Forty shades of Green.

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Sigh on July 6, 2011

...And the challenge is on, to count them!

Splendid job, pal.

Neil Grimwood on July 6, 2011

Hiya Si, you count and i'll agree!! cheers mate.

Neil Grimwood on July 6, 2011

By the way Si,can you see that "J" reg, Land Rover,its in good nick innit!!??? ;-)))

Sigh on July 6, 2011

Aye, heard all 'bout the last trip, I see.

Don't worry, I'll have my turn.

Yorkshire Sam on July 6, 2011

Oh you were doing something useful stood way up there after all Neil :o) Nice job fella !

Neil Grimwood on July 6, 2011

I really can't say who mentioned the landrover **Si!!

Thanks Sam, I had to do something useful while you two were having a tea break ;-))

Sigh on July 6, 2011

We were keeping the adders away!

Nikonista on July 7, 2011

S'nice that Neil.

Nothing better when doing a pano than to have a really interesting scene to record and this one is great.


Neil Grimwood on July 7, 2011

Thanks Jeff, i couldn't agree more!! I think its one of the best scenes on the moors,we had a great days shoot too.

Sigh on July 14, 2011

You seem to be on a delete frenzy...!

Neil Grimwood on July 14, 2011

Aye, i am Si,i took the Sandsend one off,you should have it by now,the waterfall one has gone too,as Sam pointed out it has a blue tinge to it,so thats gone too,it seemed to look worse on Pano than my Windows gallery,its happened before and i can't pinpoint it. Sams been in touch so hopefully we'll find out why.

Sigh on July 17, 2011

Sorry I haven't been back to you on your emails, Neil. I've been bogged down with one thing and another. But it's good to know you are getting sorted. I myself am becoming somewhat tired of Panoramio of late. It would seem that if, as I am, too busy to comment, no one gets in touch. Which goes to show just how tit-for-tat the site is. Also, some images I view are receiving praise by the bucket load, even when the image its self is actually crap. Evidently there are not enough people on here who have the balls to criticize an image, even though the critique can be friendly, and well meaning. In the hope of building the photographers abilities, rather than smashing their confidence.

Neil Grimwood on July 17, 2011

No problem Si,i've been a bit busy myself,will be for a while too, bloody decorating. You're right about the comments lark,and as i've said before i don't mind helpful criticsm,thats one reason i took those two pics off.It maybe does you good to take a short break now and then,forced or unforced,hopefully come back refreshed.

Yorkshire Sam on July 17, 2011

Having just read this Si I felt the need to say something. This site isn't one where you can expect good photographic critique and advice on the whole. The majority of images added are no more than snapshots taken by people who simply recorded where they were without any great photographic expertise and/or artistic merit and have probably also never been treated to any editing at all. You have stepped beyond that simple point , shoot and upload approach now and so have in many respects put yourself in a position where many won't be able to say more than ""Nice shot" or "LIKE # whatever".

You need to be adding your images to sites that offer advice, critique and have galleries full of images from which you can gather ideas and inspiration.

Remember though as I have told you often now, they all have a tit for tat element and even if you were to submit a masterpiece it won't get the attention it probably ought to if you haven't told enough people on the site that their work is fantastic first ;0).

Sigh on July 18, 2011

I hear you, Sam. ( hell, that comes across as very American ) But what sites would you recommend? Bear in mind that I hate being told what to do and how to do it. It goes against the grain that I take advice from you. But that is 'cause you have more than sufficient knowledge to command humility. No easy task, I assure you.

Yorkshire Sam on July 19, 2011

this this and this are good places to start out.

Be warned you will have to add sufficient good quality images and put out plenty of comments on other members images to get a response but all three sites will provide you with good sound critique , tips and info if you are prpared to spend the time it takes to get it.

There is more chance that you will be told by people what NOT TO DO rather than what to do in much the same way I guide you by letting you do your own thing and then explaining where you went wrong and how you might have done it differently. I recognised your quandry and appreciate the humility aspect which is why I take that corrective stance rather than just telling you what to do up front.

I learned what useful bits of stuff I know from trial and error and in my opinion if you don't get things wrong along the way you won't truly understand the principals involved in getting it right so just being told what settings to use etc isn't the answer anyway as far as I see it..

I have to add though it maddens me to see you still upload shots that contain faults you could have sorted after I took time to make you aware of them in previous uploads :O(

Yorkshire Sam on July 19, 2011

oops did one twice this is the third site.

Sigh on July 19, 2011

That'll be because I hadn't seen the mistakes. With so many distractions in the house, with Emily, in my turbulent "have I, haven't I" a job, and not the experience... But I'm getting there. Albeit, slowly.

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