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Zizelane on November 1, 2014

In this ship there where a very kind guy... big heart... and he likes fishing... that is great and there in ocean they can find fish enough for all in that ship...

Andrjuschenka on November 1, 2014

So the ship left the sandy shore ... - when sun set down ... - to profit from the good winds in the evening .... - All had to keep absolutely quiet ... - that nobody of the controlling soldiers on the beach could hear them!

When they sailed yet over one hour ... - and the lights of the Irish coast disappeared more and more ... - the poor fisher with the rich heart - he crawled first out of the belly of the ship ... - to spread out the only he kept for the voyage: his old fisher net. His young girl he wanted to marry as soon as they would be in freedom ... - she stayed there .. - deep inside the ship ... - in darkness ... - many other secret passengers like her around her ... - thin .. - and with pale face .... - In fact she was too weak to stand up ... - of hunger ...! - So - her boyfriend promised her to return soonest ....!

Zizelane on November 1, 2014

Ohhh... and will he return soon? Poor girl... Poor people... what will be their faith (is this the right word?)?

Ohhhh please.... please.... tell me!!!

Andrjuschenka on November 1, 2014

Noooo ... - you must continue now ... - that´s the rule ...! :-D

Then I can add my part of the story ....! :-D

Zizelane on November 1, 2014

But I love your voice... SOOOOOOO MUUUUUCHHHHH.

So.... he was on that belly ship... when he saw a very bad man... going to find the capitan ... and you now he is really a bad person.

Andrjuschenka on November 1, 2014

Suddenly he remembered this man to be one from the blind passengers ... - who asked the others ... - this - and that ... - A spy! he realized immediately! Talking secretly to the captain ... - with a certain smile in his face ...! - Would he reveal the poor suffering people ... - waiting ... - and almost starving in the belly of the ship ....? - After he saw the captain returning to his cabin he went slowly to this bad person: I know what you´re planning to do ... - if you haven´t yet done ... - and I know - the police would pay you a pretty amount of gold - if the captain would return ... - and inform them! - Well, the bald headed men answered with a devilish grin - of course ... - there could be a way to prevent that ....! - Now our fisher become quite nervous ... - as he thought .. - that actually he should have hurry - to fish his bride something from the sea ... - to make her survive ... - her .. - and their both happiness! - Well, the bad man said .....

Zizelane on November 2, 2014

Ohhhhh.... he is a spy!!!! :-O

The bad man said that doesn't matter all other people there, that he could even help them.

The fisher couldn't believe that he would help them as he is a very bad person. The poor fisher with rich heart has a bad feeling about this talk.

He thought: "Must have something behind this good action!"

Each second makes the good fisher feel his heart tightening... more and more. It's a feeling he cannot explain but it's a really bad feeling.

Then that bad man smiled, that smile that made you feel cold. Then the bad man starts talk... and he starts saying: But... to help you and all the people that are there.... to convince to captain that he cannot return... I want something!!!

The fisher is right... the bad man never would help these people just to be kind. Oh no.... to help them the mad man wants something and the fisher is afraid to know. But the fisher cannot ignore... he must discover what he wants... maybe is something easy... maybe something possible.

He must stop wandering.... he will stop ... and so the fisher asks:

"What do you want, we don't have gold... we don't have money... we don't have anything that could be good for you. What do you what from us???"

Them the bad man with the worse smile ever says:

I want....

Zizelane on November 13, 2014

Hmmmm... my Andreas, today I choose to comment a picture that I already know.

Because this is what I wish I could dream tonight... such nice story that has nothing to do with reality. A place where we can be what we want...make happen what we want... and most important than all that... dream.

Achhh... first time ever I wish I could dream... to find our friends from this ship... to discover that they are happy.

Have a wonderful day Andreas.

See you!!!!


Andrjuschenka on November 13, 2014

Oooohhhh ... - my dear, dear Zizelane ... - you´re rights: It´s such a joy to dream ...! - But even more than while sleeping ... - the dreams we have ... - with wake spirit ... - and open hearts ... - that lrads us to a land ... - to regions .... - only made for us ....! -

Hmmmm ... - mein Herz ... - I hope I don´t become crazy one day ... - but honestly - it´s the place ... - where I like to be most ....! ;-)

And - this reminds me ... - that urgently I have to continue our story here ... - it´s my turn ....! - And I really want ... - not at last - as it´s another story - playing on the Sea ... - hmmmm ... - maybe even inside .... - and on the beach ...! :-)(-:

All my kisses I have .... - for you ..... - my Zizelane ....!!! :-*

A bright and sunny morning to you .... - and please think drinking your first cup of coffee to me ... - especially ... - as also I´m doing now: dreaming of you ......! :-):-)

Zizelane on November 13, 2014

Bom dia querido Andreas!!!

Yes... even better than dreams while sleeping is the ones you described... the ones that for sure make us crazy and absolutely happy. :D

About the ship... will you be kind (as you are!) and don't drown anyone in our story? Please honey!!! And so... no one jumping inside the sea... unless everyone that do it... that they will reach the beach. Deal?

Andreas, now that my coffee in your company is over... it's my time to go to work.

Oh... by the way... you haven't told me about the last days and this whole week. How is all that going on there in your school? I want to know more about your week. The ship story can wait longer.

See you later sweetie.


Andrjuschenka on November 13, 2014

I promise - not to let anybody drown ... - and to jump inside the sea ... - though ... - hahahaha ... - those restrictions don´t make it easier ... - to tell a thrilling story on Sea ...! ;-);-)

Zizelane on November 13, 2014

Hahahahhahaha... so... a challenge for you my dear!!!

But... thank you for your understanding!!!!

Andrjuschenka on November 13, 2014

Is it one of your weak points ...? ;-)

Zizelane on November 13, 2014

I don't get! If don't like sad stories is my weak point? Definitely... my dream was always change the end of Romeo and Juliet (is this the right name in English???hehehe)

Andrjuschenka on November 13, 2014

Really ...? - But I can understand you ...! ;-)

So no tragic stories anymore ...? ;-)

Zizelane on November 13, 2014

Thank you!!!

Andrjuschenka on November 16, 2014

With a evil glow in his eyes the bad man smirks: Give me your girl! - Silence ... "Never ... - never I will do that!!" whispers the poor man between his teeth: "and if I had to starve!!" - "Well - this can happen earlier as you may believe!" answers the bad man - "I give you one more night to think about - then I´ll tell the Captain about you - and all those hiding there in the belly of the ship!" The poor man yet turned around - when the bad man shouted after him: "My friend - don´t worry! I´m no monster! I just want her - for one night!"

Night falls. The poor man is leaning at the railing. The sound of the waves - the flapping of the big sail in the wind - that has given him so much hope yet hours before - cannot reach his soul anymore. "What to do?" is his desperate thought. "Easiest would be - to jump! - and all would be finished!" - But - he doesn´t know who or what - some strong power holds him back!

What to tell his girl? He has to tell her the truth - but if she would agree - his heart would break! - So he waits ... - hours ... - for hours ... - while on the nightly sky - the white moon appears - in all his pale beauty. Stars twinkle as there´s almost no artificial light - except some oil lanterns of some seaman - repairing an instrument. Some drunk singing is to be heard from far away. -

With a heart - heavy as a stone - the poor man climbs down the stairs .. - downwards to the belly of the ship ...

Zizelane on December 17, 2014

​…the poor man decided... it's impossible wait anymore because wouldn't be fair with his girl don’t tell her what's happening.

Yes, the time has coming. But he doesn't want to go there... and so he walks very slowly. Maybe secretly he thinks that something will happen... that a miracle could happen to save all his friends from the belly of the ship and also him and his sweet girl.

He found her there and after a very, very long kiss - a that kiss that sounds a yell for rescue from the deepest and darker thoughts. She doesn't know what is wrong yet but she feels that something is going on.

She just say in that language that he likes so much (and as he always says that is like bubbly water, like the bubbles from the sea water when close to the beach... as he says, so enchanting language like the sea talking to him) . She says: “Fique calmo meu bem! Estamos aqui juntos e estamos com nossos amigos indo para um lugar melhor. Em breve tudo será perfeito!”. And she asks: What is going on my dear? Will you tell me?

He opens his mouth and first moment, the words couldn't come out… he was almost crying… and she each moment more and more worried. When finally he starts say that indeed something is happening… suddenly a loud thunder roars… and they notice that something is going on there outside… and the fisher says: “must be a storm coming”. The ship start shakes and about the talk they need to have soon, it needs to wait a bit longer. He needs to go help to keep the ship under control because isn't only about his life but many inside the ship… and with a kiss he says to her that soon he will be back… and he asks her to stay there where is safer. He asks her to go help all others there inside to not freak out… and she does as he asks to… while he is running in the direction of the storm… outside… ​

sogesehen on July 12, 2015

Endlich wieder aufgefunden.

Das gesamte aktive Anlagekapital der griechischen Reederei "Odysee" - gescheitert beim Versuch die Portokasse nach Cayman Islands zu verfrachten um es vor der Steuer zu retten. Jetzt hat es Poseidon, ein anderer Grieche :)

ysl 5/23 Manfred

Andrjuschenka on August 9, 2015

Hahahaha!!! :-D))))))))))))

Und was zeigt uns das? ;-)

Egal, wie wir es anstellen - zum Schluss bekommen es die Griechen doch ....! ;-))))

Einen schönen Sonntag, Manfred - und danke für Deinen netten Besuch! :-)

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