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At the end of the last ice age, Lake Bonneville covered most of Utah. 12,000 years ago it drained in a vast flood northward into the Snake River, leaving shorelines cut into the hills.

This is one of those glorious moments when everything comes together. Wait. Wait. Wait. Success!

This is Cutler Gap -- Lake Bonneville emptied into the Snake River 12,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age through this little canyon.

Spring has just sprung on the Cache Valley floor while winter persists in the mountains. Photographed with a new Nikon D800 camera and 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Multiple shots stitched with Hugin.


I lived there in May of '88! I was 12-years-old and lived in Bayshore Housing, which is faintly visible in this picture. That is a great shot. Unfortunately, those beautiful, tundra-covered hills are now overrun with fescue.

Great photo. greetings from Hungary. Zsuzsa

A beautiful panorama of Lofoten Islands. I am suggesting a location correction to 68° 19.023'N 14° 42.983'E

Hi My name is Willard Johnson in civilian life they just call me bill. I went to Adak loran station just after boot camp in Cape May NJ. I was only 18 and went to Kodiak Island base first then on to Adak. On a Albatross aircraft I think the thing was so old the wings were flapping. I loved every minute of the whole experience. I was stationed there as a seaman commissary striker. Made 3ed class petty office while I was there. Stationed there for one year from like June 1960 to June 1961.In summer months from June to August it would stay light almost all day then in winter months after that each day it would get darker and in middle winter it would get down to like one hour of day light. My room mate got shot and killed while I was there it was an accident you know the empty gun shooting. Was so bad it happen to such a great guy. My commanding officer picked me to take him back to the states in Kansas. For a farm boy from Ohio. It was real hard on me but I went all the way back and meant his family. Then they gave me like one week to go home then I had to come all the way back to Adak. We had some great times there and use to snow ski off the top of the mountain in back of the station. In winter months we did get a lot snow there never got much lower than 28 degrees. The wind was bad though like it would be about 15 miles hour then just like that pick up to 100 miles hour, some time more and we had earth quakes they be small ones and longer some times. I have seen cracks go up the walls some times. We used up about one flag a week it just tare it to shreds. Used up a lot flags there. It was isolated duty but some time we would get to go to the Navy base and go to stores there and clubs. Not to much though. One time I had to go de-ice a C-130 at the air base. Went to Attu Island once too. Right after I left to go to my next duty station they had a large earth quake in Alaska it was really bad on the mainland. One big thing there was they had no trees just tundra but they did have like 6 small ones with a sign that was bigger than the trees sign said Adak National forest.

Obviously it is not "red" right now but during spring flood it is filled with reddish muddy water.

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