Steinzeitmauern in Tarxien

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ciça costa on November 2, 2010

I liked this photo! Great shot! Greetings.

Andrjuschenka on November 16, 2010

Thank you, Cica! You are always welcome here at my gallery! Best wishes! Andreas

Zizelane on April 22

Beautiful. Sweetie... I'm curious what is/was this place?

Well, finally here it's a rainy day.

Beijos, Zize.

Andrjuschenka on April 22

Ahhhhh .... - this was really quite interesting, Dearest: It´s a complete town they´ve dug out on Malta island - from prehistoric times ....!

Küsse - und Umarmungen! :-)(-: :-**-:

Zizelane on April 22

Fantastic!!! :-o

Küsse und Umarmungen!!!

Andrjuschenka on April 22

Und ... - viel, viel LIEBE!!!!


Zizelane on April 22

Yes my sunshine!!!! Lots of <3

Andrjuschenka on April 23

Ach, my Zize .... - seems - it will be again some days of hunger ......! :-/ - Today I´m l´ll stay until evening in school - as I´ve got a very big performance (dance and sing) with my pupils at a celebration with a festival for children quite close to my school ... - and right when I´m coming back - I need to leave - as my biblical circle meets this evening ....!

Tomorrow - I´ll be on a training for music teachers all day - until evening ...!

And on weekend .... - ach .... - I still don´t know ....! :-/

Please, please - don´t despair, mein Schatz .... - and don´t forget never .... - how much I love you .... - and miss you myself - each second we cannot talk ....!

Don´t forget that, please!!

Unendliche Küsse!!!!!!!!!!

Zizelane on April 23

Don't worry sweetheart... Will all be fine. Well... I'll miss you too. But please... Enjoy all very much. Ah... Dancing performance? I'm curious about it. And circles.... I know darling. Have lot's of fun and when back tell me all about.

See you soon.

Have a beautiful day. Hmmmm... unendlich Küsse!!!

Beijos meu bem!!!

Andrjuschenka on April 23

Yet back, my sweet Sunshine - and soon again I´m on the road .... - maybe I´ll find something to eat between ....? ;-):-D

How is your day .... - and how was it yet ....? - Please tell me more again about your working day .... - and your role in there .....! ;-)

My children´s performance was (without any modesty.... ;-) excellent ..... - and I was very proud - when the mayor and the other important people told us that ....! :-D;-)

Dreaming .... - ach .... - I believe .... - you know ... - what about ....! :-D - Do you .....? ;-)

Noch mehr Küsse!!!!! :-* :-* :-*

Zizelane on April 23

Hi sweetie... Ahhh... congratulations!!! Ahh please... later tell me all about... the song.. what they said ... all.. deal?

Now.... now enjoy your time with your friends.

And... after... goood night and sweet dreams.

Beijos meu bem.


Andrjuschenka on April 23

Hahahaha .... - it had been four songs - and two dances ....!

First song was in English "Like ice in the sunshine" (suitable to our temperatures now ....! ;-) - hahahaha .... - actually it is from an old ice cream commercial from the early 80es - when I was first time in cinema in Berlin ... - it was really popular then ....! ;-)

Second was the unofficial hymn of our region here - the song of the coal miners "Glück auf, der Steiger kommt" .....

... the third - that romantic ballad of the mysterious Lady -- who makes all ships on the Rhine river drown - because of her beautiful singing ....

... and the fourth .... - was that lovely canon (in three voices): "Abendstille überall"....!

The first dance you already know - it was that Moldavian dance "Hora din Moldova" ...

... and the last dance - an American dance Jiffy Mixer - the children danced to the melody of "Hit the road, Jack!" of Ray Charles ...!

You see - it was indeed a full program - and if you want - I´ll send you some youtube links ....! :-* :-*

Zizelane on April 23

Ohhh... so wonderful it all sounds. I would love some youtube links... maybe even from yesterday? Hehehehe... don't you said it was a big event, maybe the mayor or someone else put it in internet? :-D

Andrjuschenka on April 24

Hmm ... - as far as I see ... - there isn´t yet any video in youtube about yesterday ..... - well ... - I´ll have a look next days - and if there´s one - I´ll give you the link ....! :-*

The commercial - that became a hit later here in Germany "Like ice in the sunshine" - you can watch here ..... - the children sang it quite the same ....!

Of "Glück auf, der Steiger kommt" - there´re so many versions - maybe best - you´ll have a look yourself .....! - One very nice men´s choir versions I think is this here .... - here you can see also the local male traditional clothing ....!

I think the others you know yet ..... - but - of course it will be my pleasure to send you links again - if you want ....! :-*

Ich küsse Dich!! :-**-:

Zizelane on April 24

Hahahahaa... So funny commercial!!!! Hahahah :-D:-D

Noce men's choir... And nice clothes. I'm wondering about their hat... What is that for?

Thank you sweetie.

Ich küsse Dich!!! :-*

Andrjuschenka on April 24

These hats, Dear, are part of their uniform ... - it´s what coal miners wear - and wore - when they had - and have - some official - or festive event occasion ...! ;-):-D

Sometimes at your school summer festivals we had such a men´s choir singing at us ....! ;-):-D

Kisses ... - kisses ... - ohhh .... - I cannot stop to kiss you, Darling .... - I´m really so much in need ....!!! :-O:-O

Zizelane on April 24

Fantastic! official clothes!!! :-D

Thank you for explain me my darling. :-D

Ah... and please ... don't stop! :-*

Andrjuschenka on April 24

:-**-:hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-pd-:

Zizelane on April 24


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