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I have been a photographer (off and on) and skydiver for 25 years. I was a founder of "Bridge Day" in WV, where people come from all over the world to parachute off the New River Gorge Bridge.
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A few of my photos are taken at a plains Indian buffalo jump. About 15 years ago, water from a dam reservoir cut away hills in a small river valley near my parents' home. 4 years ago a family friend found the jump when walking along the shore. Bones were scattered along the shore and the cliff had many layers of bones. On the top of the hills, tipi rings can be found. Sadly, most of the bones have washed away into the reservoir.

Someone tried to correct my location, saying that the Capitol building was located on a different street over a block away. That person may not know that you place the pointer at the spot you TOOK that shot... and not where the subject is located. In this case, I took the shot from Greenbriar Street.

Thanks :) On the day I shot this, the trees had only turned colors along a 10 miles swath. Beyond that distance, all the trees were still green.

The only thing missing from this picture is a gaggle of recent college grads filled with self-importance walking in front of cars. Just kidding! But my guess is you took this on a weekend or holiday. Another great pic

I remember the day this happened. You were really lucky to get this aerial shot. Nice work.

Thanks for all your nice comments. Anyone can take panoramas with any digital camera. All you need is experience in cloning... or a stitching program.

Nice work. This was obviously taken before Mayor Danny Jones ordered them to put the spikes on the walls. This bus transit is still a dangerous place.

I love how you've put the tulips in the foreground and the building in the background.

Love the view of the moon on the other side of the bridge. Awesome work. I walked across this bridge one night during Regatta. This was about ten years ago when the stage was on the street and not on Haddad. The bridge and train station look really eerie at night.

I've always loved this mural. I love the way you make the townhouses look real instead of just paintings on the side of a building.

Have you seen the 3D model of the old Boll Furniture building in Google Earth? If you maneuver into the building, they actually have tiny couches, beds, and dressers inside.

Nice job.

That's an eerie looking tunnel. I love the natural look of it, though, without the steel tunnel support. It holds the ol' fashioned "drill a hole in the mountain" look. And you caught it well with your camera. Well done.


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