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GuanYin temple

According to legend, came to China promising Japanese monk called Hui E the Tang Xiantong years, traveled many mountains and rivers, worship many ancient temples. That day, he went zooming vigorous boarded our first Buddha called the resort of Mount Wutai. Wutai Mountain is a good place, Yeongam, old pines, Jianshui, flowers, temples looming between the mountain forests, very quiet. Hui E and abbot of the Mount of the Scriptures argument Zen chess became very good friends. One day, Hui E hall backyard and saw have respect sandalwood carved Guanyin Buddha. An air of serenity that Buddha beard eyebrows are extremely delicate, lifelike. Hui Ngok standing Guanyin Buddha, looked and looked, and praise and praise, even the abbot to call him to dinner did not hear. The abbot seeing this, he asked: "Master think this statue of Guanyin Buddha carved how?" Hui E applauded and said: "Good, good! I'm such a great age, or the first time I saw Road Mile This Buddha carved work Sinocalanus , Guanyin demeanor all carved out is really a live Merciful Goddess of Mercy! "abbot see his favorite smiling, said:" Should Master of joy, send your worship! "Hui Ngok listened to hurriedly clasped prostration. He took over the Guanyin Buddha, laughing aloud, intend to go back to Japan Temple dependent Japanese beings to worship. Hui Ngok leave Wutai Mountain, and fun Jiuhuashan, and finally down from Mount Wutai, returning from the spiritual Eguchi sail. This day, the boat to the the Putuoshan ocean, suddenly whipped up strong winds blew the ship stagger straight playing around. Hui E could not, had the boat allowed to enter the Putuo Mountain, a mountain Ao, anchored off the sails, and other strong winds subsided and then go. The next day, the wind-bearing, Lang Ping, Hui E sail set sail, but the boat just driving out of the mountains Ao, a group of gray-white smoke over the ocean suddenly rises. Smoke rose higher and higher, like top draperies, just hang in front of the bow, blocked the road. Benefits Ngok surprised stood on board, looked up to the top of the head is a blue sky; around to see smoke both sides are clear and bright sea, Hui E had turned the bow forward driving around the smoke. But sailing sail the left, smoke drifted on the left; sailing sail to the right side, the smoke also drifted to the right. Around the ship at sea to go around, finally returned to the the Putuoshan ocean benefits Ngok think about it there is no way, again had the boat pulled into mountain Ao, anchored off the sails, and so the smoke dissipated longer follow. The next morning, the red sun rising from the from the sea, shine, ten thousand rays, Hui E into the cabin, looked up, but see Choi Wan middle the buildings towering and brilliant color archway, fairy dealings Priceless color, stunning eyes. The joy of his heart, palms together to bow down, and immediately set sail. The strange thing is that the ship emerged from the mountains, Ao, the wonders of the sky suddenly disappeared, the clouds covered the sun, the sea breeze off the waves. Benefits Ngok made urgent to think about here has been delayed for several days, and always go on like this, when to Guanyin Please return to Japan ah? This wind, this wave, what of it! Ran hurry sail! Benefit the Ngok, please boatman boat driving out of the mountains Ao, against the wind, waves forward drove. Wind more violent waves bigger, but the benefits Ngok heart does not panic and chaos, Italy, firmly clasped together standing on the bow, the Bay by the Buddha. Although the storms slowly calmed down, but no other exit far sailboat suddenly stopped, as if rooted to the ground, not retreat. He looked down and saw the sea floated a blossoming iron lotus, sailing round and round around the middle. Benefits Ngok was shocked, I thought, once again sail are wind and waves blocking, today there are iron lotus lock boat Is Guanyin do not want to go to Japan, what? He returned to the cabin, kneeling in front of Guanyin Buddha pray divisions, said: "Should Japanese sentient beings missed Xianfo, I must follow the direction of Tuas referred to construction of the temple, to feed my Buddha." Voice hardly ever, the sudden, I hear thunder "cry, drilled from the seabed a tractor. Tractor swam while gulps to swallow iron lotus. A little while, the ocean appeared a waterway, just by a sailboat. Sailing followed by a tractor behind, to move along the waterway. Soon "Bang" sound, tractor sank the full ocean iron lotus also without a trace. Benefits Ngok looking hard to see, the original sailing went back to a mountain of Putuo Mountain Ao. Scattered clouds, the weather was fine, the sun high in the sky. At this time, the fishermen came down from the mountain, benefits Ngok Ngok, Hui said: "things these days, I saw you go does not become a Master. Still a few days and then go to my house!" to see him so enthusiastic, and he agreed. His hands Guanyin Buddha climb up Mount Putuo, followed by fishermen, and to look at. But see the golden beach, tide when retracted up; around the lush peaks, a boundless ocean. Morning sunrise, the night listening Chaosheng, compared with the Wutai Mountain, is really another faction scenery. He thought to himself, the Goddess of Mercy do not want to go to Japan, over here monasteries, Guanyin Bodhisattva settled in Putuo Mountain! Fishermen around heard to build the temple, and have come to your aid, and not long after, causing a small nunneries. Nunneries built, statues for on benefits Ngok Chaomu paying homage. Since then, the Guanyin Buddha carved statue sandalwood stay in Putuo Mountain. Little nunneries, called refused to go to the Goddess of Mercy Hospital.

相传唐咸通年间,有为名叫慧锷的日本和尚来到中国,游历了许多名山大川,朝拜了许多古刹。这天,他风尘仆仆,健步登上了我国第一佛叫胜地五台山。五台山是个好地方,灵岩、古松、涧水、百花,寺院隐现于深山密林之间,十分幽静。慧锷和五台山的方丈一起念经讲法,参禅下棋,成了莫逆之交。  有一天,慧锷在大殿后院,见到有尊檀香木雕成的观音佛像。那佛像神态安详,鬓发眉毛均极细腻,栩栩如生。慧锷站在观音佛像前,看了又看,赞了又赞,连方丈来叫他吃饭都没听见。方丈见状,便问道:“法师认为这尊观音佛像雕得如何?”  慧锷连连称赞道:“好,好!我这么大岁数了,还是第一次见道哩!这佛像刻功细巧,把观音大士的神态都雕了出来。真是一尊活的大慈大悲的观音菩萨啊!”  方丈见他喜爱,便笑眯眯地说道:“如若法师欢喜,就送你供奉吧!”  慧锷听了,慌忙合十顶礼。他接过观音佛像,喜不自胜,打算回日本去建寺供养,让日本众生都来朝拜。  慧锷离开五台山,又游九华山,最后从五台山下来,从灵江口扬帆回国。  这天,船到普陀山洋面,突然刮起了大风,刮得船东倒西歪,直打转转。慧锷没法,只好把船驶进普陀山的一个山岙里,抛锚落帆,等大风平息后再走。  第二天,风息了,浪平了,惠锷扬帆启航,可是船刚驶出山岙,洋面上突然升起了一团灰白色的烟雾。烟雾越升越高,像顶帐帘,正好挂在船头前面,挡住了去路。惠锷惊奇地站在船上,抬头望望,头顶是一片蓝天;左右看看,烟雾两边都是清晰明亮的大海,惠锷只好调转船头,绕着烟雾朝前驶。可是帆船驶向左边,烟雾飘到左边;帆船驶向右边,烟雾也飘到右边。船在海上绕来绕去,最后还是回到了普陀山的洋面上,惠锷想想没有办法,只好再次把船驶进山岙里,抛锚落帆,等烟雾消散了再走。  第三天早晨,红彤彤的太阳从海面上升起,光芒四射,霞光万道,惠锷走进船舱,抬头一看,但见彩云中间,有幢巍峨绚丽的彩色牌楼,仙女往还,珠光宝色,耀人眼目。他心中喜悦,合十顶礼,马上扬帆启航。奇怪的是,船一出山岙,天上的奇景就突然消失了,乌云遮住了太阳,海风掀起了巨浪。惠锷发了急,想想在这里已经耽搁了好几天,老是这样下去,什么时候才能把观音请回日本啊?这点风,这点浪,算得了什么!开船,赶快开船!  惠锷请船家把船驶出山岙,顶风破浪朝前驶去。风更猛了,浪更大了,但是惠锷心不慌,意不乱,稳稳地合十站在船头,涌经念佛。风浪虽然慢慢平静了下来,可是没等驶出多远,帆船突然停出了,好象生了根一样,进退不得。他低头一看,只见海上飘来一朵朵铁莲花,帆船被团团围在中间。惠锷大惊,心想,一次一次开船,都是风浪阻挡,今天又有铁莲锁舟,难道是观音大士不愿去日本么?他回到船舱里,跪在观音佛像面前祈告说:“如若日本众生无缘见佛,我一定遵照大士所指方向,另建寺院,供养我佛。”  话音未落,忽听得“轰隆”一声,从海底钻出一头铁牛。铁牛一边往前游,一边大口大口地吞嚼铁莲。一会儿功夫,洋面上就出现了一条航道,正好能够通过一条帆船。帆船跟着铁牛后面,沿着这条航道前进。不久,又是“轰隆”一声响,铁牛沉入海底,满洋的铁莲也无影无踪了。惠锷定神一看,原来帆船又回到了普陀山的一个山岙里。  云散了,天晴了,太阳高高挂在天空。这时,有个渔民从山上走下来,对惠锷说:“这几天的事情,我都亲眼看到了。你走不成了。还是请法师到我家里住几天再走吧!”   惠锷见他这样热情,便答应了。他手捧着观音佛像,跟着渔民爬上普陀山,放眼一看。但见金光闪闪的沙滩上,海潮时退时涨;郁郁葱葱的山峰周围,是一片茫茫无际的海洋。晨观日出,夜听潮声,与五台山相比,真是另有一派风光。他心想,既然观音菩萨不愿去日本,就在这里造座寺院,让观音菩萨定居在普陀山吧!周围的渔民听说要建寺院,都来相助,没多久,就造成了一座小庵堂。  庵堂造好了,佛像供上了,惠锷朝暮参拜。从此,这尊檀香木雕成的观音佛像就留在普陀山了。那座小庵堂,就叫不肯去观音院。

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