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These are my pictures exclusively of the shiny Steel City of Sheffield (try saying that when you're drunk) to try and show, in a positive light, what a wonderful place it is to live and how lucky we Sheffielders are to live in one of the greenest cities in the world! All photos are located to within a few feet of where I took the picture from and the images are straight from camera with minor adjustments for contrast and colour to give as accurate a portrayal of the scene as possible. The photos are best viewed large, ideally on a HD monitor. Enjoy! PS. The date and time each photograph was taken can be found by clicking 'extra information' at the bottom right of each page.

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Yep, the snowdrops really are wonderful Neil. However, before the daffies come out I have a few crocus shots to upload on my Sheffield page, taken in Hillsborough Park today.

Okay I will keep your secret. Being a transvestite in Sheffield cannot be easy. Now where's my handbag?

Clearly the guy has good taste.......naming himself after a street in Sheffield.

Thanks Peace Thyme and Sixxsix. It's not the kind of picture I normally take. I was crouched, sheltering in an overhang at Stanage Edge when I saw the sleety rainstorm moving across. It's interesting to me that you have both singled this photo out for comment. Oh and Peace Thyme - where are your pictures of Colorado. Come on baby, load some up!

Great place for buying antiques.

Thanks for your concern Neil, I'll try to avoid such an incident......especially if I see you at the wheel of the bus!

Nice shadow Neil. The long shadows at this time of year can add interest to an otherwise boring foreground.

Thanks for the comment Nemesis Neil. Can't remember if they're pigeons or not but probably so as there are lots of pigeon coops around there.

Can't say I'm afraid Neil. Wouldn't want to get arrested!

Yup, can't wait for the daffies Neil. I've already got Wentworth and Ashbourne church yards lined up this spring.......that's if this incessant rain ever stops!


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