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I hope you all enjoy my images as much as I enjoy capturing them - nothing too special here that you can't all see everyday in your own surroundings. Many thanks to EVERYONE who has ever commented on my images - I read every single one and enjoy them all - I will try to reply to all emails sent to me but please accept my apologies if I don't. All photos are available as prints (framed and unframed). Please contact me at my website for more information.

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WOW factor of 10/10 - just plain WOW!!!!!

beautifully balanced in composition and in shades of gray - just GORGEOUS curious - is this perhaps a dormant volcano?

You are HOT!!! PLUS this is a great - I assume self- portrait? love to see more of your portraits - if you animal and human work is as good as your landscapes you are a rare gem of a photographer

Awwwww - I'd love to see more of your animal shots (big BIG dog lover) but love ALL animals -this would've made some awesome close ups of his face and eyes

magical shades of gray - your b&w work is just as awesome as your color

perfect timing and flawless composition -

Mark, you bring Iceland to life - I wish you had more photos of that country's STUNNING landscape - I cannot get enough of it - Iceland is on my bucket list and I may never there so photos like this allow me to live vicariously through your eyes -

Oh my - the reflection - once again it's just MUSICAL - with there was a "LOVE" button - and again it's not washed out - the stars are clear - the colors are beautifully reflected without losing any of their vibrancy - just gorgeous

Your eye for composition is flawless - it is SO RARE to see such a spectacular photo of the aurora borealis - they are often washed out or the colors are so strong that you know filters were used (which is fine but I don't think filters should be obvious to the viewer) - this is perfect - not washed out - the stars are clearly visible - the buildings and dunes have just enough light against the blue of the lower sky - the colors are vivid but not over done - just PERFECTION - you make that Canon play a concert in colors- I can almost HEAR the magic happening


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