Way of Bamboo-Poles

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udo55 on April 25, 2011

Hello dear Irina!

I big sorry for my late reply! Im very happy to see that visited and very kind commented this photo, additional with double L!

This way of bamboo-poles are really endless >>> as asymbol of so many things.......

In my coming gallery i will upload also some new photos of it!

Best wishes from China-Germany, Udo

K@rin on April 26, 2011

Hello Udo

saw this photo pass by yesterday at my screen (with the lovely comment of Ria) had a new look at it, it is indeed a wonderful composed view , the bambooroad just nicely curves to the left and the soft blue is a wonderful colour , so I have no idea why I did not put a YS for this back than and do it now :),

wish you a lovely day , cheers K@rin

udo55 on April 26, 2011

Hello my friends from Holland!

Your name in Panoramio is a little similar with the @! :)

RI@M dear Ria, greatest thx for your wonderful comment! Made me really happy! Yes, i heard about the project Futuerland, we need it... and be sure that whole Asia will grow up very fast and the No.1 in coming future...butv when Europe can also more develop and install necessary technical things for the world-trade, than will will take profit! Of course, sometimes developing is a race...and to find the right way in balance with the environment is not so easy...

K@rin dear Karin, 1000 thx for your finest comment + YS! Endless bamboo-poles in water...did you ever saw it?? Emotion and motives are for ME the passion...perfect photos at all not so interesting!!

A big thanks for your visits, very kind words and Like!

Heartly greetings to you both, Udo

Ria Maat on April 28, 2011

Hi Udo!

It's not that difficult.... My name is still Ria.

Ria Maat for my main gallery.

RI@M for flowers and special photos. (Mostly not on GE.)

RiaM for the ships-gallery.

I can imagine you got mixed-up.... there are so many women visiting your photos.....!!

It's almost weekend again! I wish you a fine one! Warm wishes, Ria

udo55 on April 28, 2011

Hello dear Ria!

Great thanks for your reply which shall remind me about your three names of the galleries! But that was really not necessary, because i well know it and never mixed up until now. I only meant with a smile that your gallery-name "RI@M" is a little similar to the name of "K@rin"! And believe it, i am only a gentlemen for friends in Panoramio and since months i never made offensive comments to other galleries, because i have not enough time for it >>> still too busy with my job! What i like is to have still true and real friends, doesn't matter if they are males and females! I hope of your understanding to clarify the (perhaps) misunderstood!

Yes, me too are happy that today is friday and the weekend is not far. Probably my last free weekend, because our actual ship has a lot of tests before sea trial. Then the sailing of our ship about 6 days downstream (1000km) the Yangtze-river will come, few days or weeks in dry-dock in city Shanghai, than the sea trail, after that the repair of all found things during the sea trial >>> then the delivery in Shanghai.

After that the next ship to end of June ....every three months delivery with all the travellings...total 14 or more ships until end of year 2013!!

I like to wish you too a happy weekend, Udo

Ria Maat on May 1, 2011

Hello dear Udo,

It's already Sunday evening. Time seems to fly. Yesterday I visited a 'butterfly farm' (a tropical glasshouse), which was great, but hot and exhausting. Even in such a house it's 'hard work' to get nice photos. The light is usually poor and the subjects fly away at the moment they are aware of a camera....

Thanks for telling me some interesting details about your work in the next weeks. Always busy.... you must really like your job to hang in there. You'll never get bored, I guess, and 2013 is a long way to go. But then you'll stop, isn't it?

Thanks for visiting the 'Mill of my town' today. I always wonder how you find time to keep up with your friends. I'm often very much behind and that makes me tense.

I hope your weekend has been a good one! Wish you all the best for the new week!

Kindest greetings, Ria

udo55 on May 1, 2011

Hello dear Ria!

Best thanks for your fine reply and informations + kindness!

Since three days the big "boss" visited me and now the schedule for delivery of the first ship is shifted probably to end of June...i'm very happy about it because until that day we all office-staff have more time and must not so hurry up with our inspections!

Yes, you are right...in last weeks i wished often that nobody write a comment for my photos...because i was extremly busy. But i found a way between all work and used all free spaces to wrote comments and answers for them!! You're right too, that i love my work! But i have noc other chance for this kind of work in Germany, and my job was gone nine years ago close to my homecastle in Germany. It can be really possible, that i can retire in end of 2013...perhaps only one year longer for work. Never i must and will work longer then my age is over 61! This all is the reason that i work here far from my homeland...additional is my salery free of tax! The summery of all my personal targets let keep me survive and go straight into my retirement...if my healthness will go parallel with it!!

To write comments for true friends is always my deeply pleasure!

In this sence and with my kindest greetings to you, Udo

Ria Maat on May 5, 2011

Hi, dear Udo,

A bit of a late reply from me as I hadn't expected you should have time to write an answer here so soon. Thank you for that and for all the things you told me. What a luck that your work doesn't need to be done in such a hurry now. All that stress is bad for your health and you must take care of that, certainly now you are looking forward to stop in the near future.

Due to a back problem, which will never recover, I had to make an 'emergency-stop' in my early forties. I felt heartbroken for a long time, as I loved my job and colleagues. Well, life goes on and I learned to live with it. Don't feel sorry for me, please!! Everyone has something bad to deal with. I only want to say: Take care of yourself! It'll be great when you retire and have time for hobbies and other things than work.

April was sunny and warm here and it looks like that kind of weather is continuing.... My plan is to attend the Panoramio Meeting in the last week of this month. Hopefully it'll be a lovely sunny day then. I probably meet K@rin there and a many other Pano's, I guess.

I wish you a very happy weekend!

Kindest greetings!! Ria

udo55 on May 5, 2011

Hello dear Ria!

1000 thanks for your words, opinions and more!! You're right that the healthness is most importand! In China i started smoking and i well know that is not good...to much stress, mostly all chinese are smoking and give always cigarettes at work, etc.! As i have a good feeling and saw all your written words since we are together in Panoramio, it is very clear for me that you're in balance with yourself, have peace and feel good! As we both well know is >>> that we all of us never can get 100% in our life! Mean: satisfaction will come from inside (heart and thoughts) and will give us happiness!!

Great to know that you will have and attend a Pano-meeting where can can meet Karin! Many greetings to her and all the other woman from Holland which know me...if you have time for it!

Me too like to wish you always a happy and sunny coming time, Udo

Pom' on July 19, 2011

wonderful dear Udo. YsL. Cordial salut de France, pom'

udo56 on July 19, 2011

Hello dear Pom'!

1000 thanks for your visit and very kind comment + double L!

Warm greetings from China-Germany, Udo

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