St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta: new and old sections together. (Viewed from west)

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EVA_L on February 18, 2008

Cathedrals have different history, architecture, but they all are so wonderful, Yan! Cheers, Eva

Ian Stehbens on February 19, 2008

Yes, your cathedrals have such a long history, ours came onto existence in 19th Century! But today, as in this case we are seeing the architecture of today emerge along side the more English church architecture of 200 years ago.. And I like the result.

In Ukraine though it seems that your very long history has had to be recreated in many of your buildings because of the tragedy of war and oppression.

Kindest Regards,


Ed. Rodríguez Prati on May 27, 2008

Well Ian I agree with you about the result, it's fine for me, the authors didn´t try to paste the new with the old, what always goes wrong, but used an absolutely contemporary style for the new section, and it has a very neutral design that doesn´t compete with the old one,you know their name? One of my favourite contemporary architect is australian, Glen Murcutt (though born in England, he grew in New Guinea and always worked in your country, you know his work? greetings, Edmundo

Ian Stehbens on May 27, 2008

I am sorry, Edmundo if I overlooked to mention the name of the architect. He was Romaldo Giurgola. The Architectural firm is MGT Architects. The architectural team included Andrew Fox, Wayne Henkel, Cassandra Keller, Robert Patat and Stephen Schrapel.

There is also a significant list of artists and fabricators whose work creates the theological detail of this remarkably creative, simple, uncluttered building.

Glen Murcutt is an architect of whom I am aware. I have been in one of his designs and seen another. His style has some similar elements to the contemporary greats of Australian architecture, including Giurgola.

Kind regards,


Ed. Rodríguez Prati on May 27, 2008

Ian it's incredible that on the moment I was preparing my tomorrow class about Louis Kahn you told me this church is a work of Giurgola, other architect of the "Philadelphia School" who wrote a book about Kahn!(I verified he is the same one)My life is always surrounded by this wonders... Well, I enjoy very much this contact also, un abrazo, Edmundo

Ian Stehbens on May 28, 2008

Dear Edmundo,

More reading for me to do. My joy overflows. Un abrazo.

You will have to download from my essay to share with your students.


Ian Stehbens on May 28, 2008

Dear Edmundo again,

I have just read this about Louis Khan: "Kahn was very interested in the look and feel of the materials he used. He used brick and concrete in new and special ways. Kahn also paid careful attention to the use of sunlight. He liked natural light to enter his buildings through interesting kinds of windows and openings. Kahn’s work can also be identified by his creative use of geometric shapes."

This statement is a perfectly applicable to St Patrick's Cathedral. In fact I would say that Romaldo Giurgola has mastered the look and feel of the materials used, or at least the associated and commissioned artists have. And as for light, this cathedral is supreme in its class. And what is more the colonades that connect the Church to the conference hall looks just like Kimbell Art Museum!

I now see the strength of the relationship or school of architecture that includes these two.

Thankyou for opening my eyes wider.


Ian Stehbens on May 28, 2008

More yet, Edmundo,

I guess you have read the following from Wikipedia: "In Philadelphia Romaldo (Aldo) Giurgola had formed a relationship with Louis I. Kahn, who held similar views. In April 1961 the architectural critic Jan Rowan grouped Giurgola, Kahn, Robert Venturi, George Qualls, Robert Geddes and others into "The Philadelphia School". Giurgola has published several books on Kahn's work and philosophy.

"After winning the 1980 international competition for the landmark Australian Parliament House in Canberra, Giurgola moved to Australia and practises there. He later adopted Australian citizenship."


Ed. Rodríguez Prati on May 28, 2008

of course I did, I looked every thing in the Web about Giurgola cause when you mentioned him I remember I knew his name but didn't remember from where. I've been watching Canberra's Parliament also in the web but didn't like so much... You Kahn is my hope symbol, cause he did his first important work (Yale university art gallery)when he was fifty so now I've reached there I always think it could happen to me! I must recognize Kahn influences me in the brick house I've uploaded, cause he gave me the excuse to look into medieval world as a reference (in this case medieval rural pirenaic houses), un abrazo, Edmundo

Ian Stehbens on May 28, 2008

Dear Edmundo,

I think I must drive to Canberra sometime, and do a photo essay there for you. I am sure all that's needed for you to be enthralled by his work in Canberra is for an interpreter to reveal the remarkable significance of the overall work as well as its elements.

I love it!!

Or better still, when can you come?


Ed. Rodríguez Prati on May 28, 2008

Thank you for the invitation Ian of course I can't refuse but let in a stand by. You know this is a poor country, if I told you what are our univesitary salaries you wouldn't believe. I survive cause in the times of my father wasn't so bad (did you look at the methodist school?) and I'm "throwing from the window" what he let me. So for us a trip to anywhere is almost impossible except by getting a research fellowship. I'll move to see if there are offers from your universities, thanks so much, Edmundo

Ed. Rodríguez Prati on May 30, 2008

Hi Ian I didn't answer your last request cause It's difficult to keep at day with all panoramio friends. No I didn't talk about Australia in Kahn class. I showed then his compositive principles, his projecting manner, his references on history (roman, medieval), etc. and principal works as Dacca Parliament, Salk Institute, Richards Laboratories, Plans for Philadelphia, etc, On my class of contemporary Technics, Tectonic and Tecnology I've already included last year mnay works by Murcutt as Houses Alderton,Ball-Eastaway,Magney and Short I hope this year I can get more material. I also show many Murcutt's principles and thoughts as Touch lightly the earth (love that one) or Life is not about maximizing everything, it's about giving something back like light, space, form, serenity, joy." -Glenn Murcutt Well brother,sorry for the extension, gran saludo, Edmundo

Ian Stehbens on May 30, 2008

Dear Edmundo,

Your reply is very much appreciated and opens up to me, your world of teaching and a world of architecture. And, I am very pleased that I have already learnt more about this cathedral and Giurgola through our exchange. And about your father. And about Murcutt.

In friendship,


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