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I have lived in Seattle since early 1999. I got a camera in early October, 2007 and started taking some pictures. More recently I got into panoramas and have taken a fair number, including hemisphere panoramas and one near sphere -- the last of which was stitched together from 130 individual photos. Email (remove all spaces and replace "at" with the appropriate symbol): timothy chase at gmail .com
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9250 x 2000. I find city skylines with skyscrapers beautiful, but there are other parts of the city that I find fascinating. When visible, some of those parts are usually seen only in the background or at the periphery, but without which there would be no skyscrapers nor city. With railroads, Seattle is involved in the transportion of goods to and from other parts of the country. With shipping and the loading and unloading of containers, Seattle is involved in the international transportion of goods and thus the participation of city and nation in the larger world economy. This view was constructed from 16 photos taken 10:06 to 10:09 AM on 2 July 2011 on the way to Alki, and with this panorama the industry which is always in the background is brought to the fore.

11650 x 2020. Using AutoStitch, the panorama was was made from 20 photos that were taken 11:04 AM to 11:08 AM on the 2nd of July 2011. I believe this is about 160 degrees.

You may wish to adjust the angle between you and your computer screen, otherwise you might miss this massive apparition... Going between Seattle and Renton I have often wanted to get off at one of the bus stops and take a picture of Mount Rainier. Taken on the 1st of July, 2011. A bit late in the day, perhaps 5:30 PM. There was perhaps a little too much moisture in the air and that causes distant images to fade into the sky and thus appear more ghostly. I might try again when it is cooler.

The view is from the Union Stairs that take you from 1st Avenue to Western Avenue and the waterfront. 1st Avenue is raised relative to Western, and this is largely due to much of Seattle downtown having been built above the older downtown that is now known as the underground.

This panorama has a field of view width of roughly 140 degrees. It was stitched together from 41 photos on four levels, but I had to trim a bit. 5810 x1820. The photos were taken 23 June 2011 at about 6:00 PM. Fighting the Sun.

4350 x 3600. First Hill Plaza as seen from Madison St and Summit Ave, looking North. 18 photos taken with hand-held camera on 21 June 2011 at about 3:00 PM, stitched together using AutoStitch. The tallest skyscraper on First Hill, a condominium. Personally, I like the way that it stands above and stands out from everything else, at least until you get to downtown.

Hi Mike,

I appreciate the information on toxic waste. It has become a matter of some interest to me. One point: the link you had http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/tcp/sites/lower_duwamish/sites/nBoeingGeorgeTnStmPlant/nBoeingGeorgetown.htm is now out of date -- nothing is there and unfortunately they had some sort of no-index that prevented Wayback and the usual search engine caches from keeping copies. The following is a study that will be conducted in the same area, but it is of dioxin: Seattle Soil Dioxin Study - Soil Sampling in South Park, Georgetown & Other Seattle Neighborhoods

8000 x 1400. Taken 20 June 2011 from atop the Bell Harbour International Conference Center. Made from a degree panorama consisting of 24 photos taken with a hand-held at about 6:00 PM. The angle is perhaps 1/3 of a circle. Used AutoStitch.

A panorama composed of seven photos. I used AutoStitch, then scaled and trimmed. Looking NW, taken about 10:00 AM, 10 June 2011.

A tall panorama of a demolished building by Freeway Park. The church in the background is just east of I-5, the Municipal Tower with the green top just a block to the west of I-5. Originally 21 photos, stitched, trimmed. Taken around noon, 11 June 2011.

Love the sun reflection form the buildings to the water with teh boat inset , very nice :D



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