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Jim Evans (AXOTA) on March 7, 2011

((Ospr3y))~~~~That's me Liam, doing what I know best..We threw our engineering industries out of the window with the bath-water and in its place the Lord gave us the banking & finance industry..What the Lord failed to realize was that those clever thieves, in their smart suites were the devil re-incarnate!

© franco benf~~~Hi! Franco :)...I'm glad you like the photo..This was a hard way to make a living ;>)

Galadriela~~~Hi! good to see you Dorothy, thanks for stopping by!

Eduard Minasyan---Thanks Eduard, often people ask me what an engineer does for a living..this was my take on the subject!

John de Crom~~~I cant retire John, this old technology is in my blood ;>)

Chinappi~~~Thanks for your interesting and thoughtful comment Chinappi

Lalyk---Hello Lia, this is what happens to old guys when they retire, someone decides to send you back to the mill"

Melsen Felipe~~~Hola Melsen... Esto es lo que sucede a los hombres de edad en el Reino Unido. Así que tome mi consejo, cuando finalmente retirarse, abandonar el país y ponerse a salvo!

joyfotos~~~~You have a point there Joy..and you think like a safety rep! I'm glad you enjoyed the tour, that new feature is excellent..As for the new-look, to be hoinest Joy, it needed freshing up a little and some of my older views got deleted..I see no point in having more than a dozen or so pages..Few people bother to look past page one anyway! You did and I'm de;lighted!

Alfredo Henriques~~Thanks Alfredo...So now you know who the grumpy old geezer is peering through the viewfinder:)) Nice to meet you too!

john adamson~~~Greetings John..Hope all is well with you and yours..It's always a pleasure to receive your mail..As for taking you back in time, I hope the memories are not too painful..I must confess to you John, that I did not take willingly to this vocation..It was forced upon me as a naive teen-ager :)

gor.maja~~~That's him Maya, the loud mouth who is always complaining..We grumpy old codgers have our place in the world! I wish that I had taken up pro photography as a youth! I might have learned something! **As for your lovely compliment and special greeting _Maya, it has been a pleasure and honour to have made your acquaintance!

®mene~~~Grüße ------------;>) Vielen Dank für Ihre ausgezeichnete Feedback! Mein Deutsch ist keine vorhanden .. abgesehen von den üblichen grundlegende Worte ... aber ich hatte gesehen, dass vor dem ... Beschreibung Wie für die Metallbearbeitung, unseren beiden Nationen die Werkzeugmaschinen konzipiert und entwickelt viele der Techniken, die unsere Nationen groß gemacht haben. Die Französisch, Italiener, Schweizer, der Tschechoslowakei, Polen sogar die Russen bald folgen .. Die power houses Europas der Welt führen. Heute ist die britische Wirtschaft stark rückläufig, und unsere BIP weniger als viele sogenannte third-world Ländern .. Die Dinge sind ein großes Durcheinander hier .. Wir haben keine Industrie und die Regierung ist in einer großen Panik .. Keine Arbeitsplätze, keine Investitionen, keine Produkte zu verkaufen, sondern nur schlechte Schulden! Ihr Land ist schnell expandierenden weil eure Regierungen erhalten die Maschinenbauindustrie, die immer die Stärke der deutschen Wirtschaft hat .. _ Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre interessanten comment_:)

someGuyinmasset~~~There is an old joke in reply to that anecdote is this.."Take a turn pal?? you couldn't turn round!!!"------GROAN!!!!

3Wheels~~There's lots more like that"He'll be _turning in his grave" or "it's about time he turned up" or for Thatcher lovers "The lady is not for turning" Your gallery is a pleasure to view 3w ;)

To you all, I express my sincere thanks for your lovely compliments, your visits and humorous comments!


Hi Jim, as the saying goes, 'One good turn deserves another' Thank you for your visit and for your positive feedback. This picture takes me back to my school days. LIKE

Michael Eckrich-Neub… on March 7, 2011

...Jim - hi.

die Regierung ist in einer großen Panik

means: "the governement acts in panic" - yes! Truely this is what we can recognize over here as well :))

cheers, michael

Roman Tcymbal on March 11, 2011

Hi Jim!Amazing turner!:)

Danielcarlsbad on March 11, 2011

Hi Jim,

Very nice lathe and good job!


I'm a machine maker and like your photos.

Best Regards


Wladyslawa Zawierta on April 11, 2011

Hello nice to meet You Jim . Beauti pic with nice idea*LIKE 27 + FAVORITES 5 * . Good luck for future .Greetings from Wladzia from Chicago -USA

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on April 11, 2011

Diggory Venn~~Greetings Digg ;>) This is a skill that I learned as a 15 year old kid! and to be honest, I hated every day on the tools..It became a way of earning a crust and I eventually came to accept this mundane way of life! It all ended in the 1980's when the British government decided that engineering was dead! So the industries died with them!! GB..RIP!

Danielcarlsbad~~Many thanks Daniel, you are most welcome..I appreciate your nice compliment! The British were once great innovators and was one of the greatest industrial power houses of the 19th century! Alas, we are little more than a third world country now!

Władysława Zawierta~~~Pleased to make your acquaintance also ;>) Your fine compliment means a lot to me, much appreciated!

To you all, I express my sincere thanks for your visits and precious comments

Kind regards :)


Brent@BlphotoUSA on April 12, 2011

Literally, cutting edge. Nice picture, Jim. Is that you? Greetings from the States!


Pavlik90 on April 12, 2011

Wonderful! This is equipment a part of my future work! I'm engineer of machine-building! LIKE YS

ali leventerler on April 17, 2011


James Bian on January 2, 2012


Nice seeing you. I guess I was right that you are very handy on technology.

I notice you will be away for couple of weeks from your front page. Will miss you.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Antônio N. Freitas on January 14, 2012

Hello dear friend Jim! When you gave me an answer as a comment, I could see that his words reflected a great life experience, a fantastic education in the use of words and understanding of people's desires to know specific information about a local Detemine photographed. Their responses are compatible with the desires of each. So I thank you for your kind way of responding and I hope you can always have a friend, while away. A hug from Belo Horizonte - Brazil. Your friend Antonor.

Alan Larkin on June 30, 2012

Hi Jim. I'm sure Fred Dibnah must have been a hero of yours? I did a bit on the lathe at school. I still love the smell of a workshop - the oil, the metal ... Not so common now though. :( Best wishes from IRELAND


Jim Evans (AXOTA) on December 31, 2012

Sorry for the late response guys

linkenhouzer_Yep! that's me doing what I do well.. It's in my blood _Link and it keeps me from going stale!

Pavlik90~~~Amazingly, the British government, under the leadership of a woman who hated all the old industrial technologies along with all the craftsmen who had these great skills at their finger tips, decided to pull the plug on the traditional industries in favour of international banking and finance..She called them the "Service Industries"..What a stupid mistake!!!!

In just a few years, the very core of the major British manufacturing industries were finished..Coal mining, ship building, steel production, general fabrication and engineering machine shops soon followed suit, putting hundreds of thousands of skilled men and women on the dole, I was one of them..

Since employers in the UK do not employ men over the age of 50 (ageism) many of those who lost their jobs never worked again..Their skills were lost, many of them forever!

Then, a few years ago, along came the greatest depression ever to visit the Earth..Since the UK was heavily dependant on the income from the service industries, financial ruin was soon to cause serious economic decline..In truth, the UK operates at an economical level well below many, so-called, third world countries. And there, I rest my case!!

ali leventerler~~~~Centre lathe turning is a great skill that few people fully understand or even acquire. It takes many years of experience to fully understand the art of turning..Of course, the introduction of CNC manufacturing has ruled out the need for many of those old fashioned techniques..I compare them both, the outright winner is CNC..Long live the Turner!

AmJB~~~Not only was I away for two weeks but in fact I went _ AWOL_ for almost a year!

antonor~~~Antonar, my good friend, I'm flattered by your thoughtful words and that you see me in a good light..My biggest problem is that I sometimes say too much :)) read above and below

© Alan L~~~~I think that his application to a problem was typical of many craftsmen whose wealth of enormous skill helped to put the name Great Britain on the technological map..No doubt that Fred was a good all-rounder, but he was by no means unique! I guess that his steeple-jack adventures gave him the confidence to take on the part of "celebrity extraordinaire" and his antics certainly made good TV viewing! I guess that he knew a thing or two about the workings of the Health & Safety Executive, and how to avoid them!

Many thanks for your thoughtful and interesting comments guys!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all

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