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These are my pictures exclusively of the shiny Steel City of Sheffield (try saying that when you're drunk) to try and show, in a positive light, what a wonderful place it is to live and how lucky we Sheffielders are to live in one of the greenest cities in the world! All photos are located to within a few feet of where I took the picture from and the images are straight from camera with minor adjustments for contrast and colour to give as accurate a portrayal of the scene as possible. The photos are best viewed large, ideally on a HD monitor. Enjoy! PS. The date and time each photograph was taken can be found by clicking 'extra information' at the bottom right of each page.

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And a Merry Christmas to you too Neil. Your photo would make a brilliant Christmas card. A Robin on top of a Christmas tree. You should see if any card manufacturers want to but it off you.

Drum roll! Horns! It is true my friends - wonders do never cease! Praise the Lord! CARL GAG is risen! His photos are available free of charge for educational use only. No pornographic usage allowed or daffodil bulb catalogues!

Went to have a look at your camera today Neil. I'm impressed with the features but there is still an issue with how noisy the CMOS sensor is. I took a shot with my camera and the same shot with the HX300 on exactly the same settings and the guy in Harrisons was quite shocked when he saw how much 'noise' there was on the HX300 compared to mine.

Although my camera is only 8 megapixels it is a larger sensor than the CMOS sensor so there is more space for the pixels to catch the available light giving a 'smoother' image with less noise if not quite as sharp.

Cute Mr Fox. I bet the kids love these 'characters'.

Nice autumn colour.

Hello again sixxsix – meant to say you could contact me directly on Priam :)

Thanks for your recent comment Neil. This picture reminds me that I need to go out and photograph Treeton. It's very nice, especially around the church and down at Treeton Flash.

Haha Neil. The autumn colours haven't been all that good this year. It's been too mild, wet and windy this autumn I'm afraid. Although there are some, like the Japanese Acers, that always put on a good show.

As for good old daffies; well, in between taking some autumnal shots, I've been out in various parks again planting lots of lovely bulbs this half term holiday so I can't wait for spring to come around.


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