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Jasmine Waterman on April 11, 2009

Roberto Lam,thanks a lot for your kind words.Have you ever come back to China?

Robert Lam on April 11, 2009

Jasmine: Thanks a lot for your comment in Panoramio, I was in China in Nov 2003, the only trip trip until now, it was wonderful time, the first time I met your country, the first time in my life to met my relatives in Guangdong and Hong Kong, my parents return to theirs town for more than 50 years, that was posible because I left Cuba in 1999 and redid my life and my family in USA, I was able to take them to China again and really spent a good time overthere, in the future I will planning another trip with my sons and it will be the same, a family purpose visit, because a tourist trip is different, no time and place to meet relatives. Thanks you again, you can see my pictures gallery and find some pictures from China and Hong Kong. I have in Panoramio a big gallery of pictures from different places of USA. Cuba, and differents countries. Greetings from Miami.

Jasmine Waterman on April 11, 2009

Hi Damir,you really understand me well!It's true that the midsemester in this term is coming.We will have all the Chinese,maths,English,physics,chemistry,politics,history and geography exams in three days!I'm busy preparing for my maths exam these days.Whether I could pass it will be very,very important.So I'm really sorry that I couldn't chat with you here frequently now.

Well,I have to admit that I prefer learning languages rather than learn science.The maths exam is a headache for me.:-(

Now it's spring in Beijing.How are you these days?Though I'm quite busy and tired because of the study,my regards to you are still warm.;-)

Best wishes from Beijing,


Jasmine Waterman on April 23, 2009

Hello Damir!Still remember me?Aha,right,that Beijing girl.The exams have been over!Well,I haven’t known my marks yet.Maybe the history mark will be the worst.But I’m sure I could pass all of them.Finally I have my own free time again.;-)

I have a piece of news to tell you that tomorrow some French students will come to our school for education communication.The news immediately remind me of you,though I don’t know whether they are from your city,Paris.It’ll be very interesting that we’ll have lessons together.Hardly could I imagine how they could listen to our Chinese teacher!And,you know,most of us can’t speak French either.Hope that English can be the help.:-p

So,what should I say when I meet my French partner?”Benjour”?

Greetings from Beijing,


Damir D on April 23, 2009

you say : "bonjour, comment allez vous?", Xiaoyu, glad you meet some french voices, you'll see how this language sings nicely.

i'm just going outside to the town, and i'll write you more this evening.

amitiés, Damir

Damir D on April 24, 2009

hello, Xiaoyu, how it was, the first experience with the french language???? French is easy, every child here speaks french here in France, ;-),

Well, this july, at the end, probably I'll visit China again, a group of friends goes to the Congress of Anthropology in Kunming, the province of Yunnan. I will join the group and we'll visit the towns Dali, Lijiang and others, and Hong Kong at the end. We will not visit Beijing. For the moment that's all what I know about the travel but I'll tell you more when everything will be put on the paper. I think that the region is very nice, maybe the weather will not be too hot, as it can be in Beijing at the end of July. amitiés, Damir

Jasmine Waterman on April 26, 2009

Hi Damir,I'm so glad to hear that you are going to visit China again,although you won't come to Beijing.Maybe Beijing is a city full of cultural sights,but in the south of China,you'll see much more natural scenery.Hope you can enjoy your trip there!

As for French students,I have to say,they are very kind and friendly.Though we grew up in different countries,there are still some topics we are both interested in.And they even played pingpong with us.(Well,I'm very good at it,just like other teenagers in China.);-)

I'd like to know what's the meaning of "bonjour, comment allez vous".I said "Benjour" to them when we met each other,but do you know what they said to us?They said "Ni Hao!"Maybe you know that idiom;it means "hello" in Chinese.It's funny that they had learnt some Chinese idioms before they came,just like I had learnt how to pronounce "Benjour".

By the way,could you tell me what's the meaning of "amitiés"?I see it at the end of you comments every time,but don't know what does it mean.:-p

And I'm looking forward to knowing more about your journey to China.;-)

Warm regards from Beijing,


Damir D on April 26, 2009

hello Xiaoyu, when you go somewhere it is polite to say few words in the language of a country you visit, so I find it good that french students learned at least to say Ni Hao. The comunication with chinese was rather difficult, we found very few people speaking english, specially as YOU speak, fluently, and a lot of time we hoped thad we had been understud, but maybe it was not always sure. Ni Hao were also my first words of mandarine chinese I learned, I learned also the finger signs for numbers, it was practical sometimes. Well, I learned not much more, but it would not be bad to learn more, before traveling to China.

Our plan of visit is changing from day to day and maybe we'll stop for two days in Beijing also. I would be glad to meet you then.

"Amitiés" means something like "friendly greetings", or "with my friendship", "ami" means friend in french.

friendly (amitiés), Damir

Jasmine Waterman on May 1, 2009

Hi Damir,we have three days off now in China for the May Day.Maybe you have the same feast in France.

Most of students in China now learn English as their first foreign language,but there are still only a few Chinese people could speak English fluently,just like what you said.The older generation didn't have chances to learn foreign languages when they were young because of the "culture revolution" in 1960s in China--that was a terrible turbulence in fact.My parents also suffered it when they were young children.As a result,neither of them went to the university or got the good education,to say nothing of learned foreign languages.

You know,English and Chinese are quite different.Just like a French would think English is easier to learn than Chinese,maybe English is a little more difficult for us.As for the younger generation,we're trying to learn it well.;-)

And I'm glad I've known another French word "Amitiés",even though I don't know how to pronounce it.:-p


Damir D on May 2, 2009

hi, Xiaoyu, here in capitalist France the 1st May is always celebrated, usualy one day except if the weekend is joined like this week. But a lot of shops are opened on the 1st May and today, saturday, everytnig is open.

I understand that young students want to learn english, languages are like the open door on the different world, if you learn you understand better what is happening outside of borders, how others think, breathe, and enjoy the life. I know that a "cultural revolution" did a lot of dammages, and I read some books about, one of the best is : "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" bu Dai Sijie. Try on this link I think you can read partialy the text of the book. There are some pages to show a style of writer.

You say that english is hard to be learned, the reason is that you certainly have some difficulties with the pronociation, and maybe with a logic of grammary. As always in schools they try to teach the students to understand perfectly the mechanics of a new language as you should be one day a teacher of that language. And that difficulties often make that students do not like what they learn. The best way to have a pleasent aproach with a language is when you speak it with someone, even with a weak level of gramatical knowledge. When you see that a comunication can be established it gives you a wish to learn better and better. Comunication is the most important thing when learning languages.

Amitié is prononced just like it is written, and the accent is on the last e.

amitiés, Damir

Jasmine Waterman on May 17, 2009

Damir,sorry for writing back to you so late.I saw your comment several days ago,but had no time to reply.I'm surprised that you are so familiar with Chinese history and culture.I think it's unusual for a foreigner to know so much about the "culture revolution".As for the book "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress",I'm sorry I never hear about it.But when I googled it I really got plenty of information.It is said that the movie of it was showed in France at a time.It must be a great wark,I guess.May it has showed more details of China to people in other parts of the world.

And I've seen your pictures of Paris and other parts of France.They are quite stunning,showing to me different people's lives at the opposite point of the globe.

It seems that you always have much spare time so that you could be on line every day.I'm not so lucky as you,for I have to go to school and try to finish my endless homework.I remember that you said you were an architect at a time.Then don't you go to work daily?

Regards from Beijing,


Damir D on May 17, 2009

hello Xiaoyu, yes, you are right, I'm now in Croatia for some months, and to explain why I have so much time to be on line every day I must tell you that I stopped to work some years ago; even an architecte can retire. So I'm enjoing my free time and can be on the link as long as I wish or travel around, visit my friends. That is a difference with you, who are busy with school and homeworks. By the age I could be your grandfather as you could see. You say that I'm lucky to have a lot of time, I could say that you are lucky to be young and to have the nice life-time perspective, as I hope you'll have.

I'm very glad you like my photos, and I try to show a lot of anecdotes of the life situations and different people around me, which is not always easy.

I was always interested in China's history and life as China is a very far, very big and misterious country, who suffered much and who has an excellent chance in the future developement. I hope also that you, personnaly, could find easily your own chance in the this extraordinary transformation wha the world and China's people is living actually.

amitiés from Croatia,_ Damir_

Damir D on May 26, 2009

dear Xiaoyu, well, I know now that I will be in Beijing on 21 july and will stay in Sunworld hotel,Address: 88 Dengshikou, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100006 P.R.C., and the next day I leave by train for Xi'an, in the evening. I would be very pleased to meet you if you could find the time for one hour, just to exchange few words with you. I'm traveling with my cousin who is profesor of anthropology and has a cpngress few days later in Kunming. If it's vbpossible for you I will leave you my mail adress, easier to corespond.

greetings and amitiés, Damir

Jasmine Waterman on May 29, 2009

Dear Damir,I'm sorry that maybe I could not come there,for there will be a very important activity for us in this summer.Well,you know,China gained the independence 60 years ago,on October 1,1949.So in this year there will be an imposing parade at Tian'anmen Square in October as a celebration.We students in the capital city Beijing are required to serve the parade.From July to September,we'll have to spend our whole summer holiday training in our school to be volunteers.It will be very important,so I'm afraid a day-off won't be permitted.Really sorry for that.

But actually our school is exactly near to Dengshikou in Dongcheng District,where you are going to stay for a day.If you have any problems while you are in Beijing,you can ask me.I'll be glad if I can be a help.

Warm regards,


Damir D on May 31, 2009

Dear friend Xiaoyu, I'm little disapointed, I hope that I was not impolite to invite you to meet me. For me it would be very interesting to meet a contemorary chinese girl, as you are, to exchange some impressions abour life in China.

I hope that you could find a moment just to drink a softdrink with me later in the afternoon, specially if you do not live far from a place I will stay. Even better, as I will have a visit of the Forbidden city on the next morning with my cousin and two other companions of travel and a chinese guide, speaking english, I will be happy if you can join us for that visit, so we could have more time to speak.

I know it's great fun and joy for you to prepare a parade of celebration of Independance day, and you are certainly very busy about. I hope again that meeting you could be possible.

And thak you on a very kind words on a friendship you wrote on another photo.

amitiés, Damir.

Jasmine Waterman on June 8, 2009

Sorry,Damir,I didn't mean to disappoint you.Actually I'm very grateful for your kind invite.I feel expectant,and also a little anxious,though.When the training for the parade will begin is still uncertain,so I don't exactly know whether it will clash with our meeting.I’ll give you a certain answer as soon as I get the confirmed imformation.

Wish you a happy journey in China,


Damir D on June 9, 2009

hello, dear Xiaoyu, we are just changing a little bit our accompodation in Beijing, and as we arrive in the morning we shall probably have the visit of the Forbidden city in the afternoon, and than, the next day free until the train departure for Xi'an. So, as I will have all details, I will let you know, and I will be very happy if you could find a time for meeting, even short one. Anyway, my email adress is :, and if you wish you can join me with the message on that adress. amitiés, Damir

Damir D on June 20, 2009

hello, Xiaoyu , this is the hotel where we shal be accomodated. I propose you to leave the message by phone on a reception desk for Damir Perinic, with you phone number if it is possible. and I could conatct you after arival in Beijing. Or, just indicate at what time you can arive in the hotel on somewhere else, on your choice. Or you can mail me your disponibilities. Thank you, I would be very glad to speak with you, or with your friends if you come in group.

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Jasmine Waterman on October 4, 2009

Hello,Damir.Sorry for write back to you so late.Our performance on the National Day Parade is over.You can watch the parade on TV if you are still in China now.Wish that your trip in China would be enjoyable.Greetings,Xiaoyu

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