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Sure look like closed-body golf carts to me!

I was there few times. Cambridge, Oxford, Greenwich, 2-3 times in London. These are old scanned photos from the age of film.


Nice, but misleading. Lichens are by definition of what they are - a primitive symbiotic organism consisting of a fungus and a single celled algae - are NOT a flowering plant, which in evolutionary terms is much more advanced. What I can see in your snap is a mixture of lichen and an angiosperm with a pretty little purple flower.

Excellent shot. Very much LIKE. Have been for many walks on Carn Marth, but only in the snow once, in December 2009. Fond memories. Best wishes, Andy

The term "Archeometre" originates from the Greek and means "the measure of the principle". The system refers also to a series of symbols and meanings, which refer to the federal drawer.

'Archeometre' is it the measurement of the 'Archee' (Universal Cosmic Force) of which the Hermetists speaks. Is it a process, a 'key' which makes it possible to penetrate the Mysteries of the Word. It is a measuring instrument of the first (primary) principles of the manifested universe.

Alexandre Saint Yves d'Alveydre's Archeometre shows the original Atlantean alphabet translates into the material the word, form, color, smell, sound and taste, the key to all religions and the sciences of antiquity.

The Archeometre is represented by a circle, which has two scales from 0 to 360 degrees and 360 degrees to 0. It is divided into 12 ranges with 30 degrees each. In the individual ranges are drawn in the tierkreiszeichen, planet, colors, tones and the letters of different alphabets.

The Archeometre is a universal canon (guide), which wants to point the relationship out between the astrological indications, tones, smells, letters and colors. The musician finds therein the color of tones, the writer the toncharakter of letter etc. The Archeometre is to also point practical use out that the religions, arts and architecture a synthesis from different ranges to form.

Of course he is! (Duh myself!)

The scale is a lot smaller than that. The footprints are normal size, and the structure in the center is an old and very decrepit marine engine. It's a neat feature of this beach because at different seasons it's either completely visible, as it is here, or it's completely covered by sand.

Simple and beautiful shot.

ъ( ゚ー^)Lk!

Best wishes and Happy New Year 2012 .

(。・・。)人(。・・。)Kind regards,E-kaz.

...and I imagine that ten minutes after taking this you were overdosing on kaiserschmarrn and lager. I've always thought it very civilised that German and Austrian youth hostels sell beer. The UK versions are far more austere and teetotal.


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