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A walk in Athens - Pericles 495-429 BC - the creator of the Golden century of Athens

The greatest politician of ancient Athens. He was the son of Xanthippou, the winner of the Persians at Mycale (479 BC). Born in Athens in 495 BC He was very intelligent and educated by excellent teachers. The private life was simple. The behavior gave great power to Pericles. Exclusively with intelligence and virtues became archon of Athens. After the exile of Cimon, and even more after his death, was the first in town, and superiority that lasted 20 years (449 - 429 BC), during which pegged the power of Athens and made illustrious and strong. When Pericles came to power, the Athenians had the hegemony of the Greeks, which essentially kept in subjection with 15,000 armed men around. Pericles to keep the Greeks into submission, he continued showdown with the fleet of his country and if people showed a tendency for insubordination, punish him with cruelty. So, when in 440 BC allies of the Athenians revolted, Pericles. started with the fleet in person against the rebels and defeated them. After forced them to demolish the fortifications, to surrender their fleet, to give hostages and pay war damages. It also wanted to further strengthen the power of Athens with the establishment of numerous colonies, which were for Athens commercial places, ports, where ships moor, especially guards to guard the sites were installed. For urgent and unexpected needs, had kept about 10,000 talents in the treasury and has always had 300 battleships ships. By these means prevented any revolt of allies and forced the Persians not to do anything against the independence of Greek cities. Huge amounts of money spent coalition and grooming of Athens. The highest address for the construction of brilliant artworks commissioned the excellent artist Phidias (438pch-431pch). Then they built the Parthenon on the plans and Iktinos Kallikrates Mnesikles and worked five years for the construction of the Propylaea of ​​the Acropolis. One of the most expensive and most impressive was the gold and ivory statues of Athena in the Parthenon, Pheidias and the towering bronze Promachos of Athena, between the Propylaea and the Parthenon. The point of the spear and the crest of the helmet of the statue that was visible from Sounion. In several buildings, reliefs and statues of the Acropolis, showing the great superiority of artistic prosperity in Athens at the time of Pericles. Pericles also due to the reconstruction of the harbor at Piraeus, who developed serious shopping mall, and the completion of the fortifications of Themistocles and Cimon to the long walls, which joined Athens and Piraeus. General Athens at the time of Pericles became the commercial, intellectual, artistic center of Hellenism, which had worldwide reach. Understandably the time of Pericles called "Golden Age".

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