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If Panoramio will stay alive we will see us here in the future again. I hope it so much!!! But I don't think that Google will let us go on. In this case you can find me here: All the best Peter

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I have used Google Maps Views for 3 month now. I think it's time to give a status of my experiences with Google Maps Views.

1 - How many hits do I get? Let's be honest. We upload photos to Panoramio and Google Maps Views to experience the 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol talked about. Google Maps Views gives you more hits than Panoramio. An example: Two years ago I uploaded a picture to Panoramio of a Danish landscape. I think the picture is really good. In two years, the picture had 300 views, 1 favorite, 3 likes and 2 comments. I uploaded the same image for Google Maps Views 3 month ago. In 3 month it had 225.000 views. 2 - What is the quality of the image when it is uploaded? Google Maps wiews displays your images in stunning quality, bright colors, good resolution. The same images is not presented in the same quality in Panoramio.

3 - Is Google Maps Views filled with bad images from mobile phones? Here on this forum, there have been rumors about Google Maps Views is filled with bad images. This is not true. Google Maps Views gives you excellent overview of the most popular pictures when you use the map to zoom in on a particular area. The quality of the images are the same as in Panoramio. None of the popular images is taken with mobile phones. If you want, you can easily find bad pictures on Google Maps Views, but this also goes for Panoramio, where I sometimes wondered how bad photos people uploaded over the years to share with the world.

4 - Can you have friends and follow them on Google Maps, Views, and communicate with them? Yes, it's actually very simple. Create a Google account. Go to google +. Create a circle in google +. I have called mine Panoramio. Open your Panoramio account. Find your favorite photographers. If they have a google account, its very simple to add them to your google + circle that you’ve just created. I had 25 favorite photographers on Panoramio. Including all the 25 photographers' favorite photographers, I now have over 1200 people in my google+ circle. With those 1200 I can share my photographswhen I upload photos to my Google Maps Views account. At the same time, I can see everything they share with me. One can like pictures, you can post comments, you can have friends. Everything works as on Panoramio. However, there are no groups on Google Maps Views, but it may come.

5- Is it easy to get an overview of his pictures when there are no tags? Yes it is. Just use the interactive map to zoom in on the areas where you have uploaded pictures. The viewer then show the images you've uploaded in the area you have selected. You can choose two options. Either "latest pictures” or "most popular". This gives a complete overview of your pictures at any time.

Conclusion: There is no reason to fear bad experiences on Google Maps

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Найкращі побажання з Києва,

Fantastic macro!


Greetings, Horst

Bellissima vista della piazza, complimenti per questa composizione. like. Ciao da Mauro & Mara.

F & L. Thanks for visiting my pictures. Greetings

Thank you for your kind words Maurice

greetings from Luxembourg


Beautiful place.

Excellent photo.


Best wishes from Jordan.


Very colourful!

Greetings + L from the Netherlands,


Thank you so much Fracisco for your poetical comment. Erika

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