Aksai Chin

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虞海 on August 2, 2009

It is hard to communite with a military-head, espcially one without respect of history, espcially one admit to be lack of respect of history. Since India "is not running on history anymore" and India likes winners only, it's needless to say anything to India.

Please remember an India with military affairs which are paramount to history in their head.

Republic of India is no longer the historical India, never. They embezzle the symbol of Buddhism and named the "Smiling Buddha" and advocate Hinduism.

P.S. What we did in 1962 was merely undid what you did in 1914.

sisonori999 on August 3, 2009

别忘记6.4天安门事件! 现在的中国人是主张不方便的事全部是他国的责任的愚蠢的国家。 学习当时的学生!中国是民主化必要。 你至今还相信南京事件?没有虐杀之类。 把中国人们的相争,焦土作战做为日军的原因。

dragon.hunter on August 7, 2009

I have many chines friends and i come to know from them that in china people are like in prison. Communist party is controlling everything e.g. Falun Gong is banned in China and many many innocent people have been executed in china . its pity . every information chines people get inside their country is manipulated by communist party. "Wake up China". Soon or later Communist party gonna install chip on new computers and laptops , which will indirectly control what people read as well as do on internet . your freedom will be gone.

One more thing i would like to add , chines are dirtiest people on this earth. You chines first learn how to live and keep thing clean.

dragon.hunter on August 8, 2009

i did not ask you to explain the meaning of my nick.

"justicelogic," .. it is not my personal opinion that chines are dirty, it is the opinion of many many people from around the world. This is not a racist comments .

I live with the student from different countries , and chines are dirtiest.

I did not even write anything about countries development .

Truth is always hard to accept . I can understand it .

May be you know too much about your country but i also know something which may be hard for you to accept.

I think you know about recent violence in china. In that region no Muslim is allowed to pray in Mosque until they reach age of 18 .

Overall i would like to say , every country has short comings.We are living in 21 century and china must think of democracy.

sisonori999 on August 19, 2009

Make 「純粋漢民族民主主義国家」---- Russia was able to 民主化。 中国 will able to 民主化. 加油中国! 打倒共産党! 

共産党 makes 貧富拡差、情報統制、自国民虐殺。< Tibetチベット & Uighur维吾尔 = obstructive障碍 for China中国. 中国与西藏让维吾尔独立了成为中国的利益

omshakti on August 19, 2009

Justicelogic, it's a beautiful Dream. Dreams drive Humanity closer to its Future.

Does the phrase 天时地利人和 have anything to do with this Dream?

simple life o on April 7, 2012


Asim khursheed on September 12, 2012

Aksai chin is a part of Kashmir and it was a part of Kashmir and it will be a part of Kashmir.go back India go back Pakistan we want independent Kashmir Long live Kashmir

Asim khursheed on September 12, 2012

Aksai chin belongs to Kashmir

Ashish Yadav on September 25, 2013

Aksai Chin belongs to someone that is more powerful and it is China . India is spending millions on some remote barren lands to maintain its military presence there , but half of its population is under poverty . leave the mountains , India need to solve the problems in the plains first .

pravinmhatre on November 27, 2013

@Ashish u r comment show ur age. u dont know china yet. if possible go and search the life of Tibetean. u will definately appriciate our Army.

Ashish Yadav on December 8, 2013

@pravinmhatre , life of tibetan people is pretty good , they have all weather highways while you have single lane roads that get blocked in winter and your army struggles to maintain them , can your country make something like golmud lhasa railways line even in next 50 years ? i think no

中国雪狼 on April 30

It is chinese territory!

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