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call me petercurry 您也可以直接叫我....天母彼得Tianmu peter.,我住在Taiwan台北市,士林區天玉里,士林區天玉里社區發展協會理事長詹益正(天母彼得愛吃咖哩飯)也是一位老攝影記者,從事攝影拍照已經30年,現在是專業地標攝影師,每天都以熟練的攝影技巧 ,忠實的記錄臺灣全島景觀,尤其是台北市城市中的各類景觀新變化,也順便拍下了最感動您內心的臺灣本土人文活動,地標,地景,美食,新潮流商店,從中觀察經濟社會創造財富的秘密,還有文化藝術創作,超視覺影音幻象,概念廣告招牌,甚至傳統菜市場,廟宇.教堂.各類祭典儀式活動..等等珍貴照片,在此呈現給您得到新資訊及健康快樂的讓您在panoramio高科技幻燈片式的情境下與您分享.You can also call me petercurry can directly call me .... the Tienmu Peter at Tianmu peter., I live in Taiwan Taipei, Shihlin District, Tian Yuli Yuli Community Development Association, Shihlin District, ZHAN Yi is (Tienmu Peter eat curry) is a veteran photojournalist, a photographer taking pictures for 30 years, now is a professional landmark photographer daily skilled photography tips faithful record of the landscape of the island of Taiwan, Taipei city especially new types of landscape change, also photographed the way your inner most moving the Taiwanese human activity, landmark, landscape, cuisine, the new trend store from which to observe the secret of the economy and society to create wealth, as well as cultural and artistic creation, ultra-visual audio-visual illusion, the concept of advertising signseven traditional vegetable markets, temples, churches., all kinds of ritual activities .. so valuable photos, this new information presented to you and let you healthy and happy to share with you panoramio high-tech slide-contexts.

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nich alle... Die Wagen in deinem Bild sind die RATPs für die Vororte... Fahrn überirdisch und sind mitn Gummi/Luft leiser :)

Velmi pekny zaber

This is a beautiful photo! ℒike +av..

Warm greetings, Reiner



Beauty should be preserved and nurtured. To all my life be beautiful. Pretty as a child, a beautiful girl and as beautiful as a woman.

Best regards from Serbia, Dragan Sremac

daanpeter 你這4年都在忙啥

Hello Tianmu peter,long time no see!

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