Les Alpes? Part of Stavanger university. But what is this? EOLIAN`S BLADE

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Amelia Royan on June 21, 2010

I wonder if this is also part of the wind farm that Norway is planning Jim. I know that you say that it's great for the employment prospects - do you think that the proposals will go though? After all, the Yorkshire coast is very beautiful. I think that wind farms look very stately in their own right mind you, but then, I don't live near one, so I have never experienced the noise :))

Cheers, Amelia

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 21, 2010

All will be revealed this week Amelia..An important meeting to discuss the plans at all levels is to be held locally..All I know is, that the development is many miles out to sea..way beyond the horizon..My own thoughts are that that they are intrusive, unsightly, a danger to shipping, inefficient and too costly to maintain..On present performance ratings, it is highly unlikely that any single machine will ever re-coup the constructional costs..The astronomical cost of making the concrete, a material requiring vast amounts of energy to produce, let alone the transportation and final delivery..The technical difficulties alone raise massive questions on their viability..What energy is produced will be very costly, not free, like many people believe..On the plus side..this enormous wind farm could provide a safe haven for many fish species...I know that there are a few issues regarding nuclear power, Chernobyl comes to mind!! But on balance, this is the cleanest and safest form of energy production...The waste could easily and safely disposed of, given today's technological advances..We all know that carbon rich fuel produces green-house gasses..This is far more damaging to the earth and its occupants than any number of nuclear power plants..

To conclude my rhetoric, Wind farms are merely a stop-gap attempt to pacify the eco warriors in the absence of any concrete alternative energy plans..

(and tongue in cheek) The same eco warriors belong to another equally annoying group of protesters known as nimby's..

The ultimate free energy generation is right under our noses..It is constant, totally reliable and non polluting..The potential power source exceeds everything else on our planet..Tidal power is the answer..but who wants a barrier across their estuary or bay??? Ah well, I have said my piece...Now it's over to you..

I'm listening ;>)


Amelia Royan on June 21, 2010

Very interesting POV Jim. They have a big festival of oil each year, alternately in Aberdeen and Stavanger, and I have been lucky enough to be an invited guest the year before last, and hope to again this year. There are quite a few alternative energy stands there, and I have been very impressed with them. The Norwegians of course, have a virtually unlimited supply of HEP, but they are also looking at wave energy, but not tidal energy - there seems to be very little change in tide levels here.

I have just been stopped in my tracks in the middle of this reply, by a guy who has come round to change one of our wheels, and we have been chatting about energy. Norway supplies oil to many countries, yet the price of fuel here is astronomical, also the country exports HEP to Sweden and Denmark, so their electricity prices are no longer cheap. He has had a friendly grumble about this :)))

The French don't seem to mind barrages ... but I won't mention football ;-)

beegood on June 22, 2010

A very good morning dear Amelia and dear Steve, I followed your energy-discussion with great interest. In my view this is one of the most burning question of mankind in our times. I think the steps taken will depend mostly upon wheather we learn to feel the immense responsiblity we bear, for our planet and for our children. As long as we only know about that without feeling it, we will go on taking up risks we cannot foresee... I used to work inthe nuclear research sector for some years:: I know that technology is not the problem, but "the human factor"...

Anyway, I have a charming escape for you two :)

Have a very good day! Warmest wishes from


Amelia Royan on June 22, 2010

Actually this Steve is in fact Jim dear Maja, but I'm sure he won't mind :)))

I have only visited a nuclear power station once, a Magnox reactor at Trawsfynydd in Snowdonia. Following 26 years of successful generation Trawsfynydd was taken off-line in 1991 for repairs which were deemed to be uneconomic. Defuelling of the reactors commenced in 1993 and was completed 21 months later during 1995, four months ahead of schedule and under budget. This operation saw 99.99% of radioactive material removed from site. Trawsfynydd has been undergoing decommissioning since 1995.

It seems as if this has been a successful project, and guided tours of the area now take place. A fish farm has been set up as well in the cooling lake. But this is now 17 years after the decommissioning ....

The technology is great, the human factor seems to be second to none, but nuclear waste management is another subject about which we could clog up Panoramio for aeons!

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 22, 2010

Interesting discussion indeed Amelia...I take on board all your comments..With regards to Maja's point on the "human factor"..technology is now so advanced that fail-safe control of the reactor will relieve any worries!! The Chernobyl controls and procedures were completely unsafe.

The latest generation of nuclear reactor are cleaner, safer and produce less waste...Storage is a problem..but once the issues have been properly understood, the controversy of dealing with it will be overcome..


beegood on June 22, 2010

So sorry about that Steve-error, please forgive me dear Jim! Now what about egoism and corruption dear friends? Fail-safe? Radiating greetings to both of you, have a very good evening too, dear Amelia!

Best, Maja

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 22, 2010

That's never going to be an issue Maja no need to say sorry............................... As for corruption and egoism..it is every where..like drugs..Eventually this crime of the century will be paid for...but it will take a revolution from honest decent people to stamp out the evil amongst us ;>) Now I am getting into deep water ;>)


Amelia Royan on June 22, 2010

There is another new development in this area which is causing quite a controversy, and that is the development of an LNG installation on the coast. We came to Norway 2.5 years ago, they have blasted the coastal cliffs to smithereens, claimed land, built oil and gas offices, and a huge LNG tank in that time. Now, I am not against progress per se ... but I talk to people around here who used to be able to walk the cliffs, and see the wild flowers, the seaweeds and the coastal birds. What price progress?

beegood on June 22, 2010

Exactly. I am not against progress either, in no way, yet I think it cannot be fail-safe as long as we humans are not fail-safe in the sense of resisting corruption, temptation to power etc., not to speak about borderless dogmatism.... If I was consequent, I would renounce to using so mch energy - but I am a weak character, I drive a car, use planes, even electric teethbrushs... just because it is so very comfortable, although I know... fail-safe??? Warm greetings to both of you my friends.

Amelia Royan on June 23, 2010

I too drive a car, albeit it small, and over short distances; but my use of air travel is excessive at the moment. I make at least 8 trips per annum between Norway and the UK ... and I use an electric toothbrush as well! ;-)

We do a lot of walking mind you, and I am very stringent as far as recycling goes :)

beegood on July 3, 2010

Hello again my dear Amy, hope you got that I didn't mean to offend anybody? Just trying to raise our awareness to what I think is the very cause - I try to use the car only for distances I cannot manage by bike, but nevertheless... Dedicated an energy-saving vehicle to you and Jim :)))

Have a sunny weekend, take care! Warm wishes, Maja

ION BEZERGHEANU / … on October 25, 2010

EOLIAN`S BLADE....Nice ! Congrat from Romania . Ion

Amelia Royan on November 19, 2010

What a lovely description Ion. Thank you.

Do you mind if I use it in the title?

Greetings to Romania, Amelia

klaus040-panoramio s… on June 7, 2011

My first idea was: gigantic coffee mills. Well chosen perspective, Amelia!

Now I read the comments to the energyproblem. My mind is: There is no risk-free use of nuclear energy. Since Fukushima I don't believe even less in "better, cleaner, safer" of any newest reactor technology, that's the opinion of (blue-eyed) technicians, I know. But there is neither guarantee for safe storage nor safe management of humen errors nor against criminal profit greed of the energy companies.... Germany is on the way to switch off and I support that from my deepest heart.

Warm greetings, Klaus

Amelia Royan on July 10, 2011

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply here dear Klaus. I could not agree more with you, and the Japanese earthquake together with the terrible aftermath should be a wake-up call. The safe management, storage, disposal and decommissioning of nuclear power plants is always going to be a massive problem.

Of course we all like to have electricity to hand, but at what cost? In our area in the UK there will undoubtedly be a wind farm set up in the very near future. So far so good, but of course it means disruption and unsightly pylons running through a beautiful Welsh valley; and already there are massive protests. We have to think of the planet and forget about the aesthetic view I'm afraid. Future generations will not thank us for our carelessness and nymbyism I'm afraid.

Warm wishes to Germany, Amelia

tofil44 on October 15, 2014

It's also a good picture to the "3 to be three" group

tofil44 on October 27, 2014

Thank Amelia for sharing with the "3 to be three" group,I do not fit in the energy discussion today but I can give a Like 1 for this x 3 photo. friendly

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