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Thank you, Andrey. This is the view from my apartment window, which looks to the South across the broad valley of the river Gorgos. I just get a small peek at it through the gap in the pine trees.

Delightfully mysterious. The end of the holiday romance?

Hi, This is the PK25 spot Dakhla ( Marocco) :=)

you are welcome, Timo!

C3PO & R2D2 on holiday?

We have a similar situation here in Spain on the Costa Blanca - the reservoirs have never been so full. Some have had water let out down spillways for fear of overtopping during a severe storm. In the far South there are still some supply problems - the excess supply applies to Mediterranean Catalonia and Valencia. Last year our local water supply co. said it could go another 3 years without another drop falling and not have to do any rationing.

Too much to handle. Nice landscape:)

Happy trees and happy people:)

You should walk closer to your subject. This is much easier than carrying a huge 1600mm lens. Also something is very dirty - lens? camera pickup? which unfortunately makes this a bad picture. It would be easy to clone the dirt away in Photoshop.

Right first time, its a part of an "Installation", I should have paid more attention but was somewhat overwhelmed by the unusual location; a strange bricked inlet to the Thames, used for bunkering by shipping, The "sculptures" look as though they've been constructed by a shipwright or at least, they're not as cosmetic as one might expect.


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