Pilot Grove Co-Op/MFA with hay

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May M. B. (Swissmay) on September 22, 2007

That looks very nice as well, Ryan! :-)

Greetings, May

Lilypon on September 22, 2007

Ryan do you run around there with a broom first???

Ryan Calhoun on September 22, 2007

Thanks, May! :-D

Pam, I don't know what you're implying. Do I doctor my subjects before I photograph them?! ;-)

No, this is how it looked. Very tidy, no? This day (Sept. 3) is the only day I've been here, so I don't know if it always looks this way or not. It was Labor Day and right by the Katy Trail, so maybe the town was cleaned up a little.

I've completed my set of elevators for the time being. I don't know of any others in the area, but I'm sure I'll find more traveling in the future. I don't think they're near as interesting as the ones in your collection, Pam, but you said you were interested to see these.

Greetings, Ryan

Lilypon on September 22, 2007

LOLOL Oh no!!! Ryan I was in a rush to finish work and lock up when I saw your post. After my quick scan I thought you were serious when you asked me if I thought you were doctoring your pics. :S

It's very, very tidy (do men really work there???????)

Pam (who deleted her confusing post above ;)

walkaboutwest on September 22, 2007

This is really a cool photo. Interesting composition. It has a sort of strange look, maybe it's the lack of weeds, piles of bailing twine, feed sacks, and miscellaneous beat up farm trucks containing dogs that you would usually see in a small town around here :).

Lilypon on September 22, 2007

Eve you worded my feelings re the above perfectly (it just can't be real).

walkaboutwest on September 22, 2007

Well, maybe the person who runs the co-op is obsessive-compulsive;).

Lilypon on September 22, 2007

LOLOL hmmmm maybe just a wee bit.

or else Ryan took a picture of a model!!!

✔chilefoto on September 23, 2007

Esta mezcla es muy interesante. Hasta ahora habíamos contemplado la paja en el campo y ahora nos has traído esta preciosa foto con los fardos frente a esos artefactos de lata. Muy bello contraste de colores. Linda foto Ryan. Greetings, Claudia.

Ryan Calhoun on September 23, 2007

Okay, you caught me! I liked this spot so much that I made a model of it and took a photo of that!

Around the buildings and silos is mostly gravel, so weeds wouldn't easily grow there anyway. No one works here, except maybe in the office part. This isn't a farm, so it only has a few minimal lifting and piling machines, as well as sacks of feed, which you can see in this photo. The other elevator sites I've found aren't really any different. Unless a farmer is actually there unloading, they're closed up and empty, and pretty clean. And since this one is right in the heart of the town, it probably benefits from the grass-cutting they do regularly along all the roadsides. It may also have received an extra trim for the holiday, since it is right by the bike trail stop.

Thanks, Eve and Pam!

Muchos gracias, Claudia! También pensé que interesaba en ver la carretada de cubos de heno estacionados en este lugar. Supongo a veces que los granjeros hacen heno extra, y ellos mandan la parte que ellos no necesitan a otro lugar especial. Saludos!


Lilypon on September 23, 2007

"Okay, you caught me! I liked this spot so much that I made a model of it and took a photo of that!"

Eve do you think there's a hint of guiltiness coming out in that post???? :O

walkaboutwest on September 23, 2007

Well, maybe because it's a fake co-op. Probably some front for the local Bingo Mafia ;).

Ryan Calhoun on September 23, 2007

Maybe someone who lives in Pilot Grove will see this and set us straight about why it is so clean. Or...maybe they can't. Maybe they're scared that if they say anything a flock of super-crows will be sent to attack their farm. I wonder what is hidden in this hay...could it be...illegal sunflower seeds?????

HeatherN on May 20, 2008

Well as I'm goofing off at work I came across this picture, and I am actually from Pilot Grove, and coincidental enough the Manager of this Business was my Neighbor growing up and a very good friend, Although I don't believe he is OCD, he does spend a lot of his time working and can often be found at the Co-op. The picture was also taken the weekend of our annual church picnic. So it may have been a bit more tidy than usual, but this picture doesn't look unusual to me. =) And I do believe this picture was taken shortly after the building had been painted, so that does help it out.

Ryan Calhoun on May 20, 2008

Thank you for the information, Heather. Yes, I can believe that this place looks much the same every day. Maybe just a little bit of extra cleaning because of the holiday, picnic, and the painting. I would have liked to explore more of Pilot Grove, but I was on a bike heading back to New Franklin and there's only so much time.

Cheers, Ryan

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