ESB Workers, R 2 L - (Liam Brereton, PJ Corrigan, Willie Aungier, Sean Brennan) before closure, early 90's

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fioend on November 14, 2008

Ah yes the old "Power House" as it was known locally by the workers. My father worked here for over 40 years and I still live 100 yards from the site. We used the hear the place noisily rumbling into life regularly when, as my father used to say "she's coming up on load" which meant the process of making electricity was in full swing. The men in the picture above I know very well. Nearest to us is Liam Brereton who was known as "The Heron Brereton". Next is PJ Corrigan. Third in is Willie Aungier (RIP), an uncle of mine who sadly passed away last January. And on the inside Sean Brennan. Over the next few days I'll post some photos of the site as it is know. There is great nostalgia for the place locally. How things have changed in such a short space of time.

2c on November 17, 2008

Thanks Fioend for that really valuable insight. Sorry to hear about Willie, If i remember Willie wasn't sure about getting his photo taken! I would love to hear what the remaining Trio make of these pics after all these years!

Warmest regards h

Sue Allen on December 16, 2008

OH this is lovely, honestly I'm nearly moved to tears, for some reason, you've captured their characters and the comradeship of their being workmates, and also agreeing to pose for the photo. The way they're all lined up close in the row, and the light gleaming off their helmets and the way their faces have lived a lot of life and enjoyed it, is just so rich in emotion and boy, the nearest man really reminds me of my own dad! I'm so sorry about the man who is fioends uncle, dear man, but you have created this soulful reminder to the world of his existence, really beautiful moment. I'm giving this a y* and 'best of' because I just love this photo. I think it's the best photo of people I've seen on Panoramio, and there are so many beauties, but this just speaks volumes to me.

My sincere congratulations, h. Truly!

Very best wishes to you,


I just wanted to add that the way the hands shine out in the darkness, and the way you can tell that the man who's furthest away is smiling, even though you can really only see the curve of his cheek, is priceless.

Now I'm really going!


2c on December 17, 2008

Hi Sue, Thanks very much for the YS, I very much appreciate your comments! I have always liked this pic as i don't really include many people in my pics, The light fell perfect for this group, they were very helpful & pleasant, bearing in mind that they would not be used to getting there pictures taken in this context. I think it's this mix of apprehension that makes the pic for me in the expressions. Of course the whole place is gone now, so its great to have a record of what many people took for granted would last for a lot longer!

Warmest regards h

Sue Allen on December 17, 2008

Bravo, h!

Best wishes and goodnight,


Patrick Munsch on May 6, 2009

funy and serious shoot when you think threy will loose their job YS

2c on May 7, 2009

Hi Sue, sorry missed this one! Best wishes!

Hi Patrick, Thanks for the YS, They had a few years left when i took this, but they knew the Power station was going to close in the next year or so! really nice group of guys who were a little nervous of getting their pic taken, One of my favs & i appreciate the YS more because i rarely take pictures of people! shy ol me!!

Warmest regards from Dublin h

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on May 9, 2009

Quintessential 2c image!!

It is superb Hugh, I have been meaning to comment on this for some time.

Perhaps your local newspaper would be interested in printing this photo. I imagine that a good few people might recognise these faces ;>)

Warm regards h


2c on May 11, 2009

Hi Jim, great to hear from you, I hope i find you very well?.

Jim i did this pic as part of a college project on the ESB turf burning station in Allenwood, a rather remote part of Kildare, in Ireland @ 1990/91, It's great to have these now because of course it's all gone now, the site's leveled & very little remains to show a way of life that lasted 50 odd years here, indeed sadly some of the people in the pic have passed away since.

It has been great to post this as 'fioend' recognised the men involved & sent me there names. I love think that maybe the remaining men might have seen or will see this sometime & it would bring back good memories as i have of taking them!

Always great to hear from you Jim, Thanks!

Warmest regards from Dublin h

KathleenAungier on July 6, 2009

Hi 2c It is fantastic photo & it brings warm memories to me, My Uncle (Willie Aungier) was a really lovely kind man and a devoted worker to the ESB in Allenwood and sadly passed away in Jan 2008. He worked there for the over 30 years, along with my father (who is not in this photo). My fathers friend is Sean Brennan and they are both still thick as thieves and see each other a few times a week!! I shall tell Sean about this photo as I dont think he or my father know about it. I have also sent a text message to my cousin as I am not sure if he is aware of the lovely photo on the net of his father. The ESB Station was knocked to the ground but all was not lost as there is now a Business Park located on the site and I currently work there (which is lovely as the front piers and gates are the very same ones as my father & uncle used to drive thru every day!). Is it possible for you to contact me so I could get a copy of this photo? Kind Regards, Kathleen Aungier

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on July 6, 2009

Kathleen, its is possible for you to leave secure information by entering the link under the adjacent mapping!!

Click on "Misplaced. Suggest new location". When it opens, leave your email address there. No one else can see it!!

2c will be notified when this happens.

I hope that you don't mind me interjecting here ;>)


2c on July 6, 2009

Hi Kathleen, I am delighted to hear this brings back warm memories. I really appreciate for dropping us a line on this. I did this as a college project in 1991. The workers & the ESB were fantastic in their warmth & support to assist, this really made a difference to the final results because when i look back after 18 yrs i still get a warm feeling for the people and the place. We all knew then that it was only a matter of time before closure so wonderful to be allowed access before it finally happened in the mid 90's, still it was shocking to see this way of life, the site, totally swept away, demolished & cleared very quickly in the late 90's. It's great to hear the site's got renewed life! but i do miss the rattle of those little yellow trains!!!

I would be delighted to send you a copy or a print, Fioend, who you might know, kindly supplied the names of the people here. I don't know have you looked at the rest of the set, but i think i have another of your father friend, Sean Brennan at which is my personal favourite from this time, something as Jim (Thanks Jim!) kindly suggested we can arrange easily by mail for you. I would love to hear what Sean now makes of these pics or does he still have memories of that cold jan day in 1991! The rest of the set can be viewed under the blue ' ESB Allenwood' tags on the top right. Once again thanks for contacting us , i am really delighted this set is finally coming home!

Warmest regards from Dublin h

KathleenAungier on July 6, 2009

Hi Tim & 2c I have just sent my email address (as advised by Jim, under "Misplaced. Suggest new location"). I would really love a set of the ESB photos to show my family and I shall get back to you with their comments!! Kind Regards, Kathleen Aungier

2c on July 7, 2009

Hi Kathleen, got that! Thanks h

2c on November 10, 2009

Hi Cannon G, Thanks! really appreciate the YS & favs! Delighted you like this!

Warmest regards from Dublin h

christine taraud on February 12, 2013

Precious and beautiful picture... Ysl. Christine

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