The Schwartz Cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho, circa 1939

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digi numetro on December 4, 2010

Here's another photo of the Schwartz Cabin... this is a slightly different angle than the other photo of the cabin.

This map location is only a possible approximate location.

Kaniksu Man on December 6, 2010

Numetro, I was sitting here looking at the "fisherwoman with catch of the day" wondering "What's wrong with this picture?"

The shadows are wrong. Her shadow and the shadow of the photographer are pointing one way. The sun is in the South, which means the photo is pointing North. They are on the West shore, not the East shore of the lake. The island behind her is Baritoe Island (some maps call it Bartoo Isl.) She would have to be near Shoshone Bay, Lamb Creek area, not Hunt Creek on the East shore. The cabin looks very similar to one near Hunt Creek, and the shoreline does too, but the shadows don't lie.

digi numetro on December 6, 2010

Hi Kaniksu Man,

I'm pleased you are looking at this photo with the interest that I have in it.

The sky itself may be deceiving in that photo because there was nothing in that sky when I scanned the photo... it was completely washed out and the mountain range was almost completely washed out as well.

To give the photo a little depth, I put in the graduated sky with Photoshop... a bit of a cheat, I know.

But the mountain range and the silhouette of the island/peninsula in the background are true to what was actually imaged in the photo.

And wouldn't the sun would be casting shadows southward at some point in the day during the summer or fall?... I can see that in the directions of the shadows... if the photo was taken on the east side of the lake facing south, wouldn't the sun be behind the photographer at some point in the later day?

Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much,


digi numetro on December 6, 2010

Hi again Kaniksu,

I'm hoping you get my responses to your recent theory of the west-side cabin location... some of our other communications were under the other cabin photo.

The thing I was thinking about with the sun shining toward the south was the term "southern exposure"... but you know far better than I about how the day's sun plays out at Priest Lake during various times of year.

My mom seems be to open to the power of suggestion with respect to the actual location of the cabin that she spent time at as a very young girl... before she told me the east side, but she can change course on that memory daily.

I was wondering if the town of Outlet Bay has a store there... she said she used to be within an hour's walking distance of a small town with a store in it... though this was in the late 1930s and early '40s.

The other possibility that I was thinking was the town of Cavanaugh Bay if she was on the east side... but Coolin would work for that hour's walk time if she was on the west side if she went over that little dock-bridge at the outlet to Outlet Bay that I see in Google Maps... or maybe Outlet Bay had a store... that's why I'm wondering if any of these places are big enough to have or ever have had a store in their little towns.

I have been looking at the imagery in Google Earth via the desktop app and the web browser plug-in and the shape/horizon/silhouette of Baritoe Island does look something like the island/peninsula in the background of my Grandmother, "Fisherwoman".

But then again, I was thinking that your view of straight across the lake from the Hunt Creek area, looking at it in Google Earth, looked similar to some of the mountain range and island shape views from the edge of the lake in my Schwartz cabin area photos... it is difficult to really tell in Google Earth, even with the "time of day" feature to put shadow casts in infinitely varying stages of the day.

Anyway, I'm open to the power of suggestion from someone who knows the lake as well as you apparently do.

Thanks again... I'd still be interested to see a photo of the cabin that you were pondering that is near your place on the east side.


digi numetro on December 7, 2010

Hey Kaniksu Man,

Someone else, Doug, has suggested the same thing that you did... that the cabin location appears to be on the west side... here is what Doug said...

"From these pictures this location is on the west side of the lake looking north and is about 2-2.5 miles north of thye outlet. It is just a bit north of a cabin my father built in 1932"

So it looks like you are right, not that there was any doubt... I just had a bit of a hard time letting go of a long standing assumption that was playing out... I'll try to follow this new direction.

Thank you so much,


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