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25yo male; Location= Oroville, California; Interests= Photography, geology, history, the sciences, oceanology, medical sciences, historical events, etc..
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God, I miss it sooooo much..the residents don't realize just how LUCKY they are to live in that heavenly place.

Not really, there are big standing concrete pylons at the end..not to mention granite boulders the size of school buses (ouch! lol) would get ripped apart from the water pressure alone! lol. You go from 1,100 feet to 195 feet in just 0.4 miles! But it certainly would be one HELL of a good ride :)

Yeah, Highway 46 west is seriously a one-of-a-kind place, like a personal heaven to me (and others)'s breathtaking and awe inspiring, and a photo, as good as it is, cannot even begin to express the view and and feeling of this area..

I think sometime in 2009?, I can't really remember. But I know it was no sooner than 2008 and no later than 2010, and it was in the fall sometime, I think October. Beautiful, huh?..I just moved away from the area last year to move back to northern california and I miss it sOoOo much :(

Your name caught my eye, since my wife shares the same one.


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