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Lausanne, Switzerland 1978: Private time beside the lake

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Evgenia Lepikhova on February 6, 2008

Great, romantic and beautiful! Best wishes. Eva

Ian Stehbens on February 6, 2008

Thankyou Eva. I agree. And this image has lasted as a favourite for 30 years. Isn't it wonderful when you get a photo right it lasts and lasts.

What if one day, these two people were to recognize themselves because i have uploaded it to Panoramio. Of course, I'd then send them a copy!!

And Eva, I have briefly seen all you new set of images, and I love the set so much. I fell that you have taken me on a personally guided tour through a wonderful old part of Kiev. I will be commenting on them directly later.

Kind regards,


Leo Laps on February 7, 2008

another beaultiful one, mate. mail me:

see ya!

George Sled on February 7, 2008

Wonderful, Ian. Lovely story.

Ian Stehbens on February 7, 2008

It is nice when precious moments last or are remembered. Thanks very much for your response, George.

Hope you have many nice moments that are continuously strung together, when you spend time in Brisbane, Leo. I'll mail you.

Craig Ward on February 8, 2008

A great image Ian :) 30 years ago your eye for an image was well developed , and we are all benefiting from your great experience,thank you,Cheers Craig,ps Yellow Star well done.

Ian Stehbens on February 8, 2008

Thankyou for what is a very great compliment, Craig. And thankyou for your personal appreciation that results in your selecting it among your favourites.

I too am surprised at the time that has gone by, and the variety of themes and compositions that I have used over the years. I often long for a tutor, or an opportunity to learn more, but for the time being must be content with the hobbiest approach. I am developing in interesting ways, just by participating in both GE and the Panoramio community. I have been inspired, too, by the remarkable imagery created by others.

On the topic of this image, I was very impressed by the ornate street and parkland furniture in urban Switzerland generally, and especially in Lausanne. The sophistication of it all, was fresh to my Australian eyes, where I was more used to utilitarian street furniture: in Australia in 1978, a bin was a bin, a seat was just that, a tree was simply planted. But in the rich history and culture of urban spaces in Europe, and in this case Switzerland, there was so much more: a bin was a creation, a seat was built to express beauty and design, and a tree was a work of art, in addition to its utilitarian purpose.

In 1978 I was on a journey that would transform my way of looking at the world. And here on the beautiful promanade of a lake that I couldn't see, I was seeing a wonerful new world of high culture.



juan jose romero on February 9, 2008

This one belongs to de best of photography, it's like a colored cartier-bresson! Compliments, Ian! have a nice week end, Juan José

juan jose romero on February 9, 2008

I'm sort of confused with Lincluden comment. Is that you, Ian? On the other hand, I know well Cartier-Bresson's work, and that's precisely why I said "a colored cartier-bresson", intending to mean the type of photo he would had done if he had used colour. It's sort of "unconfortable" to use a foreign language and to be misunderstood! :) Anyway, all my best to Lincluden and to Ian.

Ian Stehbens on February 9, 2008

Sorry, Juan José. I forgot a few minutes ago that I was using the work site. It was me. Sorry, sorry.


Ian Stehbens on February 9, 2008

I am sorry, Juan José, but I cannot begin to appreciate comparison with Henri Cartier-Bresson. Perhaps my only escape from this comparison is that Cartier, as far as I know, made a very limited attempt to use colour and when he did, he felt he failed! (I know you did not intend that! Forgive me. I am not misunderstanding you, just seeing a small way out my being compared with Cartier).

Because this is a Panoramio site we have tended to avoid posting photos of people for that excludes the image from GE. So there is only limited photo-journalism uploaded.

(I note that, increasingly among the conversing networks, personal photographs are quite popular but they generally do not include images of people in the street that may have been unwittingly photographed, as I have done in this case.)

That you and Craig, George, Leo and Eva have all affirmed this image, and that I have kept it for 30 years, does indicate that it has some artistic and photographic merit, and I am certainly pleased. So thank you again for the exceedingly high praise.

It is interesting to me, that I only took 4 slides that day back in 1978, two high in the mountains and the two posted here, in Lausanne. That was because of the unfortunately polluted atmosphere that day. But I learnt something that is key to successful photography: every condition invites its own opportunities. And this day landscapes were impossible, but intimate images were enhanced and softened. These two people on the lake shore and our children sketching the work of a sculptor are both intimate moments that touch my heart at least. I hope I have conveyed that in the images.

With sincerest gratitude, and kindest regards, Ian

rav200 on February 10, 2008

Ian, this is perfect photo. I wonder what those people are doing now...

Ian Stehbens on February 12, 2008

Dear Rafal,

Thank you so much. As you will see above, that our very special friend and artist, Juan José, has likened this to the work of Cartier-Bresson, which flatters me indeed. Having you appreciating it too, is making me accept such high praise.

I trust that we all keeping making good images with our cameras, and have the occasional "perfect" one in all our folios.

Thankyou sincerely,


Tom Lussier Photogra… on March 4, 2008

Would like to echo all of the comments above about this image Ian. A timeless classic! Even thirty years ago you had, what some like to call, "The Artists Eye". The digital age produces more and more photographers every day but you can't manufacture natural talent. Well done.

Regards, Tom

tukki on March 18, 2010

A real moment capture without breaking the spell of the moment. FRED I have always admired the work of Henri Cartie-Bresson.

Ian Stehbens on March 18, 2010

Dear Fred and Tom,

You are both great affirmers and encouragers - and that is underlined because you are both great photographers and artists.

But you are more informed about photographers than I was, for it was Juan José Romero, who introduced Cartier-Bresson to me through this forum. Needless to say, I have since read quite a bit about him and his work, and have learnt from that too.

And I like the way you put it, Fred.

And my apologies, Tom for missing your comment from 2 years ago!

Keep on making great photographs. My warmest regards to you both.


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