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Volkan Yuksel on December 11, 2007

Kamaly thanks for sharing the links. Surely they will add new dimensions to my understanding. However on quick glance I didn't see too emphasis mention on gender based differences on the studies. I think it has a lot of merit. For example; consider a man has enough brain injury to that causes loss of speech, for the same amount of brain damage in the same area in a female brain does not cause any speech loss. To my understanding female brain is very talented on getting rewired.

Andrew, since I am not medical person, I think understanding healthy brain is more valuable to me at first than learning more about the malfunctioning brains. I just recently started learning about this and am still getting fascinated about the new things I been learning. Of course study on separated brains help understand function of each but I am not sure if concept of superposition is applicable to mental structures. Like 1/2 of brain + 1/2 of brain is not equal to complete brain.

Kamaly, yes I hope someday we race for same pictures again :)

Andrew Royle on December 12, 2007

Thanks Kamaly for helping me out on this one.

To Volkan I would say that scientific understanding does not progress by having a range of narrow disciplines all working in isolation from their nearest neighbor. Therefore, research being conducted into brain malfunction can often be used to help researchers better understand how the healthy brain works as well. It's a bit like saying that stress analysis of steal beams that are used in deep mining structures can be useful in the design applications for steel beams in tall buildings as well - to demonstrate a point.

Volkan Yuksel on December 12, 2007

Andrew as an individual I think I am very multidisciplinary thinking person. Therefore I do not disagree with what you're saying. I very much think think spliting live brains and observing the consequences would be valuable scientific information to scientists but whatever gained could not penetrated in to public level as much as it should. Because everybody will consider it wasn't a normal brain to begin with. This is why as a person I very much value the findings on the normal healthy brains and fascinated from the gender based results which I have already mentioned.

As individuals we can contribute to this study without spliting our brains-just kidding:)- just by stating agreement or disagreement these findings through our own experiences in life. For example on a large dinner table at one point I asked for butter from the far part of the table. This all sounds OK. However my friends pointed "what is wrong with this one" which was within very close proximity of me. And I sad "I am sorry I didn't realize there was one here". Thankfully the friends already knew the fact that we man has tunnel vision according to book. while ladies can have very well awareness about everything within their optical range. They said "typical man" and we all laughed...

Behind this there is the same reason the 30% less connection in male brain. The book also states that because of our tunnel vision, we have to stare in order to see. Therefore we very often get caught while we are looking at females. Even though female in general look at the man more than man look at them, they don't get caught because they don't have to stare. To me bottom line of this is; a look from lady to a man is most likely not a random occurance and therefore needs to be processed accordingly . May be you folks passed this gained this in life but I am just getting aware these facts and getting fascinated :) Cheers

Vasco Pires on December 12, 2007

Wow! You guys started a real scientific forum! I'm glad you joined us Andrew, Endeed this is a great bunch of people I got to know here on Panoramio.

Although I don't have much time to answer, I've been following your scientific conversation with much interest.

I had already known about such experiences of brain splitting as treatments of severe epileptic disorder. I think it was on the discovery chanel, in that episode they described a very interesting condition observed on some brain-splited pacients wich is the strange-hand syndrome.

Because the conscious part of the pacient stays focused on one of the brain lobes, the hand controled by the other lobe sometimes gains what seems to be (to the pacient) a self awareness, and actually moves without the pacient ordering or even controling it. Cases were observed in wich the hand even turned agressive twards the pacient himself. Thats something that makes us think... ;)

I have a question for you guys. a philosofical one.

If any one of you is religious (I am not) what do you think that happens to the soul of a splitted-brain person? since we always think of the soul as being our own awareness and given the fact that the pacients's brains act as two diferent minds without relation between them. What happens to the soul? Becomes two souls? One devided soul? The soul reduces itself to only one lobe of the brain?

I'm sorry guys, but I had to introduce a philosofical point of view to your magnificent and interesting scientific forum. ;))

Vasco Pires on December 12, 2007

About the excess of photos in Google Earth, I report myself to my oppinions posted in this Panoramio's blog topic.

Responses number 90 and 97.


Vasco Pires on December 12, 2007

Interesting... I've only now noticed that I'm talking to the person who has posted the 98th response in that topic...

Talking about a small world...

Andrew Royle on December 12, 2007

On the topic of the quantity and quality of the images submitted to GE I think Vasco has got it summed up. It's an unidentified parcel going "tick tick tick tick..."

For a possible way forward on this score we could try looking into the minds of the Google executive and the company shareholders. I think there could be a few interhemispherical connections made there which will blow a few fuses inside the brains of a many of our more fevered Panoramio users.

Volkan Yuksel on December 13, 2007

Kamaly, book also states that we can accurately estimate motion of distant objects [first we have to see it of course :)]. May be we are wired to pay attention the moving objects which would make us man better hunter. In that case it is normal that we don't see butter unless it's moving :)

I agree even though question seems logical, I think soul doesn't need existence of fully functional brain.

Volkan Yuksel on December 13, 2007

I have feeling that avoiding such female attacks conducted with butter made us man sharpen our skills for motion estimation during the process of evolution. Imagine the scale of injury from chunk of butter thrown by a female during an ice age :)

However due to limited number of neurons available for visual task in male brain, we perhaps paid the price for having such motion estimation skills with loss of the peripheral vision :)

Andrew Royle on December 14, 2007

The loss of peripheral vision is a telling revelation. It all just goes to prove conclusively that early man in almost all cases had to get by with just one wife. Perhaps a case could be also be mounted to support the theory that why men have 2 eyes is not primarily for the purpose of facilitating stereoscopic vision. Obviously men born with just one eye in the middle of their foreheads would be at a distinct evolutionary disadvantage after that eye got taken out from a sharp missile thrown by an irate spouse.

Bits-n-Pieces on January 25, 2008

congratulations to the Alien - you're now in Google Earth! I guess it's because a human wasn't the object of the photo! ;)

Volkan Yuksel on January 25, 2008

Yes Bits-n-Pieces, it is so nice that the GE is Alien friendly.

Have you figured out why earthling man don't listen yet? ;D Cheers, Volkan

Bits-n-Pieces on January 25, 2008

Perhaps because they're busy protecting their eyes from the women?


Volkan Yuksel on January 26, 2008

Yes, most likely :D

Volkan Yuksel on May 9, 2008

Referring to my December 10th long message, I think I can add this:

Imagine this classical scenario; in a forest that male and female member has to spend the night together within the existence of all other inhabitants. As they sleep in their comfortable temporary nest, a small harmless animal moves on their bodies. As expected female member reacts suddenly and screams. Yet male member tries to calm her down. But it is too late, hungry raptors looking for food are on their way toward them. Can highly reactive female brain with excellent sensory abilities save them? or the strategical thinking male brain with less sensory abilities but posses the prior experience with the aproaching danger...

As guessed; most likely member with the male brain saves them. Therefore %30 of female brain being wired solely for "long term relation with male wired brain" is not just a preference but their survival depends on it.

Now next question is why very responsive female brain exists? My answer which I will talk about it later, has something to do with location of the consumption entrance which is right next to most important sensory organs nearly all animals posses...

Andrew Royle on May 9, 2008

I'm not sure of the answer Volkan.

Does it have anything to do with rolling pins, hair curlers, slippers and waiting up until the wee small hours until he gets home?

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