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I have lived in Seattle since early 1999. I got a camera in early October, 2007 and started taking some pictures. More recently I got into panoramas and have taken a fair number, including hemisphere panoramas and one near sphere -- the last of which was stitched together from 130 individual photos. Email (remove all spaces and replace "at" with the appropriate symbol): timothy chase at gmail .com
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Beautiful panoramic photo!


Greetings, Despina

geostak, thank you for saying so. Actually this is for the most part just a polar panorama.

You create a regular rectangular panorama that covers half a sphere or maybe a little larger. I will do 70 photos with at least 10% overlap between neighboring photos on a tripod using your basic point and shoot. Then I stitch the photos together using the free version of Autostitch -- which automatically figures out where to place the photos using statistics. It is being developed by two individuals who specialize in artificial intelligence.

Then you can use something like Photoshop to wrap the rectangular panorama around one pole or the other. Since I can't really afford Photoshop I use Gimp. Just after Tools you will see Filters. A submenu of that is Distorts. Then a submenu of that is Polar Coordinates -- and that is what I used to create the "looking up" effect on the hemisphere or near-sphere panoramas.

Wrapping around the bottom edge creates an outer polar panorama -- the more common type -- that looks a bit like a planet wrapped in sky. And wrapping around the top edge creates an inner polar panorama. This is an inner polar panorama -- which I am somewhat fond of as it looks a bit like you are looking straight up when you do it with a hemispherical panorama.

In any case I have included some polar panoramas in my Favorite Photos by other photographers. However, most of my panoramas and the panoramas of others are rectangular. And most of my favorite photos are panoramas -- partly because I wish to encourage the artform.

Good view, I like it! Kind regards from Austria, Hermann

Very beautiful place...

I like it.

Best wishes,


Interesting architecture! Regards from Austria

I love your panoramas. To think that Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles and so many other towering figures at the dawn of Western Civilization lived there, walking among the buildings when they were new. The architecture and landscape are beautiful. The colors -- I am not sure that I have seen the sky or water such shades before. Much of it like turquoise.

Thank you.

Interessante resultaat ... Alleen de reflectie recht lijkt. Je maakt puzzels voor de geest.

Heel slim! Ik zie een man en een vrouw. Hetzelfde paar verschijnt vier maal.

Gorgeous. A view of Singapore that I never had the chance of seeing first-hand. Thank you for the gift of your sight.



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