An old street in Alghero, Sardinia. March 2003

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Jim Mills on March 23, 2011

Nice of you to drop by Jim with some good long comments. I love unspoiled old towns and villages as well, and I agree, that to have yellow lines on an old cobbled street like this, would be sacrilege! Cheers - beamish-Jim

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on March 23, 2011

Greetings Jim :)

Yellow lines are a very common feature in many of Yorkshire's prettiest villages! Publicly sponsored vandalism if you ask me!

In comparison with English local authorities who care little about sacrilege, graffiti and a proliferation of street furniture on a grand scale, the Europeans seem to have found more civilised and sympathetic ways of removing traffic, and therefore sign-age from their streets.

I read recently that some government minister was to launch a plan to rid our towns and cities from this awful scourge! I shan't be holding my breath!



Jim Mills on March 24, 2011

Hello again Jim. Visually, I will always want to remember such places as they were back in the 1950's when small country towns and villages seemed little changed from when they were first built, sometimes 100's of years before. And surrounded in the spring and summer with fields which were a profusion of wild meadow flowers. Ah! Nostalgia can be a great panacea, but it's not as good as the real thing! Having said all that, the 1950's had it's share of social problems, first with "Angry Young Men" and then Teddy boys, who used to wreck the train to our nearby village of Castleton and then terrorized the place! Perhaps the reality wasn't so good after all! Best wishes old chum. - beamish-Jim

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on March 24, 2011

As a child of the forties and a Teddy Boy of the fifties, I remember fondly the great times I had "living the life" as the saying goes! I don't recall terrorising the villagers Jim, but some of the tricks we got up to were probably border-line anti-social! I shan't divulge any details for fear of retribution, but by and large, the genre' were relatively harmless, compared with today's "hoodie chavs" and drug muddled morons who kill for kicks!

As for the now, well I preferred the then, despite the hardships and austerity following the devastating effects of two world wars on the generation before me! Drug and alcohol abuse was negligible in the fifties..No one had the money for such diversions! On a wage of less than £3 per week and lodgings to be paid for, I, and countless other young men could never have afforded such extravagances! As for Mr Angry, I think it has always been an unattractive trait of teenagers since time began! As for the future, that does not look too promising Jim and if I was to live my life again I would choose to leave things as they were. The greatest strides in modern history were made during the twentieth century. Mankind advanced at a greater rate than any other time before or since! We may not have had everything as kids, in fact deprivation was common, but we had true friends, we had respect for those around us, we were happy and we valued the things that today's kids take for granted. We appreciated the simple things in life and never had great expectations, being satisfied with our lot..Unlike the culture of greed and materialism that goes for today's values! According to legend, the fifties was the time of sex, drugs and rock n' Roll! Well as it happens Jim, I sadly missed out on the first two pre-requisites! but I had a great time Rocking & Rolling! What a philosophy!

Best wishes :)


Jim Mills on March 24, 2011

I can't imagine a more well-mannered, wise and knowledgeable "Teddy Boy" than you dear Jim! I would never dream of lumping you in with the likes of the louts that "really" did the nasty deeds I mentioned. I suspect anyway that some of it was hearsay. I can't ever remember personally meeting a Teddy Boy that seriously abused me either physically or verbally.

Being those few years older than me Jim, you probably have a clearer perspective on those times than I do. By the time I was old enough to start to understand the world I was living in, the mid 1960's were in full swing, and the world would never be the same again!

You appreciation of those times mainly complies with my own. As for the future, I could say much about that, but this is not the place, as we partly know from previous censorship from the "thought police", who seemed to object to our comments about the sociopolitical state of things now! Suffice it to say it will involve greater complexity, more regulation and less "real" freedom. Glad I could at least experience my own sense of freedom when I was younger, and I like to think I still have a "taste" of it, occasionally, even now! Best wishes - beamish-Jim

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