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i was a resident of this magnificent structure when it was childrens home in 1951...spent 9 month there. boys bedrooms third floor..i remember looking outthose corner windows..brings back memories

Home of Peter Benchley's The Creature. Just north of Anse Chastanet near the fishing village of Anse Le Ray. This was where the young men were jumping off the cliff. Enterance to the chamber

This brings back memories.

In somways Hoover Dam represents the finest of American's ability and the determination of the american worker. At it's point of time there was no greater modern engineering project every done by the USA or any country. No computers, all done by slide rulers, paper and pen. In it day it was about equal to putting up the first maned rocket into space

This typre of door is also used in the restrooms. Hoover Dam is a depository of art and craftmenship that is not seen into days world of cheap things. Inside of the dam even the floors are fanastic

The Scaler Grill is located here

The winged-figures are among the largest monumental bronzes ever cast in the United States, containing more than four tons of statuary bronze.

Oskar Hansen believed in the importance of appropriate symbolism. He tried to reflect his symbolismwhen he designed this memorial.

In the center of the floor is, of course, the great American Bald Eagle, with its appropriate attributes: The Bald Eagle representing the United States.

Thirteen arrows in the eagle's left claw, and thirteen leaves and berries in the olive branch in the right – for the thirteen original colonies.

Thirteen five-pointed stars above the eagle's head, again, for the colonies.

Forty-eight feathers in each wing, for the forty-eight states in the union (in 1935).

The official plaques and mottoes from the seven states the Colorado River drains forms a base for the eagle to perch upon.

Through four penstocks, two on each side of the river. Wicket gates control water delivery to the units.

The installation of the last generating units was completed in 1961. A plant uprating was completed in 1993, so presently there are fifteen 178,000 horsepower, one 100,000 horsepower, and one 86,000 horsepower Francis-type vertical hydraulic turbines in the Hoover powerplant. There are also thirteen 130,000 kilowatt, two 127,000 kilowatt, one 61,500 kilowatt, and one 68,500 kilowatt generators. All machines are operated at 60 cycles. The two 2,400 kilowatt station-service units are driven by Pelton water wheels. These provide electrical energy for lights and for operating cranes, pumps, motors, compressors, and other electrical equipment within the dam and powerplant.

I went here on an 8 day canoe trip in 2002. It was the best trip I have ever been on. Thanks for posting this. Its so awesome to see this stuff again .



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