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This is not a photo of Drakes Leat... It is Devonport Leat Drakes Leat is marked as Plymouth Leat on most maps built by Drake

Cette photo contribue vraiment au succès de ce groupe, merci de l’avoir proposéé

Séquoia Géant de Châlus / Giant sequoia of Châlus

Séquoia Géant / Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron Giganteum)

Age : +- 180 ans/years (1830-1840)

Circonférence: 12.6m à 1.50m (2009, special thanks to Jean-charles17 (circonférence de tronc la plus grande d’Europe pour un Séquoia / largest circumference in Europe of this cultivar),

Hauteur / Height: 43m, 32-34m suite à un impact de foudre / after being struck by lightning > SEE UPDATE !

Location: Châlus (Haute-Vienne), dans un jardin privé. / Location : Châlus (near Limoges, France), on private property.

Photo : Juillet 1993 / Picture taken in July 1993

Veuillez SVP jeter un coup d'oeil sur mes autres photos d'arbres remarquables en Europe (en cliquant sur mon nom), Merci. / Please have a look at my other pictures of remarkable trees in Europe (by clicking my name), Thank you.


Le sommet de l’ arbre a récemment été coupé et cerclé, du aux suites d’un foudroiement. Merci beaucoup `a geoffp et Jean-charles17 pour l’ information! Veuillez visiter leur sites pour plus de photos actuelles de l’arbre !

The top of the tree has been recently cut off, after a lighting strike some years ago. Many thanks to geoffp and Jean-charles17 for the information! Please visit their sites for viewing the current condition of the tree!

Sorry, didn't notice for the English. Do you know what happend to the tree?

I confirm that it should be "Roche Abbey" Can we change it, please?

Grande vestigia monumentale che ricorda il tempo delle dame e cavalieri... Bravo, complimenti x la foto.


Lovely photos. I used to live just round the corner on Morthen Rd and then moved to Holly Mount (see photo, the house on the left). Now living in France, but remember many happy hours taking the dog for walks in the woods. Geoff Peters

Dear geoffp, Thank, I`m from Bg and think, that you ia rait. OK

Spring with health giving water for people with dental problems. There are two others nearby for arthritis and headaches.

This is the Chateau de Montbrun, situated in the commune of Dournazac - about 10 kms to the East of Marval.

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