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Lilypon on January 21, 2008

WOW!!! :D I've been *eyeballing the SLR's lately. What made you chose the above over a Nikon or Canon Jessica?

Jessica G. on January 21, 2008

It's just a superzoom, not a real SLR. I don't think I'm quite ready for one of those! The reason I got a Panasonic was mainly because my other camera is a Lumix as well, I've had no problems with it until Christmas, when the zoom stopped working unexpectedly. That's fixed now (no thanks to the repair company who tried to tell us it needed a new lens when all it needed was cleaning!) but I figured I should get a similar type of camera where I already know basically how it's set up.

Lilypon on January 21, 2008

They do seem to have a number of people that think we have loads of money to spare. :(

I must admit I'm slowly going crazy looking at the five digital camera review links I've got sunk at the bottom of my screen right now (as well as Consumer Reports etc). I'm not ready for one either but my husband could probably handle it. Years ago he had a really nice film camera, with loads of lenses, and they were stolen and I sure would like to replace it (but the one I'm eyeing will probably take three years to save for). :S

Ryan Calhoun on January 22, 2008

Is this your Christmas present, Jessica? It looks very shiny and full of unbounded excitement! I'm guessing you took this picture(s) using the old camera? And here is the new-camera toast: May your horizons never bend, and your skies never wash out!

Pam, maybe I can simplify your search a little. The Nikons are superior to equivalent Canons in every way except image quality, even the high-end Nikons that use a CMOS. The low- and mid-range Nikons use a CCD which has a lot more image noise. So my personal bias is toward Canon, even though most sources still like to paint Nikon as the "premier" camera maker. However else you compare the camera bodies, Nikon's digital components aren't as good as Canon's.

Also, don't let the reviews tell you that you need a higher MP, or that higher is always better. You shouldn't go above 8 or 10 MP in a camera unless you're willing to get a full frame (35mm) sensor and spend mucho bucks. Adding more pixels to a medium-size sensor just adds more noise, not more detail. For example, a lot of reviews compare the Canon 40D to the Nikon D300. The Nikon has a 12MP sensor, but what they don't tell you is that with that sensor size, 12MP is beyond what all but the most expensive lenses can resolve, and those added pixels mostly just make the image more grainy than the Canon's 10MP sensor.

So if the main requirement you have is the image quality, I'd go with the Canon line.

Pam, didn't you just get a new S5 not too long ago? Already shopping for something newer?

Sorry, Jessica, to hijack your photo here! :) Does your new camera have a zoom ring to turn, or only the zoom buttons to push?

Ryan Calhoun on January 22, 2008

Jessica, I looked up your camera. The DMC-FZ18S, right? Looks like a pretty good camera, and very lightweight. The major thing that jumped out at me was all the "features" for the extended zoom: don't use them! I'd recommend always keeping the camera in 4:3 8MP mode, since that's the only way to use the whole sensor. Any other mode is just cropping away parts of the image, and you can do a much better job of that yourself on the computer later on. I suspect all the built in "extended zooms" (which are really just crops and digital enlargements) are meant for people who only ever make prints of the photos straight out of the camera, and those features won't give you as good of image quality as if you keep the camera in the full-frame mode using only the optical zoom. (If you already know all this, I'll be very impressed. You are still in high school, right?)


Jessica G. on January 22, 2008

Well, I have used the extended and digital zoom on 5MP mode, while I was testing it out. The image quality really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Still, from now on I'll probably do as you're suggesting. The only reason I can think of that 5MP mode might be an advantage is for double-camera stereos, since my other camera has only 5 megapixels and it might be better to keep all the settings as close as possible on each. Anyway, Ryan, thanks a lot for the advice! 18X optical zoom is all I'd ever need anyway!

purdey12345 on January 23, 2008

Nice camera Phoenix! I've got a FZ7 which is similar in design but slightly out of date by comparison (only 12X zoom and 6MP). The only advice I'd add to that from the experts above is to attach the lens hood adaptor and put a simple daylight filter on it. That way the lens has some protection and you won't have to clean it so often. Look forward to seeing your work with it!

klages k on February 6, 2008

Schönes Teil ! Arbeite selbst seit zwei Monaten damit.

Gruß kk

Jessica G. on February 6, 2008

Danke kk, aber was meinen du mit "arbeite selbst seit zwei Monaten?" Arbeite an was?

(Leider, mein Deutsch ist nicht gut!)

Gruß Jessica

klages k on February 8, 2008

Hi Jessica, I wont tell you,i use the same Lumix now 2 month.

Its i really good Camera.

Gruß kk

Jessica G. on February 8, 2008

Danke fur die Übersetzung kk. Now I understand.

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