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Gato Land on March 16, 2012

Well, I am not worthy to deserve such a title at all, I love movies and see what I can, nothing else. The film is called "The Iron Lady" and stars Meryl Streep, I do not think it takes a very uneven and much decentralization will, of course it is carrying a story since she was young and worked in the tent of his father until he comes into power, all following a story line with the present age and disease (Alzheimer's). It is very unpleasant the continuous appearance of her late husband, who looks like he continue living, I guess the director wanted us to see what she supposed to feel, has given his illness but the truth is that there are times when you want enter the theater screen and hit a punch at this man so upset. Meryl Streep is splendid, but splendid when it is not she?, It is not the problem, makes a great role and it seems it seems Mrs. Thatcher, the problem is the film, very discontinuous and get lost, however I recommend see it as you will see Mrs. Thatcher as a human being but also as a "monster", but we imagined all real data.

Susan Lynn on March 17, 2012

you sound like a line from "Wayne's World" - "we're not worthy..." yes, you are. I'll have to check and see if this is available through sounds interesting.

Gato Land on March 17, 2012

I would recommend you see "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" with Gary Oldman and Colin Firth among other actors, is based on a novel by John le Carre spy and is about the Cold War in Europe in the 70's, is a complicated film view and some people (myself) who need to see it twice to understand if you have not read the book before, but it is an excellent movie. There is a scene, and these I have mentioned here in Panoramio in another photo, which has a soundtrack sung by Julio Iglesias in which there is apparently no connection between the song and what is happening on screen but then get it all , is so intense, it is so tremendous that I made you cry because it touched me, it's amazing and I think it is a cult movie that will over time. Another surely have seen is "The King's Speech" Speaking of Colin Firth, where does the King of England George VI, widely recognized with, among other awards, 4 Oscars. It is an excellent film in which there is also another monster on the screen that is Derek Jacobi, the world famous-Claudius-the British TV series "I Claudius", a series that saw more than 30 years and a couple of months I have never seen, this time really enjoying it, is a work of art and Mr. Jacobi ... without words, but I can not tell anyone because I defraudase the scene dying Augustus (Brian Blessed) is epic, for more than two minutes remains dead (in fiction, of course, ha ha ha) with eyes open and motionless and does not move an eyelash, no trick, it's a long shot, eternal, I left with my mouth open and drool falling, is a scene from the book. If you did not see you recommend it because although it is a fiction of what happened in the Rome of the republic (based on the novel), if faithfully showing the events at that time. I is that I am a history buff, you know, and the Spanish have a strong influence of Roman culture since we invaded for almost 6 centuries after the Visigoths invaded us, then the Muslims ... we, who came here who wanted, in a nutshell. Well Susan, I hope I've shown a bit what my tastes moviegoers, I see so many movies that I have eyes in the 16:9 format, HA HA HA

Susan Lynn on March 20, 2012 critic! I'll check and see if Netflix has this available. If you can find this in your country, I highly recommend Ken Burns documentary about the National Park System in the United States. It's something like 6 discs to the series, I've only seen the first is so fascinating...and the scenery is to die for.

Gato Land on March 22, 2012

Hi Susan, for I have seen your recommendation, but here there is not, there is one about jazz but others are not and can not easily download them from the Internet Megaupload, plus my English is very poor to see anything in the original spoken English very quickly but I can not understand it must surely be a very good series from what you tell me what you think and people on the internet. Yesterday I recommended two films in my school of massage, is "Norwand" or "North Face" translated from German into English and tells the adventure of two German mountaineers in a Intendo climbing the Eiger (Alps) in his most fearsome and the other is "Touching the Void" which tells the adventures of two British mountaineers in the 90 attempted to climb a peak in the Andes with terrible results but at least they lived to tell, if you like the mountains and you have not seen you sincerely recommend you do, Norwand is only in German, I do not understand why it was not folded into other languages​​, at least in English, but if you find the subtitles you recommend, is great.

Susan Lynn on March 23, 2012

They sound fascinating, but I find subtitles annoying...I'm concentrating too much on the written words than I am on what's going on in a scene! What can I say, I'm spoiled!!!

Gato Land on March 23, 2012

Me neither I like to read when I see a movie, what happens is that sometimes there is no other remedy in this case the German ... not a simple language, I tried to study and I only learned words like hello, goodbye or-go to the movies-

Susan Lynn on March 24, 2012

German is a similiar language to English. There are alot of german words that I know what the words mean...and yet I have never studied the language.

Gato Land on April 4, 2012

If both come from the Germanic languages​​, but German grammar is horrific for studying it is very difficult, or so it seemed to me like is that I am very stupid for languages ​​...

Susan Lynn on April 6, 2012

I don't think you're do very well with english and that's a tough language...quite a few people in this country have trouble with it!!!!!

Gato Land on April 6, 2012

Thank you sir although much of the abuse Mr. Google because sometimes I feel very lost in your language

Susan Lynn on April 8, 2012

You do fine.

Gato Land on April 10, 2012

For me the important thing is to communicate, how you do it is not important. Sometimes I answer in German or Portuguese, and obviously I have no idea of ​​these languages, then I turn directly to Google and he translates my words, but it is equally important thing is the message and transmit power. It's a shame that so many language barriers here in Europe is the main problem for many years as there are no borders, you can move from side to side and nobody to ask questions and you, I have come across a single day more than 10 times the border between Spain and France and the police of both countries or even looked at me, we share the same currency (not to as it has all the appearance of disappearing before this economic crisis, hope I'm wrong) is that you can move wherever you want without problems ... except by the language. If you have some english will not have problems in major cities, english is spoken everywhere, in hotels, railway stations and airports, tourist sites ... more but do not try to communicate with people of normal street because you do not understand in 90% of situations. In places like Turkey defend yourself safely in Istanbul, for example, but I remember being in a city called Sanli Urfa, near Syria, where I do not understand anything at all. You can not imagine what I went to ask for a banana for dessert at the restaurant, in the end I decided to go with a pad and pencil to draw what he wanted, then began to understand. A girl wanted to buy a "palestinian scarf" and did not know how to tell the lord what I wanted, in the end I drew and there were no problems.

We went into a casino in a town called Mersin and there were no problems because they understood english and could, at least ask a beer at the bar, by the way, I was invited, lol. That certainly was a strange experience, just get there first thing that strikes us is the building, a 46-story skyscraper at that time (1993) was the highest in Turkey, after a huge Cadillac California registration parked at the door, came from far and filled within sheiks and other colorful characters letting the money at roulette and other games to posters that appeared a machine gun and a pistol crossed out with a cross, must be very uncommon to find weapons of war while do the grocery shopping, going to the movies or you go to a casino, what you see ...

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