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Fascinating perspective and nice colours - Kind regards – Christos

Ken, You looked to be inactive for awhile which I understand. I'm just nibbling around and can see with the little activity I have it could be over whelming. Because I know you much better then you think and only when your ready. Start here first. Read the instructions on the page. (which most people won't. do the research recommended, which I know you will) Do it please BEFORE you turn the page. I know the Northern CA coast as well as you know Florida and the Southeast. If that's not enough go to Tag Rocky Point. READ MY COMMENTS.(most people just look at pictures but never imagine the experience. For your information if you stay posted I'll put my Bavaria and Lake Hallstatt Austria photos up. But for Now I can't get out of Northern California. Just to blow you away more I'm old enough to be your father and I feel like your my photographic Son. I've really enjoyed your VIEW OF THE WORLD as seen through the lens of your camera. Warmest Regards, Richard, One final word my Sony fits in my pocket like my wallet and car keys.

I've seen this a couple of times on the drive down to Naples and it brings a tear of joy to my eyes each time. Great pic Matt!

This is a great photo!

Eerily beautiful!

Any chance you know the name of the building? I have an ancestor that owned an oyster packing house in Apalachicola and would love to know if this was his.

can you say, "rutroh"

I love the craftsmanship that went into this church, and yes it is very unique, this area has lots of Victorian architecture. I think this church has a mixed bag of architecture.

I lived in Florida since 1966 and can tell you these places are rare...good landscape photo. cattle ranching is becoming a threatened way of life these days. especially when the gov. wants to tax it out of reach for your children so they can pass it down to their children.

when I was a kid, my father would take my bro. and me along with him to go buy young coon-hunting Treeing Walker dogs from old man in Cullman, Alabama ,he lived in a place very similar to this, although be it in a little better condition. he sold only quality hunting dogs, he knew his stuff. Those are the memories you keep a life time...


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