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Evan Rapoport

Evan RapoportProduct Manager in Mountain View, California

I've always loved products that bring together maps and photography as a means of sharing the beauty of the world. As a Product Manager on Google Maps and Street View, I'm helping geolocated photography reach a scale that was unimaginable a decade ago. With my work on Photo Sphere, I enjoy seeing Android users leveraging the magic of panoramic photography to share places on Google Maps and Google+. The Panoramio community has truly taken the art of place-based photography to an astounding level, and I'm really honored to join our talented team as a product lead.

Before joining Google in 2011, I lived in Hawaii for eight years embracing all that paradise had to offer, especially surfing, hiking, standup paddling, snorkeling, and kayaking. It was rare to see me without a camera, and I even sold a number of photographs in galleries around Honolulu.

Adam Lasnik

Adam LasnikProgram Manager in Mountain View, California

Bachelor of Science (Communications, Political Science + unofficial music minor ;) from Northwestern University, and a JD/MBA (law / business degree combo) from Indiana University.

Ever since catching the travel bug during a 1997 internship in Germany, I've voraciously traveled the world (30+ countries so far), camera in tow. Though I'm new to the Panoramio community, I've long since delighted in sharing my photos and engaging with other photographers (most recently on Google+), and I'm now both honored and excited to be part of the Panoramio team.

Earlier at Google I was the company's best looking (okay, and only) Search Evangelist and also a Program Manager with the Map Maker team. And when I'm not working or taking photos, you can often find me swing dancing or playing piano.

Chris Hawk

Chris HawkSoftware Engineer in Mountain View, California.

I started working with Panoramio in November 2012 as the first team member at the Google "mothership" in Mountain View. My background is as a security engineer, but I've been having a lot of fun working with Geo and Photos. On the side I dabble in Mac and iOS programming.

When I'm not churning out code, I can be found in the East Bay hills on my motorcycle or running with my dogs Rosie and Niko.

Chris Gray

Chris GraySoftware Engineer in Mountain View, California.

I joined the Panoramio team when I joined Google in January 2013. Before that, I studied computer science (with a specialization in geometric algorithms) at universities in Montreal, Vancouver, Eindhoven, and Braunschweig. After my studies were over, I did two major hikes: hiking the Appalachian Trail in the summer of 2010 and the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2011. Most of my photos are from that time, and I am still working on getting them uploaded to Panoramio.

In my downtime, I enjoy hiking, biking, and running.

Panoramio Emeritus

Joaquín Cuenca Abela, co-founder

Joaquín CuencaI started playing with computers at 8 (1984) at first copying little BASIC programs and wondering what could possibly mean “ready>” in english... I eventually moved to more complex problems and switched to C much later (1992).

I have a MS in Fundamental Physics from the University of Valencia and MS in Computer Science from both University of Valencia and Paris Sud XI University.

I have been a active member of the GNOME community. I ported Abiword (a cross platform word processor) to the GNOME framework and I maintained Glade 3 among other things.

I worked in two companies in Paris, Celium in 2000-02 and Wizart 2002-05 working mainly with C on Windows, some assembler and a little bit of Java.

In summer 2005 I started to work on Panoramio in my free time together with Eduardo Manchón. I worked full time on Panoramio from 2006 to 2010.

Eduardo Manchón Aguilar, co-founder

Eduardo ManchónPsychologist specialized in Human Computer Interaction with 7 years experience in the Usability field. I have a MS in Psychology from the University of Valencia and studied a couple of years at the University of Bergen (Norway). For three years I worked in online banking in (Barcelona) designing user interfaces for web, cell phones and ATMs. From 2004 to 2006 I have been an independent consultant in the field of usability. When on July 2005 my old friend Joaquín Cuenca told me his idea about geopositioning photos in Google Maps I loved it, so we quickly founded Panoramio and launched it officially on October 3th 2005. Panoramio was acquired by Google in 2007 and I worked in Google office in Zurich until I left the company at the end of January 2010.

Gerard Sanz Viñas

Gerard SanzTelecommunications Engineer (UPC-BARCELONA TECH, 2006) and Masters in Project Management (La Salle-Universitat Ramón Llull, Barcelona, 2009).

Before joining Google, I have worked in the Designjet Division at HP as Product Support Manager for Large Format Printers. I joined Google in September 2007 and worked as EMEA Product Specialist and Spanish support associate for Blogger since then. During these 2 years I have been working on a daily basis with the Spanish Blogger Community being their voice within Google. The best part of it was the relationship I had with Blogger users, thing that even brought me to Buenos Aires to get to know them in person. I can confidently say that getting to know them was one of my best experiences at Google.

After meeting the Panoramio team, I knew this is the place I wanted to be and I am glad my new role at Google is Panoramio Community Manager.

Outside work, I enjoy the art of good food and all kind of outdoor activities. All these amazing pictures in Panoramio constantly remind me of how much I still need to see and learn.

Erik Carlsson

El suecoSoftware Engineer, MSc in computer science from KTH in Stockholm.

I joined Google in early 2006, and started working on Panoramio shortly after the acquisition in 2007. I generally try to stay in the backend servers.

I started coding on the Atari ST and Amiga platforms, originally with my sights set on the gaming industry. I've also dabbled in 3d rendering, but people keep telling me I'm more of a programmer.

Jose Florido Conde

Jose FloridoWeb designer from Málaga specialized in web standards and accessibility. I am in charge of most of the HTML/CSS from Panoramio and graphic design.

For four years I worked in design and development of web applications at Ávidos, a small company I co-founded. I frequently teach courses about web standards and accessibility in Madrid and Málaga.

I'm founder and administrator of, a community about web standards in Spanish language with 1.800 members. Nowadays I finish my Business Administration studies at University of Málaga.

I met Eduardo and Joaquín when I was working at Since then we are in touch, so when they proposed me to join Panoramio's team at the end of the 2006 summer, I quickly accepted.

Egmont Koblinger

Egmont KoblingerSoftware engineer, masters in computer science from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Before joining Google in 2007, I worked as a system administrator and also developed a Linux distribution and various Linux-based solutions. At Google I have developed software for iGoogle and worked as a site reliability engineer for Google Maps. I've been on the Panoramio team since Nov 2010.

I love listening to music, playing the guitar, and biking.

Roger Trias i Sanz

Roger Trias i Sanz Telecommunication Engineer (MSc from UPC in Barcelona) and PhD in computer science (image analysis) from Paris 5 university.

I joined Google in mid-2006, and after two years working on Google Transit on the frontend side of things, I joined the Panoramio team in summer 2008. I've been working both on the frontend, backend, and client components. In my 20% time, I work on the Google Chart API.

Gyuri Dorko

Gyuri DorkoI am a Software Engineer specialized in Computer Vision and I have joined to the Panoramio team in early 2008. I work on both the front-and back-end services for Panoramio.

I have several years of experience in research with special interest in computer vision related topics, such as object recognition and local image description. I have worked on successful European projects, first as a research assistant during my PhD in INRIA, Grenoble, and as a PostDoc scientists in the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

I have completed my post-graduate studies in INP-Grenoble, France, earned a Master degree from the University of Erlangen, Germany, and finished my Bachelors in Budapest Polytechnic, Hungary.

Prior to joining the team of Panoramio I have authored/co-authored several book chapters, peer reviewed international journal and conference papers.

Balázs Dezső

Balázs DezsőSoftware Engineer, MSc in computer science from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Before I started at Google I was working at Lufthansa Systems Hungary as Software Engineer. I like programming. I have special interest in image processing, especially in image classification problems. Furthermore, I like graph theory, algorithms, optimization. I participate in the development of the LEMON open-source optimization library.

In my free time, I like to ride bicycle on my old-fashioned Italian road bike.

Nicolas Zherebtsov

Nicolas ZherebtsovI'm a Software Engineer specialized mostly in frontend and UI development.

I've joined Google Moscow in July 2007 just after I graduated from the Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. I worked on Search for Personal Ads for Russia, that was launched in August 2008, then worked on some internal projects. I joined the Panoramio team in August 2010.

Apart from the work, I like to play table tennis and volleyball.


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