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They mark underwater hazards so boaters do not run over them, suck as submerged trees and or tree trunks that can destroy a prop.

Glad you like it! I need to go back and do this hike at least one more time though, since my Magellan GPS crashed and lost all my track data at the end of the hike, making it impossible to locate the photos I took between the start and the lava vent...

Incidentally, there's a story that goes with this sign...though it's better if you hear the story BEFORE you see the picture.

Still, if you're interested: Here's the Story of the Breakdancing Ghost of Narada Falls

The facilities are brand new with beautiful tiled bathrooms and exceptionly clean.There are people there to help with gas and have a store that is equipped with most of what you need for drinks , snacks and a variety of boat supplies. The fuel is marine fuel which already has stabalizer in it and is competitive with the rest of the marinas on Lake Conroe. First class operation.

This launch is recently reconstructed and has easy access both from the road and from the lake.We have launched boats 24ft long with shallow draft but can go deeper and longer depending on the level of the lake.Great for jet skiis. Parking of vehicle and trailer can be cramped on weekends so many people put in and then park up on the access road. Easy access from I45 .


I actually haven't seen it since it was trashed by Ike - at the time I took the picture it connected the floating boat dock to the shore so I thought of it as a "bridge". You're right though - I've seen people fishing off of it.

Ah, thanks, I was wondering. It just caught my eye because I saw the construction and it occurred to me that while the PLACE would still be there for a long time, it was not going to look completely different not too long after this time.

I mainly took the picture as an illustration of why geolocation should include a timestamp...

Yeah, but go back up river about a mile and see what the Friends of the LA River, and other people, have caused to happen... they got the Army Corps of Engineers to STOP bulldozing out organic matter and it's now an amazing refuge for animals, a riparian stopover for travelling birds and animals... blue herons, tall cranes, black ducks, ... there's coyotes, crayfish, lots of fish small and large, frogs, trees, ...

The structures aren't actually deformed - this is apparently just what parallax does to a panorama-stitcher when you move between taking the photos you're trying to stitch together...

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