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These are my pictures exclusively of the shiny Steel City of Sheffield (try saying that when you're drunk) to try and show, in a positive light, what a wonderful place it is to live and how lucky we Sheffielders are to live in one of the greenest cities in the world! All photos are located to within a few feet of where I took the picture from and the images are straight from camera with minor adjustments for contrast and colour to give as accurate a portrayal of the scene as possible. The photos are best viewed large, ideally on a HD monitor. Enjoy! PS. The date and time each photograph was taken can be found by clicking 'extra information' at the bottom right of each page.

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May I apologise for intruding. You will be pleased to know that my wife and I were both clad in protective suits with masks and had previously been vaccinated. You can't be too careful.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

And this is probably one of the best 'non sunset' skyscapes I've ever seen!

This is pretty amazing as well!

Hmmmmmmmm, perfect! This is one of the best sunset shots I think I've ever seen!!!

There's not only gay people there Neil. It's an event open to everyone and if anybody has a problem with being photographed in that environment then they should stay away as virtually everybody was taking photos/videos at some point during the event.

I'll take your word for it Neil. Amended.

Even better!!! I've just noticed this has over 13,000 views!

Absolutely Neil!


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