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kamalyn-3D on January 21, 2008

Said the Crack dealer to the Addict!!! "Here, have just a little piece....It's OK...."

Don't be hurt by the comparison - Just a statement of truth! ;-D Geeez I can't believe I resisted these things for so long.... Now I'll have to try it on some of the Accidental Pairs I've found that don't quite work and see if that'll help them.

Did you look at many of my beach shots from Sunday? Do they work, especially the clouds? I can't tell. (I think my brain was still frozen. I really did come close to frostbite on my hands. It was way colder than I thought! Addicts will do anything for their fix!) I have more with the lighthouses that work pretty well, except for those pesky waves that don't stand still! So have to do some photoshop on the mis-matched waves first.

Volkan Yuksel on January 21, 2008

Kamaly I didn't know that you were aware and be able to resist to 3D that long :( Thanks for the confession though :) Yes it feels like we created a 3D monster in Boston :) I hope you have a fast PC to do all your 3D with Auto Align. Are you happy with the AA results yourself?

Yes, nearly all your X-3Ds very nice. Here is another good news for you :) There is a clone brush function within SPM V3.22 which is activated with pressing to the Shift key. CTRL+N changes the properties of it. Now, you got more power at your side to take care the mis-matched waves :) Cheers, Volkan

kamalyn-3D on January 22, 2008

Oh, I was aware of them (like somebody's 3D shot of Hull when landing at Logan airport ;) ) but I couldn't see them properly! It wasn't until I came across a parallel one, where I thought Wow! Someone does them right ! that I knew I could see one, and then when you'd mentioned how good it would be to do one of the chinatown gate that I thought, gee, I could try one and do it correctly so I can see it! LOL!! Which is why I think it's to 3D's advantage to have some parallel ones here, too. I still can't just free view the X's. I have to make a circle with my hand. Trouble is, now I can't easily see parallel, either!

Anyhow, I gave a real borderline accidental pair a shot using the autopano. Do you think this is close enough to be acceptable to leave posted? Otherwise, I'll have to go back and repeat my European vacations of a few years ago! :-)

Volkan Yuksel on January 22, 2008

OK Kamaly, I now remember all that which you mentioned somehow in the past :) I hope you can just be able to cross your eyes and converge to 3D soon. Like I said in the message for your French 3D, wind is the main source of discomfort. In that case you could try reducing the differences with the clone brush which I mentioned on my earlier message. Have you tried it yet? Actually, I think you can perhaps do the best possible painting while seeing in 3D. Good luck with Auto Align for more accidental pairs so you don't have to go back to those places again ;) Instead, you come to here and do some real 3D with style it takes :D Best wishes, Volkan

kamalyn on January 22, 2008

But now that I've seen your 3D, I've been there, so no need! ;)...Just One more place on my very long list of places to visit, getting longer by the day now that I have to go back to old places to get the good shots in 3D! (Your linked shot is a very nice 3D!)

I haven't tried the clone tool in SPM yet. Actually, the only time I modified a photo for 3D was the other Versailles one of Latona Fountain that I found the other day. I had to wipe out a few people! But I was very grateful for them being there. That's why I took 2 photos!

Volkan Yuksel on January 22, 2008

Oh Nooo! I forgot! 3D has reverse effect on tourism ;) But, reduced traveling will help slowing down the global warming :) Thank you I am glad you liked it. I really wish someday you see one of the best preserved ancient city Ephesus for yourself.

When I put your Fountain picture in to the SPM,it made improvement on it. Again good luck with finding more accidental shots :) Take care, Volkan

kamalyn-3D on January 23, 2008

LOL, I notice someone has started his own little marketing effort! ;) nice sly approach to spreading the virus!!!!

Volkan Yuksel on January 23, 2008

No Kamaly, I am in to the next step; the ultimate cure.

kamalyn on January 24, 2008

please, let me know! what's the cure?

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