standing in a strange tilted position, which adds to the lovely appearance. The other stone is flat on/in the ground, very close by, may be 5m NE.

Back home again, I found some stories about these stone(s).

First off, the tell tale that is the reason for the name.

The parents of a young girl from Schmölau had chosen a young farmer from Nievelitz for her to marry. He was the owner of a big farm, and that was more important then her feelings. So, one day he appeared with a coach to pick her up.

On the way he started to talk.

'You have to take care for the cows before breakfest, no food for you before you are finished !' 'In the evening you have to work until the sun goes down, we need every minute of light!' 'My mother always prepares the food for 12 o'clock, same goes for you, it has to be like that!'

Well, our bride realy got in a bad mood. The weather also got worth and worth, thunder and lightning all arround.

At one point she had enough. She stood up and shouted: 'Better I drop dead here like a stone, then to serve you the rest of my life!'

In the same moment lightning stroke and a gigantic thunder rolled. Both fell of the coach, and the horses ran in anger. Only the empty coach arrived in Nievelitz.

Of course the people searched everywere for the young couple, but they only found those two stones.

A true story: In 1936 the local Nazis of Hösseringen planned a germanic cult ceremonie on there marketplace. They wanted to set up the stones on that place, to give it a cultic atmosphere. But they were not able to pull the stone(s) away from there place, standing too deep in the solid clay.

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