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Thanks for the clarification, Adeb. I'm not a resident of Stroud (currently living in Spain)., so I was working from memory of several years ago and what clues the map could give. Well, I wasn't as far off as some. So, I was having coffee at Woodruff's, not the other place, whose name I forget, a bit further up the road!

Ha! Makes one tempted to switch out the sign for one reading 'blue cottage'... Cheers, pear

I'm glad 'Pink Cottage' made you laugh. I posted it more as a 'cultural survey' than for serious criticism.

I think many people have taken this 'curious heifers' shot. They like to have a good look at you if you come into their field. Here is my version taken near Randwick in Gloucestershire, UK.

Oh yes... every year. The recipe for Paella Valenciana can vary. Last year was pork and snails, this year was rabbit and chicken. the constant ingredients are rice, stock, sofrito, green beans and dried beans. In that pan are about 1000 portions. This is part of Jesus Pobre's annual 'Festes' so the paella is given away free to anybody who turns up.

Thanks Kevin. Yup, the unseen center of attention - a small carton of juice.

belated thank you. That all makes perfect sense now (I was lucky enough to study geology in high school so none of this stuff fases me)

You're very generous, thank you very much.

Appreciate your thought, thanks.

Thank you Billy and DIW

It was early in the morning... yes, tungsten on daylight balance. Pretty near to the sunrise colours, methinks.

OK... i'll just leave it where it is until somebody can tell me which on it is. Will fire off an email to my companions. They might remember.


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